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Signs of birds cucak ijo male and female , the bird is also not less popular with the birds chirping and the other is also very high Harganyapun currently going cucak ijo has now won 400 thousand . So with such a hefty price some chirping mania must be careful to determine the feeder so that no one type of sex because the birds cucak ijo good voice is male birds .

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As well as under this sign of the different types of birds cucak ijo male sex and male birds betina.Untuk cucak ijo on the chin and throat are black , but the green females is characteristic when the birds have grown cucak ijo

For a moment it was for a fixed green light cucak / trotolan approximately 2-4 months of age . , The physical manifestation of male and female is almost the same , the same color fur and light green . and there is a yellow color , below the beak to the neck . and apparently , no special characteristics that distinguish the males and females .
But for those who have years tekuni green cucak can easily see the difference very well keep going especially when mature .

There are steps and surefire ways to see the differences in males and females . a lot of things to note when buying a bird feeder cucak green market :

1 . Going males , when kept under the age of 4 months . the eyebrows are circular in 2nd yellow eyes . when eyebrows are white, female . ( Read: cucak ijo betina )

2 . Colors beak down side, if the male is dark brown . but the females are white .

3 . When going over 4-6 months old . , Then females may yellow in the neck , then can be turned into a greenish white color . but the male , the color yellow can be met trotol - trotol black . in two months . furthermore , the black color can be seen more clearly in the neck / bottom half . conjunction with age , the color black in the neck , always close up under his eyes .


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