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Waptrick Site Place Mp3 Songs Download Free Download Video Games , Waptrick is a provider of free app / free for both Hp ( mobile ) . You can select applications that exist on the site as well waptrick Applications, Games , Wallpapers , Music , Video , Animation , Sound epek and other lain.yang free download as much for your Hp .

waptrick simple look of the site and also the content is one of the many advantages of download sites is becoming very popular . In addition , according ketagori easy navigation also allows you to search for content . Let's say you search for games , you just go to the Games category


* Download Games

The following files are available downloading on waptrick


Contains the latest music files , download the most and most downloaded . Pop music category including Indonesia , Asia , Dangdut India , singers , Rock , HipHop , Kids Songs , Movies , Love , Indie , etc. .


File contains the latest music clips and the most downloaded . Categories include Indonesia Special music clips , Pop , Rnb , Latin , Hip Hop / Rap, Rock , Reggae , Reggaeton , Electronic , American Idol , Top Cover and International .


File contains the latest wallpapers and the most downloaded . Special wallpaper categories such as Indonesia , Romance , Celebrity , Sports , Nature , Movies , Funny , Celebration , vehicles , etc. .


Contains files and the most recent video in the download . Video categories include Indonesia Specials, Sports , Funny , Movie Trailer , Cartoon , Big Brother , Beauty , TV series , computer games , etc. .


Animation file contains the most recent and downloaded . Categories include animation Love , Funny , Nature , Bollywood, Vehicles , Funny , Man , etc. .


Latest files containing sound effects and the most downloaded . Categories of sound effects including Humans, Animals , International , Exchange , Rings, the Musical , vehicles , sirens , Cartoon Movies , etc. .

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Still fresh in memory , Samsung introduced some Tizen OS -based devices in the MWC 2014 in Barcelona . Many have wondered what and when , Samsung will release a Tizen OS -based mobile phone her ?

Reporting from PhoneArena , on all the MWC 2014 , Samsung does not provide any information related to the planned launch of its mobile Tizen . But a local news media in South Korea said that Samsung plans to release a Tizen OS based phones it in May 2014 in Russia . At the media launch interview with an official citation Samsung , that they will release the first mobile phone powered OS Tizen next month at the white bear country .

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Many people predict that the first Tizen -powered Samsung phones will have similar specifications to the Samsung Galaxy S4 . Yoon Han - Kil ( Vice President Produst Strategics Samsung Mobile ) said that Samsung will release two smartphone OS Tizen air this padakuartal . One will be a high-end model , while the other will be a mid-range device that is designed to attract buyers with medium economic capability .

Russia selected Samsung as the market for the first Tizen smartphone , given the South Korean vendor wants its smartphone Tizen could succeed and embrace European distribution area and then America . According to Yoon Han - Kil interview with Reuters , said that Samsung will release a Tizen phone first in Russia , then will go to Brazil and other developing countries .

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The use of the base itself Tizen , Samsung performed in order to reduce the company's dependence on Google's Android OS as an open source platform .



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MEMASTER certainly have the right rules in order to master bird that we can listen and learn his new song appropriately .

When birds enter the moult is a great time to start memaster , but did not rule out every single day we can all go back memaster magpie stone again on the ingenuity of the magpie stone itself masteran absorbing material that we provide.

( Read: Tips Memilih jenis Suara Burung Master )

Memaster using live birds ( bird trainer ) should :

For master bird that has such strong sound typikal Cililin , try placing it is not too close to the bird so the bird is dimaster dimaster not surprised by the loud voice

Try to focus on one masteran course , not too much so that birds can learn songs dimaster well , then be replaced with another masteran

burung masteran

Dimaster bird so the atmosphere should be calm dikerodong

Pemasteran method using live birds should be every day because we can not be sure when the coach bird sounds different from an electronic device that could sound at any time .

As much as possible we will identify bird typikal we master if it fits with the birds and sealur voice coach , so the process is not in vain pemasteran

Memaster use of electronic devices

Keep the stuffing material is not more than 3 types of sounds for one time period pemasteran

Every single type of sound given the lag time interval of at least 60 seconds and then stop again and stopped again further so on

Place the bird dimaster as comfortable as possible . may use krodong

A good time to memaster around 19:00 s / d 21:00 and 4:00 evening s / d 6.30 am

Pemasteran done each day , Saturday and Sunday are not dimaster to see if the material we provided is absorbed or not , usually when ngeriwik the stuffing can be heard

pemasteran stuffing materials customized with typikal birds in the master

( Read: burung masteran untuk cendet )

If the birds that we 've been able to bring the material master field we give we can try it on the track along with other birds , usually the sound of the voice entry will be sung during the fight with the bird the bird kind . ***



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How to Make Easy Bird gacor Ciblek Plus Photos - Welcome Daang in . A blog dedicated to providing a wide range of infor mation about the birds chirping . Some time we have discussed plainly about birds melodious voice like kacer , walnuts , until cucak green . On this occasion we will share information about the type of birds that are found in the environment around us but has a voice that is melodious enough ciblek bird . Sebelumua also we have given treatment regimen cendet birds and parakeets .

Ciblek forest birds ( Read: ciblek betina )

Ciblek bird has two sub- species that can be found around the place we live is a white bird and a bird chest ciblek ciblek yellow chest . For lovers of birds chirping , birds ciblek famous for gunshots and the sound ngebren . Gunshots were dimaksuda is where the sound of birds chirping ciblek issued a hard tempo not too tightly , while ngebren the time when the birds chirp ciblek issued a tempo that is quite hard to meetings . In addition to bird iu ciblek also sometimes used as a master bird to bird melath other types . Well to get suaa ciblek melodious birds , there are several treatments that you can do . Here are some of them .

