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10 Mix and Match Tips In order to look slimmer and higher
You are not confident because it has a body shape is not ideal? Wait a minute! Being overweight is not the end of your appearance. While waiting for successful diet, you can still look good with your body shape. Ideal body shape can not hide behind the clothes.
Here are 10 mix and match tips which can make your body look thinner as has been quoted by the website of Glamour.

Tips To Look Slimmer and Higher

1. Use black
To be able to look thinner use black on pants, skirts, stockings, and shoes. If the use of one color is too boring, you can slip a light color on your shoes.

2. Use the right jacket models
Long jacket and fitted with a silhouette that adjusts the body shape will accentuate your curves. Jacket that is too big is an 'accident' great fashion for you.

3. Use a shaped skirt
Skirt can accentuate the shape of the body such as conical skirt or pencil skirt makes the body look slimmer.

4. Use a long cardigan
Long cardigan with waist will make you shorter, while the long cardigan until the hips will make you a longer torso.

5. Use jeans with high heels
Mix and match these can make you look long and slim, especially if you tuck the front of your shirt into pants. If you use a pencil jeans, you can use the boots with a matching color and cover the bottom of your pants.

6. Use proper belt
Use a large belt will membaut you are smaller than a thin belt.

7. Select the type of pants that fit the body shape
For example, trousers with a very minimal detail to minimize curves. These pants make you taller and slimmer. Alternatively, waistband or pants with a high waist until it will cover your belly.

8. Use Red
The use of bold colors such as red is the thing that will make you not only look sexy, but also feel confident. Soft colors actually boring to you.

9. Use a scarf and jeans with straight cut
Combination scarf and straight-cut jeans will always look good. Patterned scarf adorn your neck will draw the attention of the other person to your face.

10. Use colored leather shoes
These shoes will make your legs look longer. Is perfect when worn with knee-length skirt high heels because it will add to the sexy legs. However, this trick will only work in color with matching shoes. Be careful, if you use it with black stockings makes you look short.
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