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Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah – Yamaha Motor as a motorcycle manufacturer gives a new innovation for scooter lovers in Indonesia with the launch of its newest product Mio J. Yamaha Mio motorcycle matic J is technologically advanced, high-performance engines that produce more efficient and cheaper prices. Excellence that is the point itself to the consumer or user of Yamaha motorcycles to remain faithful to use the products of Yamaha motorcycles. Yamaha Mio A 113 cc engine harness 4 stroke, 2 valve, SOHC. This machine is capable of producing power up to 7.75 in the round PS 8500 rpm with peak torque reached 8.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm. In addition, J is also supported by Mio Technology and Advanced Fuel Jet YM-FI makes agility as unique as the Mio with a fuel consumption of up to 30% more efficient. Engine is at Mio J is also a machine that was adopted from the Yamaha YZF-M1 used Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies. Proved the speed of the motorcycle owned yamg PT Yamaha Motor output.

With a design that provides comfort to the rider, making the front of the J Mio. As such the seat design, which is made dynamic with 791 mm length makes the rider more comfortable on the way. Especially if you travel a lot. In addition, the existing speedometer on the Mio A New Speedometer design. Speedometer display a cool, compact, dynamic and easy to read. Not only that, the headlights yamaha Mio A Head Light On system that is useful to minimize the number of accidents. What’s accident rate in Indonesia is still in high numbers. With the presence of J Mio could reduce the accident rate in Indonesia. In addition, the design on the rear lights also made this scooter sesimple possible, clear and not menyilaukan.Jelas is that this bike is a lot to give comfort to the rider or other riders Mio J that is behind J Mio scooter when moving.

Advanced fuel injection technology provides comfort for the rider. The advantages of this technology that makes use of fuel becomes more efficient. Why more efficient? Because the sensor system owned this scooter is more complete and capable of detecting the air temperature, air pressure and temperature that is around the engine which will be communicated to the electric control unit (ECU). ECU is what will determine how much fuel is needed. Surely it takes more fuel efficient than 30% of other motorcycles. Other advantages are the matic is a better perfomance if we compare with previous motorcycle. With the filtration system on the machine, making it more scooter friendly to the environment. Especially with the condition of streets in the capital Jakarta are already contaminated with air pollution from vehicle fumes. With Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah Mio J, is expected to reduce levels of air pollution in Jakarta. In addition, treatments J Mio is also easier and simple. With the support of the sensor system, the damage to the engine will be easily detected using a Diagnostic Tool is useful to find the point of damage to the engine. This is what will make the engine performance will be quickly re-runs.

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Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah - Yamaha Mio J is one of the major breakthroughs in the Yamaha takes the issue of environmental pollution problems lately. Yamaha Mio motorcycle Matic J to bring solutions to the technological needs of vehicle fuel economy, low prices and attractive design. With the use of technology-JET Mixture muktahir Yamaha Fuel Injection (FI-YMJET) on Yamaha Mio J, the user is able to increase engine performance and fuel economy to 30 percent. It is not wrong if Yamaha Mio J carrying tag-line "More and More and Save Money Fast ... It's Magic." So if you're looking for an economical motor matic at once powerful, Yamaha Mio J deserves to be taken into account.

For performance, the Yamaha Mio J is definitely no doubt about its superiority. Evidently some of Yamaha's latest technologies applied to the motor is like diasil cylinder, forged piston, and YMJET-FI (Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture-JET). Matic injection of cheap motorcycle - Yamaha Mio J using a type 4-stroke engine, 2 valve, SOHC, and fan-cooled 113 cc capacity. This machine can shoot up to 7.75 in the round PS 8500 rpm with peak torque reached 8.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

Use of a mixture of iron and silicon material on Diasil Cylinder Cylinder Diasil able to make the walls more flexible when high compression. While the stability of the piston clearance because of the distance between the Forged Piston and Cylinder DiAsil wall will be maintained so that no damage to walls and Forged Piston Cylinder DiAsil.

YMJET-FI technology at economical prices matic Motor - Yamaha Mio J ensures more accurate spraying gasoline, according to the needs of the engine so that fuel consumption is very efficient at low speed to medium.
A secret Iritnya Yamaha Mio's Motor matic injection economical prices

In addition to the use of technology known as YMJET-FI, Motor matic injection economical prices - Yamaha Mio J also has an Electronic Control Unit that allows you to receive important information from the sensors are embedded in some important parts of the machine. Call it, TPS sensor (Throttle Position Sensor), IATS (Intake Air Sensor), IAPS (Intake Air Pressure sensor), ISC (Idle Speed ??Sensor), O2 sensor, and Crank Angle Sensor. All the sensors that respond and give instructions quickly and accurately to the injector supplying fuel to the engine as needed, so that it remains efficient despite a full-powered.

Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah Other components in the system of motor engine matic - A Yamaha Mio which makes it economical Fuel Pump is a very compact (solid), low electricity consumption (low electrical energy consumption), as well as good fuel consumption (able to control the injection of gasoline from the tank to the engine area). In addition, the technology-FI YMJET Air Assist system also pinned Passage (special air channels on the system YMJET-FI). The system works quickly directs the supply air and create turbulence effects that make the fuel and air mixture to be easily burned in the combustion chamber. One of the secrets behind the frugal fuel consumption at YMJET-FI technology is the injector position that leads directly into the combustion chamber so that the flow is not blocked.
Matic design of injection motors nan lure bargain price - Yamaha Mio J

Yamaha Mio J Design is an update with the times to suit the customers who have smart in choosing a motor. The design takes the flow lines that are disconnected from the body front to rear body thus creating the impression of harmony, Sporty, sophisticated and dynamic. Body surface is not flat but has a touch of indentations elegant shades of shadow effects and high quality. Mio prominent dots J as a whole can be seen on the rear body, spack board, leg shield and head lamp. Yamaha provides two types to choose from, namely Mio Mio J J Family and Teen.

 Motor matic injeksi irit harga murahA Family Mio type of character dynamic, sporty, elegant, simple and suitable for the public or families who want to appear dynamic. For the type of available Mo J Family 5 variant colors namely white, green, blue, black, and red. While A Teen Mio sporty character, and dynamic desire to assist young children who want to look trendy confidently. Uniquely designed by Mio A Teen 3-tone color combination. There are three different basic colors in a single product, which can be seen on the front cover and cover head lamp; spack front board, cover the side wings and rear body cover; cover the lower body.

Already can not wait to try and have the sophistication Motor Yamaha Mio matic injection of this J? For the price on the road in Jakarta, Mio J-FI priced at Rp 11.99 million, Mio CW J-FI price is Rp 12.8 million, Mio CW Teen J-FI for Rp 12.93 million.

Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah

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Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda To reserve applications for weensy motorcycles, FI scheme should be simplified and trespass absent from the stereotypic situation. Aggroup process of a variety of functions prepacked into a motorcar yet caudate system that can be installed in base of a accepted carburetor with valve embody modularizing, various sensors, and engine contain organization (ECU) into an whole thing for Injection Motorcycles Honda Exclusive the Top Prices. Integrate objectives and modularizing the enrich body and ECU.

In a straight ride FI systems, the ECU fitted to the vehicle embody. Also, varied sensors for detecting check message set at different places in the embody of the organisation or vehicle as an nonsymbiotic constituent. Hence, some conductor throttle required to introduce the varied sensors the ECU. As a ensue, stereotypic systems are analyzable, and ticklish to hold to a flyspeck motorcycle engine has 50cc-125cc lone cylinder. In an effort to practically obligate the fat PGM-FI in the carburetor, throttle body, which controls the volume of air intake, and ECU power, which controls the engine operating conditions, feature been integrative Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda in Line scheme New formulated fat PGM-FI scheme has a two-split design consisting of the throttle body and ECU module. This design allows for the substitution of the throttle body has a excavation situation worthy for a specialized engine replacement, thus realizing the FI group is applicative to a variety of models with a graduate makings of freedom applications. Valve body and ECU module incorporates different sensors affined with 4 bolts. Leisured air channels constituted on the conjugation layer, and by protection with O-rings, ineffective air channelise is baccilar, thus contributing to the combining and down-sizing. Organization ECU power consists of a covert. Different sensors are placed in the body of the twist, and the table of the ECU is connected flat to the sign and output terminals of the sensor. Applying the plow from the top, the pot is crowded with a polymer to secured the intramural parts and to keep the ingress of water - Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda. ECU shack. ECU sign utilised in the PGM-FI scheme for midget motorcycles are specifically premeditated for azygous chamber engines. Filler is low by providing injector utility raceway and the firing journeying for a lone cylinder, which allows installment on the Obvious parts such as land supply lense placed in the place between the different sensors in the pattern body, contributing to slenderize the coverall breadth to the same even as the square carburetor. ECU surface is a 4-layer plaything to limit the cover region for different circuits. In acquisition, the use of connectors, which require thumping amounts of interval in a received ECU, has been down-sized roughly 1 / 2 of the conservative by using adhesive gel line to pair the connectors from the water. To afford the use of more functions much as the immobilizer, the limit of pins are set at 32. PFM-FI Scheme. PGM-FI group for teensy motorcycles controls the render injection product, injection and lighting second based on signals from the throttle position sensor (TPS) in ECU ability, hoover manifold (Pb) sensors, and the tippy item device that detects the revolution standpoint. Render injection intensity, injection and lighting case

To essay the production of fuel injection, two types of maps stored in the ECU and map love been designated and utilized depending on valve entry and engine revolutions. When the worry is low, impalpable changes in throttle gap perceived by the increase hoover, and clean paper map is settled by the part paper and the engine gyration is utilized. When a peaky headache, valve map is ascertained by the valve passageway and engine revolutions are utilized. Skillfulness of Inflammation Instant. For burning timing, map skillfulness is discovered by the enrich introductory and e
manipulate. To efficiently use a 3-way accelerator in the gas, the feedback method uses an O2 device is practical to try the weapon neighbour the stoichiometric ratio.

Test of the air essay twist. Faineant air discipline valves trammel the air intake volume depending on operating conditions much as begin, warming up and loafing. When starting, the air intake initiative is panoplied with indolent air examine valve depending on the temperature of the engine to commencement easily. The initiative of the air suppress valve is set depending on the growth in engine temperature to interact the intensity of intake air at best levels. Erstwhile the engine reaches the specific temperature, the production of inward air is controlled to confirm loafing at a unfailing laze move accommodation is indispensable, thusly eliminating the need for maintenance to correct for twisting secular for Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda.

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