Bird Care Tips Ciblek

How to Bird Feeding Ciblek

For feeding us dtmenggunakan some small insects such as crickets and small caterpillars and Kroto . In addition to the food we also can memeberikannya voer birds are sold in stores birds . To add nutrients , we can mix with milk powder voer , but apabiladalam one day is not exhausted voer should be replaced with a new one that does not cause mold and bacteria .

Drying Method Birds Ciblek

Just like other birds , bird ciblek also need to be dried at least once a day for 2 to 3 hours . When the hanging bird cendet try not adjacent to other birds . ( Read: ciblek sawah )

How to Care Bird cage Ciblek

To make the bird ciblek feel comfortable in the cage so the cage should be kept kebersihanyya . We can clean the cage at least once a week ciblek .



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Love Bird Breeding advantage

Raising Love Bird now began to be a lucrative business . Because besides Love Bird is on the rise among other birds , the treatment was not sesusah treating other birds , especially breeding canaries that takes patience and discipline Extra .

Sweet Love Bird will give a bit much for the picture you are getting interested in this business but there is no picture .

Lov Bird Breeding can we say easy , why is that ? ( Read: suara burung lovebird )

1.maintenance easy

Love Bird generally left alone long as there is light and circulation / air circulation is good , enough to feel comfortable Love Bird . Manure does not smell , our experience , Dirt under the cage cleaned 1 week only. hehe ... but if unexpected things happen such as spilled drinks , which can lead to strong scent / arrival of the animal , should immediately be washed for health Love Bird .

2.Keep dried

Unlike other birds that must be dried and then put back a few moments , basically Love Bird does not need to be. But it would be better to get vitamins for growth from the sun or a light cool breeze .

3.It took a while to take care per Day of Love Bird .

Alone in our experience , we take the time that is not much , only about 1 - 2hours per day to watch Love Bird Love Bird in particular . Such as cleaning cages that are too dirty / smelly , Changing the drinking water has been dirty ( sometimes funny Love Bird behavior like drinking or bathing in place pooping in it ) , replacing food grains ( because the old food needs to be filtered / separated between grains that have been chipped or not ) so as not to starve due to running out of food , and also maintain the cleanliness of the room by sweeping or dusting dust can interfere with the respiratory system love bird in it .

Bird 4.Love not fussy and do not like cranky and tend Strong

seen from the example bbrapa relocate or move a hand that has a great distance . Example : Malang - Madura . By road , reached by 8 Hours , Love bird reportedly still look healthy and act as normally before being taken .

From the above, this business is perfect for those who are self-employed / want to run a side business with the result that "wow " . Loh Why "Wow " ?

Actually if our opinion , have a love bird breeding results parallel to capital .

The greater the capital the greater the results . There may be some who disagree should also . We thought so on the basis of the following calculation .

With Rp.700.000 capital - 1,250,000 you can get 1 pair of glasses Love Bird Adult or non- breeding . With an average production rate of 1-4 grains . Take half of which are hatched 2 of

4 eggs . Love Bird market price puppies puppies 3 months old ( can feed itself ) is the range Rp.175.000 - Rp.225.000 . price depending on the hue. be the parent of one , you will get Rp.350.000 - Rp . 450.000 per 1 period calculation spawn with only 2 were successful hatching . Just from your period has returned 1 1/2 or 1/3 of your capital . Not to mention if you are smart breeders raise puppies with hatching rank of 3 out of 4 or all hatch and thrive. And do not forget , you still hold your sires , and if you want to sell it , if you 've experienced breeders in production , of course the price has gone up .

rough calculation :

capital Rp.700.000 - Rp.1.250.000

results per 3-4 months = Rp.350.000 - Rp.450.000 / results take only 100,000 per month

Now compare the price Love Bird Green glasses standard range Rp.1.600.000 - Rp.1.800.000 per pair that is ready or already want to spawn . With the price of chicks that would range Rp.375.000 - Rp.400.000 per cow age 3 month.

rough calculation :

Rp.1.600.000 capital - Rp.1.800.000

results per 3-4 months = 750.000 - Rp.800.000 / results per month take it Rp.200.000

Not to mention that chicks are taken into account Pastel could reach 600,000 - Rp.650.000

or with chicks lutino red eye could reach more than 2,500,000 per his tail

( Read: ternak burung lovebird )

You can imagine if the breeder has 20 breeding pairs in the breeding bird Love . rough calculation above can be increased and decreased depending on the conditions at each of each breeder . should also be taken into account constraints and barriers as well ..

sometimes it does not achieve the results obtained estimates , there are also expenses to buy his feed , but from there you can become a reliable breeder . because basically every successful man is one who diligently and learn from any mistakes .

No wonder not why raising Love Bird started loved bird lovers ? but before starting your business as a breeder Love Bird , we recommend no rash .. prior information learned basic information about the medium -and love bird in order to avoid the loss can be through the internet or from some of the tips that we have provided . Ask for advice from Love Bird breeder who has been a reliable or experienced . Take into account the constraints and obstacles that will be encountered . Since no effort is 100 % Smooth without constraint .

We provide an appropriate description of the analysis and experience of Us . If there is an error please justified , because we were still learning .



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