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How to Make Easy Bird gacor Ciblek Plus Photos - Welcome Daang in . A blog dedicated to providing a wide range of infor mation about the birds chirping . Some time we have discussed plainly about birds melodious voice like kacer , walnuts , until cucak green . On this occasion we will share information about the type of birds that are found in the environment around us but has a voice that is melodious enough ciblek bird . Sebelumua also we have given treatment regimen cendet birds and parakeets .

Ciblek forest birds ( Read: ciblek betina )

Ciblek bird has two sub- species that can be found around the place we live is a white bird and a bird chest ciblek ciblek yellow chest . For lovers of birds chirping , birds ciblek famous for gunshots and the sound ngebren . Gunshots were dimaksuda is where the sound of birds chirping ciblek issued a hard tempo not too tightly , while ngebren the time when the birds chirp ciblek issued a tempo that is quite hard to meetings . In addition to bird iu ciblek also sometimes used as a master bird to bird melath other types . Well to get suaa ciblek melodious birds , there are several treatments that you can do . Here are some of them .

Bird Care Tips Ciblek

How to Bird Feeding Ciblek

For feeding us dtmenggunakan some small insects such as crickets and small caterpillars and Kroto . In addition to the food we also can memeberikannya voer birds are sold in stores birds . To add nutrients , we can mix with milk powder voer , but apabiladalam one day is not exhausted voer should be replaced with a new one that does not cause mold and bacteria .

Drying Method Birds Ciblek

Just like other birds , bird ciblek also need to be dried at least once a day for 2 to 3 hours . When the hanging bird cendet try not adjacent to other birds . ( Read: ciblek sawah )

How to Care Bird cage Ciblek

To make the bird ciblek feel comfortable in the cage so the cage should be kept kebersihanyya . We can clean the cage at least once a week ciblek .



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