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Garden Birds and Paradise Island Rubbish Hair

Jakarta Bird Walk ( JBW ), which consist of 36 people do observations of birds on the island of hair on Saturday and Sunday ( 5-6/4/2014 ) . This time, Island Hair Thousand Islands are targeting. Not just gossip , Island Hair wise conservation of island birds. Human uninhabited island , only occasionally rangers had to stay there for the patrol. To enter the island must have a letter of permission in a conservation area ( SIMAKSI ) from BKSDA .


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The observers came from KPB Nycticorax UNJ , comata UI, BBC national examination and KPB KPB Nectarinia An- Nahl UIN , KPB Perenjak IPB, ITB Nymphaea , and the public . Observers are divided randomly into 3 groups with 3 band observations of the strip that is west of the island , the band center of the island , and the strip east of the island . Line west and east is the border strip of forest and beach , while the middle band is a mangrove forest . Namely the observations made observations afternoon , at 15:00 to 17:30 hrs and observations in the morning, at 6:00 to 8:30 pm.

43 bird species have successfully found the JWB -ers very easily. Best of all, the type of Bluwok Stork ( Mycteria cinerea ) . Observers successfully identify this kind while carrying nest material . According to one of the rangers had , Tanton , " Until now there are 68 Bluwok stork nest on the island of hair . This type includes the type of teramcam stalling " , clearly one island rangers had hair .

Apart Crane Bluwok , there is also the most common bird species , namely , Paddy Black Cormorant ( Phalacrocorax sulcirostris ) , a similar type of black duck . Nest of this bird is so widely spread in the island , from a tree at the edge of the forest that borders the beach to mangrove trees in the forest .

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However , nests used by Cormorant , Black Rice made ??from plastic waste , such as straw . According to Tanton , Mountains of garbage drifting waves of the waters of Jakarta . " The island is a place you do not change it mall shopping. Bags, clothes , shoes , and even tv can be found here . Come on we began to think before you spend , what would we do on items that are not used? Removed , it will end here . We recommend that burned to ruins. Start from now to minimize the consumption of plastic , the small plastic finish as the candy , the more waste it produces ! " , He added



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