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Blog Archive: January 2014

Hasselblad is known as a camera manufacturer that has been in existence for decades in the world of medium format cameras .

Recently announced they will release a medium format camera 50 megapixel ( MP ) in the world 's first technology that uses sensors Complementary Metal - Oxide - Semiconductor ( CMOS ) .

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" The camera bears the production number H5D - 50c and will go on sale in March 2014 , " said Hasselblad through its official statement quoted Tekno team , Thursday ( 23/01/2014 ) .

Hasselblad Product Manager Ove Bengtson said 50 MP CMOS sensor is embedded able to shoot images quickly and provide ISO performance is much better support for video recording as well as multi -shot function .

" We are confident this camera will provide an attractive option for professional photographers in selecting a camera which is more flexible - allowing them to get the best picture quality through the Hasselblad , " said Bengtson .

While the new Hasselblad CEO Ian Rawcliffe mention that this camera has a cutting edge technology that is very easy to adapt by offering a wider shooting experience for its customers .

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But unfortunately , Hasselbald not reveal information regarding the specifications and price of the camera H5D - 50c . The Swedish brand just say , that the more information and pricing for the new models H5D - 50c will be announced in March 2014 . ( isk )


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WhatsApp, one of the world's largest chat application is rumored to be launching the latest updates in the Windows Phone which made ??him to look different.(see also: Install The Snowman & The Snowdog Game Android)

As reported by Softpedia (22/1), later in this latest update, WhatsApp for Windows Phone will get a new feature in the form of chat background which can make a user adds a photo as wallpaper column of their conversation.

The update itself will make WhatsApp for Windows Phone is getting the equivalent of WhatsApp for Android and iOS in terms of features brought.(see also: Harga HP)

There is no definite date when this update will be related to Windows Phone glide Store. However, WMPoweruser cited (22/1), the developer WhatsApp is currently working on this new feature. It is estimated that if this new feature will soon be landing on WhatsApp for Windows Phone in the near future.


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One of the things that is always being debated when the price goes up or when the market is rare in fuel oil ( BBM ) . To that end , Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) continue to look for a replacement .

One of the efforts that are now underway to develop biomass as a renewable energy . Referring writing in Wikipedia , is a source of biomass energy derived from organic materials and can be processed and converted into fuel .

Biomass includes many things such as dead plant material , waste terbiodegrasi and more .

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In this case , the LIPI trying to develop a non - starch or biomass can be defined as organic material containing lignocellulose , such as for example, rice straw , klobot , corn , rice husks , dried reeds , banana peels , pineapple skin , wood fiber , and so forth .

" Research related to the use of non - starch biomass mainly sellulsa being developed by LIPI researchers today, " said Head of Biotechnology LIPI , Dr. Ir Witjaksono , M.Sc in " Kick - off Meeting of JICA - JST SATREPS Biorefinery " entitled Innovative Bio - Production Indonesia ( Ibiol ) : Integrated Bio - Refinery Strategy to Promote Biomass Utilization using Super - micorbes for Fuels and Chemicals Production , as quoted from Reuters ( 21 / 01 ) .

Witjaksono explained , the use of biomass derived from palm oil industry to be one focus of LIPI .

" We have developed a biomass utilization research for functional food products , biothanol ( replacement fuel ) and other products , " he said .

According Witjaksono , so far , the price of bioethanol non - starch -based biomass is still not economically viable due to the technology that is not yet right . With the application of process technology that takes into account the three aspects mentioned above , the price of bioethanol is expected to be more economical or affordable by the community .

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" Technology is the key to the process of becoming the enzymes needed to efficiently by using local isolates , and breeding microbes to produce microbial suitable for fermentation , " he said .


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EVERCOSS local brand that now has a jargon ' Go International ' re- launch a new Android smartphone in the pocket friendly nan , A7T .

Unmitigated , EVERCOSS targeting the new smartphone for up to one million units sold within a year . So , what's on offer this smartphone so EVERCOSS so confident to be able to sell A7T with very big numbers .

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EVERCOSS A7T is a smartphone based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is in it is the most popular messaging application embedded in the country , namely fuel . Already terinstalnya fuel in A7T , called EVERCOSS to provide convenience for everyone to use fuel directly on the smartphone .

For specifications , EVERCOSS A7T packed with 4-inch screen resolution ( 400 x 800 pixels ) and will be powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor and support 3G networks + Dual - GSM . To take pictures , A7T equipped with a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3 megapixel camera seklas located on the front .

Okay A7 Launch

EVERCOSS A7T marketed at a price of 750.000 . It is claimed EVERCOSS as a commitment to always understand the needs of consumers .

" Consumers are always demanding to get more value , both price and quality . Expectations and demands that can be found on A7T , " so as said Janto Djojo , Chief Marketing Officer EVERCOSS .

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At the launch A7T , EVERCOSS in collaboration with Telkomsel . Where every purchase of this smartphone customers will receive a package bundling Connect600 , a cashback credit worth Rp24.958/bulan any minimum pulse charging Rp 40,000 ( does not apply multiples ) of each month and is valid for 24 months . ( Ozi )


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Password security is one on an account . Selection of passwords of course affect how high the level of security .

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Recently , has published a list of the worst passwords during the year 2013 and is often used by the user . Worse yet , they did not change much from 2012 , as reported by Ubergizmo ( 20/1 ) .

The following is a list of passwords ' market ' and declared the worst in the world.

In the first position , the password by using the numeric '123456 ' become a favorite worldwide . But know , it's very bad and vulnerable nosy compromised by hackers who want to access your account . Worse user account using the password was up 1 of the previous year .

Meanwhile , in the second place inhabited by ' password' . The use of the word 'password ' as the password for an account down one point from last year .

While in the third position , still inhabited by the password digits , ie '12345678 ' . Differ only 2 digits behind the world's number one worst passwords . Even remain stable and unchanged from last year .

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It is recommended , if you do not maun your account compromised by hackers irresponsible , immediately change your password before it's too late .



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