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Who say lunch box is not important? It is very important. This day, there is so many junk food that is not healthy for us. It is okay to eat it occasionally but we must eat more healthy food. Remember, we are talking about ourselves not others.

It is a simple action but it can change our life. You only need to bring lunch by yourselves so you can combine any kind of food as we want. you also can consult with nutritionist about suitable menu for us. If you do not want to consult it, you just need to :

-       Include more vegetables, fruits and fishes

-       Eat wheat bread

-       Do not eat to many fried dish

Just find a recipe that you like with vegetatble, fruit adn fish as the base of ingredient. Have fun :D

“Healthy food, Healthy life” –hm-

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Posting: 5-Aug-2011 17:36:21 WIB
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