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Casting Techniques - Casting is one of the product creation process using molten metal and the mold . This kind of production technique is widely used in several industries for small to large industry long ago . Making patterns using molds or molding sand for the results of the mold resembles the basic shape of the original object is the fastest , easy and inexpensive and efficient .

With such techniques , the manufacture of small to large -sized products can be done easily . This time I will give information about the understanding of metal casting , and casting techniques in accordance with the SOP . Because if one or less just as foundry castings will result in outcomes that are less good or worse than expected .( membuat cetakan aluminium )

Inin Here is an example of an image at the time of pouring the liquid already in the melted aluminum into the mold . Shape of the object that you want to print must be adapted to the original object , prior to casting should have prepared mold

smelting process

In the casting process , molten metal used is aluminum because of the nature of good fluidity , good corrosion resistance terahadap , low density and easy to set up . This makes it especially automotive industries are using them to create parts or engine parts because it is lightweight so it can reduce fuel consumption .( Read: pengecoran aluminium )

Aluminum has a melting point at a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius , so a place for smelting aluminum could use the material steel manifold . Itself has a melting point of steel is much higher in comparison with aluminum , so it's good to be a place to thaw .

 Other metal alloys can also be used to make products with the techniques to get the results as you wish. Some examples of aluminum casting products such as ashtrays , piston motors , locks and kitchen appliances are also many that are made of aluminum .

Similarly, information from my article titled casting process on aluminum metal . Do not miss my article interesting article from the others . Thank you for reading my artikell . May be useful


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Sometimes , a bird that has been treated with disease could baikpun . As a bird hobbyist , we are required to know the various symptoms of the disease and proper treatment if our favorite bird disease .( Read: murai batu borneo )

A healthy bird also still depends on how the treatment of the owner , because if the birds are not considered properly , then we keep the bird very prone to disease .

Moreover, if the owner does not know how to handle her favorite bird is sick , because mishandling it will result in death we keep our birds . Therein lies the importance of caring for and maintaining the health of our pet birds .

This time we will address the symptoms of the disease as well as what appears on the humming bird stone . As we all know , a lot of hobbyists who keep the birds chirp humming bird stone . Whether to maintain a course or for contested .

murai batu

Humming bird is famous for its rock sound as well as a long tail feathers , because that's a humming bird stone is relatively expensive . Moreover, a humming bird stone that has been won in the race , the price could reach millions and even tens of millions of dollars .

It's good for bird lovers who keep humming bird stone to know the symptoms and types of diseases that can attack that we keep humming bird . Unfortunately not , if the humming bird stone and can bring in good money worth millions of dollars will fall ill and die.

Actually , handling sick birds , especially humming bird stone is not too difficult . We can treat these diseases with natural remedies and methods of treatment that are sold in the bird market and online stores . But no less important is the time and patience in caring for the sick humming bird .

Below are some types of diseases that often occur in new humming bird :

Husky on a humming bird stone
Husky can also attack the magpie stone . Generally, because of the disruption of the respiratory system as well as the throat humming bird stone so not much put out booms .

Symptoms hoarse at a humming bird stone

Sound becomes clear and tend to halting
Humming bird stone more silent
Decreased appetite
Husky handling the humming bird stone

leaves white lateng
leaves white lateng
Squirt the juice of the leaves on the white lateng mouth humming bird stone . After that position as menungging that there is mucus in the respiratory tract and throat magpie can rock out . This way can be combined with the provision of water boiling on the container betel drinking . Betel leaf boiled water to treat bird becomes hoarse voice and could be a good natural antibiotic .

Magpie feather lice on stone
Lice are hiding behind a humming bird feathers stone if not treated immediately will cause feathers to fall out so that we become a humming bird 's favorite bald and not good anymore . In addition to causing the hairs to fall out, humming bird becomes agitated and often like to pluck their own feathers .

Symptoms magpie feather lice on stone

Birds often restless
Decreased appetite
lazy twitter
Lots of feather loss
Sometimes birds pluck their feathers are often seen alone
How to deal with magpie feather lice on stone

Take the rice water , then spray on the birds . Rice water will make magpie feathers become slippery rocks so ticks will fall off themselves . It also can be sprayed with water betel leaf decoction to eradicate the fleas on a humming bird feathers stone .

Eye swelling in stone magpie
Swollen eye diseases or snot does not only occur in birds lovebird alone . Murai stone can also attacked puffy eyes . Generally magpie stone swollen eye disease caused by insects feeding too much , causing the eye to become swollen humming bird stone .

Symptoms of swollen eyes on the stone magpie

Eyes become swollen
Decreased appetite
Birds become weak
lazy voice
watery eyes
If illness or snot puffy eyes is allowed , then the stone will be humming bird blind .

How to deal with puffy eyes on the stone magpie

Always keep cleaning the cage and keep the insects feeding on a humming bird stone . Give crickets or worms just enough, do not worry too much .

Tail feathers do not grow on rocks magpie

Actually this kind of thing is not a disease at a humming bird stone . The uniqueness lies in the humming bird stone long tail feathers . But sometimes the humming bird 's tail feathers do not want to rock perfectly elongated due to late growing . Things like this usually happens after a humming bird stone undergoing a process of change feathers or moult .

How to deal with late fur growing on rocks magpie ( Read: memaster murai batu )

The best way is to clean the pores on the tail humming bird stone with warm water . Setlah cleaned with warm water , wash again using garlic . Besides feeding insects such as grasshoppers give the magpie stone . Apparently, grasshopper contains vitamin E which is good for the growth of feathers on the bird , but that you can also provide other vitamins that humming bird feathers on rocks grow faster .

