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Men are Not-Be Drinking tonic

Do not carelessly buy powerful drugs at the roadside. The-counter medicines such normally illegal. There was a mix aka erectile dysfunction drugs sildenafil, which should have been bought and sold with a prescription.

Based on the findings of Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), 51 traditional Obat Kuat medicines made from chemicals, and 42 of them illegal. The chemicals most commonly found: sildenafil.

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Andri Wanananda, a doctor who is also a sexual health analyst asserted, taking sildenafil without clear rules of use can be dangerous. Unsparing, death lurks behind it.

CNN interviewed Indonesia, Friday (5/12), he said, some people are prohibited from taking powerful drugs.

1. Age 40 years and over who take Isosorbide dinitrate

Age 40 years and over the age prone to erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, it is also dangerous age when taking sildenafil.

Andri explained, not all men aged over 40 years the dangers of taking powerful drugs. It only applies to those who at the same time also take Isosorbide dinitrate, a drug for the heart.

"If the good tensinya, should be used to wash out. It should not be taking the drug (Isosorbide dinitrate) for three days. New love sildenafil," he said.

Drinking herbal remedies for conditions that are not much help. Therefore, the herb Obat Peninggi Badan has not effect on erectile dysfunction.

Herbs that have a direct effect, meaning stamped indeterminate sildenafil doses. It is dangerous for heart patients, especially those aged over 40 years and was taking other drugs.

2. People with heart disease

Andri who is also member of the Association of Sexology Indonesia explained that sildenafil originally used for heart medication. Its function dilate blood vessels to the heart.

"But researchers see (blood vessels) which widened more in the penis," said Andri. Researchers also felt that a 'boon' for the discovery of drugs for erectile dysfunction.

"It's a revolution in the field of medicine, for erectile dysfunction drugs that truly efficacious," he said again.

But on the other hand, sildenafil be dangerous for heart patients. Materials that will lower blood pressure dramatically, resulting in reduced blood flow to the heart and trigger a heart attack.

3. People with high blood pressure (hypertension)

Andri said, there is an easy way to test whether or not you should not be taking powerful drugs for hypertension. Try climbing stairs two storeys. If you are wheezing and pain in the chest, it means the red light to powerful drugs.

"Intimate relationships also increase blood pressure," said Andri added.

If the powerful drugs taken and added sexual activity, it will spur blood pressure to peak. People with hypertension can pick death.


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