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Sometimes , a bird that has been treated with disease could baikpun . As a bird hobbyist , we are required to know the various symptoms of the disease and proper treatment if our favorite bird disease .( Read: murai batu borneo )

A healthy bird also still depends on how the treatment of the owner , because if the birds are not considered properly , then we keep the bird very prone to disease .

Moreover, if the owner does not know how to handle her favorite bird is sick , because mishandling it will result in death we keep our birds . Therein lies the importance of caring for and maintaining the health of our pet birds .

This time we will address the symptoms of the disease as well as what appears on the humming bird stone . As we all know , a lot of hobbyists who keep the birds chirp humming bird stone . Whether to maintain a course or for contested .

murai batu

Humming bird is famous for its rock sound as well as a long tail feathers , because that's a humming bird stone is relatively expensive . Moreover, a humming bird stone that has been won in the race , the price could reach millions and even tens of millions of dollars .

It's good for bird lovers who keep humming bird stone to know the symptoms and types of diseases that can attack that we keep humming bird . Unfortunately not , if the humming bird stone and can bring in good money worth millions of dollars will fall ill and die.

Actually , handling sick birds , especially humming bird stone is not too difficult . We can treat these diseases with natural remedies and methods of treatment that are sold in the bird market and online stores . But no less important is the time and patience in caring for the sick humming bird .

Below are some types of diseases that often occur in new humming bird :

Husky on a humming bird stone
Husky can also attack the magpie stone . Generally, because of the disruption of the respiratory system as well as the throat humming bird stone so not much put out booms .

Symptoms hoarse at a humming bird stone

Sound becomes clear and tend to halting
Humming bird stone more silent
Decreased appetite
Husky handling the humming bird stone

leaves white lateng
leaves white lateng
Squirt the juice of the leaves on the white lateng mouth humming bird stone . After that position as menungging that there is mucus in the respiratory tract and throat magpie can rock out . This way can be combined with the provision of water boiling on the container betel drinking . Betel leaf boiled water to treat bird becomes hoarse voice and could be a good natural antibiotic .

Magpie feather lice on stone
Lice are hiding behind a humming bird feathers stone if not treated immediately will cause feathers to fall out so that we become a humming bird 's favorite bald and not good anymore . In addition to causing the hairs to fall out, humming bird becomes agitated and often like to pluck their own feathers .

Symptoms magpie feather lice on stone

Birds often restless
Decreased appetite
lazy twitter
Lots of feather loss
Sometimes birds pluck their feathers are often seen alone
How to deal with magpie feather lice on stone

Take the rice water , then spray on the birds . Rice water will make magpie feathers become slippery rocks so ticks will fall off themselves . It also can be sprayed with water betel leaf decoction to eradicate the fleas on a humming bird feathers stone .

Eye swelling in stone magpie
Swollen eye diseases or snot does not only occur in birds lovebird alone . Murai stone can also attacked puffy eyes . Generally magpie stone swollen eye disease caused by insects feeding too much , causing the eye to become swollen humming bird stone .

Symptoms of swollen eyes on the stone magpie

Eyes become swollen
Decreased appetite
Birds become weak
lazy voice
watery eyes
If illness or snot puffy eyes is allowed , then the stone will be humming bird blind .

How to deal with puffy eyes on the stone magpie

Always keep cleaning the cage and keep the insects feeding on a humming bird stone . Give crickets or worms just enough, do not worry too much .

Tail feathers do not grow on rocks magpie

Actually this kind of thing is not a disease at a humming bird stone . The uniqueness lies in the humming bird stone long tail feathers . But sometimes the humming bird 's tail feathers do not want to rock perfectly elongated due to late growing . Things like this usually happens after a humming bird stone undergoing a process of change feathers or moult .

How to deal with late fur growing on rocks magpie ( Read: memaster murai batu )

The best way is to clean the pores on the tail humming bird stone with warm water . Setlah cleaned with warm water , wash again using garlic . Besides feeding insects such as grasshoppers give the magpie stone . Apparently, grasshopper contains vitamin E which is good for the growth of feathers on the bird , but that you can also provide other vitamins that humming bird feathers on rocks grow faster .

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Alternating birds ' chatter ' to compete in the arena of Animals and Plants Ornamental Market Yogyakarta ( Pasty ) , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) afternoon to evening . The owners could not be silent to encourage the birds . Cries shouted to each other when their bird noises gold . Warbler race atmosphere was also very festive and lively .

( Read: jadwal lomba kicau )

brosur lomba burung

Garyana ( 41 ) , chairman of the committee explained , the race birds chirping in order to enliven the 4th Anniversary Pasty followed by hundreds of birds from various regions . They fought in two classes , namely class and a true star. True class followed by a 11 Walnut Stuffing tail , tail pentet 30 , Walnuts Kalitan Standard 9 tail and tail Cucak Beard 18 . Plus , Cucak Ijo 40 tails , Love Bird 57 heads, 39 tails Kacer , 24 Anis Red Tails , 51 Standards Walnuts tail , tail Muray Batu 29 . While the Star class followed Cucak Ijo 31 tails , Love Bird 40 head , 40 head Kacer , 31 Anis Red Tails , 44 Standards Walnuts tail , and the tail Muray Batu 35 .

