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Casting Techniques - Casting is one of the product creation process using molten metal and the mold . This kind of production technique is widely used in several industries for small to large industry long ago . Making patterns using molds or molding sand for the results of the mold resembles the basic shape of the original object is the fastest , easy and inexpensive and efficient .

With such techniques , the manufacture of small to large -sized products can be done easily . This time I will give information about the understanding of metal casting , and casting techniques in accordance with the SOP . Because if one or less just as foundry castings will result in outcomes that are less good or worse than expected .( membuat cetakan aluminium )

Inin Here is an example of an image at the time of pouring the liquid already in the melted aluminum into the mold . Shape of the object that you want to print must be adapted to the original object , prior to casting should have prepared mold

smelting process

In the casting process , molten metal used is aluminum because of the nature of good fluidity , good corrosion resistance terahadap , low density and easy to set up . This makes it especially automotive industries are using them to create parts or engine parts because it is lightweight so it can reduce fuel consumption .( Read: pengecoran aluminium )

Aluminum has a melting point at a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius , so a place for smelting aluminum could use the material steel manifold . Itself has a melting point of steel is much higher in comparison with aluminum , so it's good to be a place to thaw .

 Other metal alloys can also be used to make products with the techniques to get the results as you wish. Some examples of aluminum casting products such as ashtrays , piston motors , locks and kitchen appliances are also many that are made of aluminum .

Similarly, information from my article titled casting process on aluminum metal . Do not miss my article interesting article from the others . Thank you for reading my artikell . May be useful


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