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Red Anis Care Secrets To Great Singing diligent

Anis Red - How are chirping mania friend, how are you today? Is the bird still confused with peiharaan you? Relax, this time we will return to the chirping of birds that might resolve the problem that you will hadapi.Pada this opportunity to share information about bird red anise. As we have seen, the bird red anise is one of the excellent sound of birds chirping as the booms are very merdu.Untuk get melodious chirping sound, there are several things you can do. 

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bird red anise 

How to treat red anise so diligently twitter 

Find out the sex of your bird red anise 

Just like other bird species, the red anise often sing and have a melodious voice is androgynous male. To find out the sex of red anise can be seen through the birds' characteristics. Red anise male usually has brighter feather colors red anise daripda females. Besides red anise males have a larger size than the female red anise. 

Bathing birds 

Bathe the bird every day during the morning. How to bathe can be done by spraying water using a spray or to put a bird bath in the bird cage so the bird can bathe at all times as he wishes. 

Clothes line 

Perform drying so that the bird is exposed to sunlight. Drying can be done at least one hour depending on the condition of the hot sun. 


Failed to keep it healthy so diligent twitter, feeding red anise must contain sufficient nutrients to meet its needs Sehri-day. We can give him lots of bird food sold in stores birds. we also can mecampurnya with other foods such as papaya, banana, and apple. Give also drinking water in the cage. To maintain the quality of water, use boiled water or mineral water and replace the water in the cage every day. 

Additional feed 

Supplementary feeding is also needed to meet the daily nutritional needs red anise. Food additives can give use some jensi insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, and caterpillars are small. 

Giving vitamin 

Vitamin intended that red anise less susceptible to disease. Method of administration can be done by mixing vitamins in the drinking water of birds. 

Pemasteran  ( Read: cara merawat burung anis merah )

This is the way that must be done to get the red anise diligent singing in a melodious voice. pemasteran can be done by placing red anise near the bird that had a melodious voice and diligently reads. Or we can also utilize the mp3 sound of birdsong to do pemasteran.

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