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In addition to the version of " regular " , rumored to be released Samsung Galaxy crowded S5 Prime which is a luxury variant of the smartphone .

Well , in addition to more capable hardware specs , the latest leak reported by Phone Arena suggests the possibility that the device will have a metal body .( Read: daftar harga hp murah )

S5 Galaxy Prime aluminum appeared in a series of photographs showing the physical form . The device looks to have an aluminum shell that wraps all sides .

Phone Arena Leaked photo S5 Galaxy Prime ( Read: harga hp china )
Prime S5 Galaxy screen measuring 5.2 inches in leaks . Allegedly the display unit will have a resolution of " quad HD " at 2560x1440 . Speakers seemed to be moved from the back to the bottom .

In it , the Galaxy S5 mentioned also will carry more advanced innards , includes 805 Snapdragon processor with Adreno 420 GPU , 3GB of RAM , and Android 4.4.3 operating system Kitkat .

In addition to the photos , the Galaxy S5 Prime also appeared in two videos that claim to show a hands-on session of the pre - production version of the device, as can be seen below .

Unknown when Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S5 Prime officially . The smartphone reportedly is in the testing phase .



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It is not sesulita we imagine . But before making a facebook account in advance you will be required to have an email that will be used to confirm your Facebok account . By creating a facebook account you can easily give the news to friends, share a video , image or link on your profile and the profiles of others.

cara membuat facebook

Facebook itself is one of the largest social networking site , now users had reached 1 billion people , it makadari Facebook is preferred by many people . In addition to having very many facebook users also have excellent features even almost the same as Twitter hastag , picture comments on comments to the game can be found on the facebook .

Well if you have a direct email address of course you can go to to create a new account .

( Read: cara membuat grup facebook )

Upon entry to the main page you will be presented with facebook ahalaman pad as shown above . then you only have to Fill out the form available on the home page facebook like your first name to the genre . Here's the form you need to fill .

Fill in the form above in detail and the detail so that someone who knew you could find you easily and also so as not considered as spam or facebook account that can led to the elimination cloningan facebook account . after mengisis With detailed form above then click "register " .

After That you will be faced To Verify Captcha :

Verify the contents of the True Then Click the Green Button Up .

How to make facebookpun continue to follow step by step what you should do , then just follow the steps there On facebook , or if you want a quick fast just click " skip this step " .

Step 1 you are asked to invite a good friend of yahoo , gmail or others .

Step 2 you are asked to fill out a form that contains about school to your home town .

( Read: video cara membuat facebook )

Step 3 you are required to include a photo to your profile , if you do not want to use the photo just click " skip this step "

Next, you will be sent an email that is used to confirm your facebook account , do you just need to open your email and click on the facebook Gmail email and click the link provided in the email . Here's the picture :

If you've done the steps as above , Congratulations you already have a facebook account and you 've managed to Implement How to Make a New Facebook Account , how easy is not it?

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"This business was destroyed while because the issue of bird flu that happened a few years ago , " recalls Mulyono ( 51 ) , crafters birdhouse when found at his farm in the village of Karangmalang , Masaran , Sragen , Saturday ( 09/21/2013 ) . According to him , attack the deadly H5N1 virus not only business selling poultry , but also affects the amount of demand for the manufacture of poultry cage decreases dramatically .

sangkar burungIndonesia was hit twice bird flu issue also attempt to make two cages are Mulyono bet with bankruptcy . However , with a strong determination ultimately his birdhouse business can survive and gradually recover from the crisis until now . " Actually, the test also comes when the monetary crisis hit Indonesia marked Soeharto to step down as president in 1998 , " added Mulyono which pioneered the business of making a bird cage since 1991 .

( Read: sangkar burung murah )

Mulyono claim to have the expertise to make a birdhouse while still living in Kampung Jagalan , Solo , who was known as a regional bird cage . " When starting a business , my home-made bird cage only marketed in Jakarta Scout area because the local market is still growing , " said Mulyono , who also often come to the market to assemble birdhouse Scout at the time import .

Pioneer Industry Centers Birdcage

Until a few years living in Jagalan , Mulyono finally decided to pioneer the business back in his native land bird cage in the village Karangmalang , Masaran , Sragen . At that time he became the first to pursue the business of making a bird cage in the area . " When I moved to the village of Karangmalang , I had to give training to some people about making a bird cage and eventually even Karangmalang village known as industrial centers bird cage a few years later , " said Mulyono , which put the number of artisans in the Village reached birdcage 50s home and have a reservoir or collector 's sebanyal 10 people .

Mulyono added , this time he also became a container for the craft bird cage from about 15 artisans . His job as a container is to market or sell it back to some areas to order . Currently owned business results Mulyono cage and some fellow crafters have penetrated most parts of Indonesia and sufficient orders in Taiwan .

Characteristic Birdcage ( Read: sangkar burung solo )

Artificial bird cage Mulyono owned businesses have a characteristic round shape and has ornate carved ornaments at the bottom of the cage . According to him , this type of bird cage variants are often sought after in the market . Bird cage is made ??from bamboo , wood plywood , and glue it first made ??its way sebilahan bamboo cut to the size of the cage to be made . After that , the bamboo disisik until smooth then dijangka form a cage . The next process mengoven cage in order to obtain a permanent arch . Last is the batik process or administration of carving patterns on the bottom of the cage and then painted with varnish .

Mulyono fix the price of a homemade bird cage with the cheapest range between Rp 50,000 to Rp 300,000 and Rp 300,000 price premium of up hanging ornaments are affixed along the length of making a bird cage .



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