( Read: brosur lomba burung juli 2014 )

" The competition was to raise the hobbyist bird chirping from the bottom middle . Aiming also raised the bird trade in Pasty , as well as strengthen the relationship . Those participants who nominated the best , get a charter and money coaching , " said Garyana to

Coordinator of the competition jury , Eko Heru claimed to work hard and full concentration to remember the atmosphere is very crowded by the excitement of bird owners . However , Eko Heru and the other judges to objectively select the best 5 to 10 birds . The main assessment criteria are mesmerizing sound of birds include moderate tones , high and low to form a sound variations . " There are 16 groups according to the type and class racing . They almost all of them good . , But we still choose the best , "

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Bird Price Blackthroad 2014. Okay , on this occasion we will give you information about the price of the bird for bird lovers maniac , this time we will give you the latest information blackthroad bird price of 2014.

Blackthroad Bird is one of the birds that have high sales value in the eyes of bird lovers , in addition to having a good chirp blackthroad also a favorite of bird lovers , so this bird price is quite high . ( read: burung kenari blackthroat )

Blackthroad price of Rp . 950,000

Now that the price of the bird blackthroad 2014 update , but this blackthroad bird prices vary , some are expensive and inexpensive depending on the area of each seller .

Blackthroat bird ( Serinus Atrogularis ) or referred to Blackthroated canary Yellow - rumped Seedeater or bird that is coming from the African continent .

These birds go to Indonesia during the Dutch colonial past few Belanda.Bila ditranslate to bhs Indonesia " Black " that is " black " , and being " throat " that is " esophagus " . So the whole meaning of blackthroat ie " black esophagus " .

Originally the name of a bird blackthroat is because this bird has a black color on the throat or there is a black dot on the neck that looked like wearing a tie .

burung blackthroat

Blackthroat birds generally live in tropical or subtropical jungle, savanna, grassland, desert or arid dry forest. This bird is more commonly found in Africa called the original area. ( read: perawatan kenari bakalan )

These birds can also be found in China, India, and the Netherlands which have a lot of this type of breeding birds. In Indonesia blackthroat birds can be found in Java, Bali, and Sumatra.

Birds blackthroat really like at high altitudes as high branches where generally will chirp to find a partner or to mark territory.

Birds make nests blackthroat collecting eggs with material = materials that are divided into the grass and foliage debris.

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Powerful Ways to Overcome Stress Birds | Birds of stress can cause a wide range , mainly in burungyang was new , although not all the new birds showing symptoms of stress yangberlebihan . Even the birds are docile or what do you call , a little more she will experience stress when on the move kandannya . Well here we will discuss how to cope with the stress of some of the bird following reasons . ( Read: burung pentet jantan )

burung pentet cendet

The causes of stress and how to cure bird :

1 . There are birds that have been domesticated gacor really stressful when not dressing cage , the cause could be a dirty cage , can not shower for a long time so yes you solve that problem .

2 . When purchasing a new bird or birds tame stress due to moving the cage , the cage should not smell varnishes , paints , which essentially do not smell .

3 . Suggestion good when it wants to in the dressing cage try tangkringan or perch participated in included if possible , if you want to use a new perch , its diameter should be equated .

4 . The Bird 's nothing to stress also in need it is a quiet place , usually for a new bird .

5 . Do not forget to keep it away from other birds , although different types .

6 . Provide food to relieve stress Kroto , 2 times a day . ( Read: harga burung pentet )

7 . If you need to buy vitamins stress reliever in store bird feed .

8 . Maybe you need therapy to track your bird with air gurgling sound of water .

Actually simple bird cope with stress are important consistent , usually within a week of new birds that stress already menyesiuaikan themselves .

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MEMASTER certainly have the right rules in order to master bird that we can listen and learn his new song appropriately .

When birds enter the moult is a great time to start memaster , but did not rule out every single day we can all go back memaster magpie stone again on the ingenuity of the magpie stone itself masteran absorbing material that we provide.

( Read: Tips Memilih jenis Suara Burung Master )

Memaster using live birds ( bird trainer ) should :

For master bird that has such strong sound typikal Cililin , try placing it is not too close to the bird so the bird is dimaster dimaster not surprised by the loud voice

Try to focus on one masteran course , not too much so that birds can learn songs dimaster well , then be replaced with another masteran

burung masteran

Dimaster bird so the atmosphere should be calm dikerodong

Pemasteran method using live birds should be every day because we can not be sure when the coach bird sounds different from an electronic device that could sound at any time .

As much as possible we will identify bird typikal we master if it fits with the birds and sealur voice coach , so the process is not in vain pemasteran

Memaster use of electronic devices

Keep the stuffing material is not more than 3 types of sounds for one time period pemasteran

Every single type of sound given the lag time interval of at least 60 seconds and then stop again and stopped again further so on

Place the bird dimaster as comfortable as possible . may use krodong

A good time to memaster around 19:00 s / d 21:00 and 4:00 evening s / d 6.30 am

Pemasteran done each day , Saturday and Sunday are not dimaster to see if the material we provided is absorbed or not , usually when ngeriwik the stuffing can be heard

pemasteran stuffing materials customized with typikal birds in the master

( Read: burung masteran untuk cendet )

If the birds that we 've been able to bring the material master field we give we can try it on the track along with other birds , usually the sound of the voice entry will be sung during the fight with the bird the bird kind . ***



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