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"This business was destroyed while because the issue of bird flu that happened a few years ago , " recalls Mulyono ( 51 ) , crafters birdhouse when found at his farm in the village of Karangmalang , Masaran , Sragen , Saturday ( 09/21/2013 ) . According to him , attack the deadly H5N1 virus not only business selling poultry , but also affects the amount of demand for the manufacture of poultry cage decreases dramatically .

sangkar burungIndonesia was hit twice bird flu issue also attempt to make two cages are Mulyono bet with bankruptcy . However , with a strong determination ultimately his birdhouse business can survive and gradually recover from the crisis until now . " Actually, the test also comes when the monetary crisis hit Indonesia marked Soeharto to step down as president in 1998 , " added Mulyono which pioneered the business of making a bird cage since 1991 .

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Mulyono claim to have the expertise to make a birdhouse while still living in Kampung Jagalan , Solo , who was known as a regional bird cage . " When starting a business , my home-made bird cage only marketed in Jakarta Scout area because the local market is still growing , " said Mulyono , who also often come to the market to assemble birdhouse Scout at the time import .

Pioneer Industry Centers Birdcage

Until a few years living in Jagalan , Mulyono finally decided to pioneer the business back in his native land bird cage in the village Karangmalang , Masaran , Sragen . At that time he became the first to pursue the business of making a bird cage in the area . " When I moved to the village of Karangmalang , I had to give training to some people about making a bird cage and eventually even Karangmalang village known as industrial centers bird cage a few years later , " said Mulyono , which put the number of artisans in the Village reached birdcage 50s home and have a reservoir or collector 's sebanyal 10 people .

Mulyono added , this time he also became a container for the craft bird cage from about 15 artisans . His job as a container is to market or sell it back to some areas to order . Currently owned business results Mulyono cage and some fellow crafters have penetrated most parts of Indonesia and sufficient orders in Taiwan .

Characteristic Birdcage ( Read: sangkar burung solo )

Artificial bird cage Mulyono owned businesses have a characteristic round shape and has ornate carved ornaments at the bottom of the cage . According to him , this type of bird cage variants are often sought after in the market . Bird cage is made ??from bamboo , wood plywood , and glue it first made ??its way sebilahan bamboo cut to the size of the cage to be made . After that , the bamboo disisik until smooth then dijangka form a cage . The next process mengoven cage in order to obtain a permanent arch . Last is the batik process or administration of carving patterns on the bottom of the cage and then painted with varnish .

Mulyono fix the price of a homemade bird cage with the cheapest range between Rp 50,000 to Rp 300,000 and Rp 300,000 price premium of up hanging ornaments are affixed along the length of making a bird cage .



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