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Sat exhausted at the corner of farm barns , nanar eye view into a group of canaries in cages umbaran , rintikan rain outside add sendunya heart. Almost a month over this restless heart to think of a time canary died . Do not worry about all the best bird met his death by falling from the characteristics of nasal mucus out . At that moment all my problems confide to swallow his own wife even diketawain ( lu own one so why cattle canary about the wife answers : ( )

That was my experience when the attack outbreaks of disease do not know the cause of which, a ruffle around the are for this seven treatment and care of canaries I've done in the best way . Feed and drinking water instead of every day I do not forget a place of feed and drinking water but I have cleaned 2 sets of feed and drinking . Fruit , vegetables and quail eggs alternately be added giving a multivitamin once a week. Cage solitary ( individual cage ) , tangkringan and pedestal wash the dirt I do not forget 1 week into my dry add water disinfectant .

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I try to keep in ngingat back what I had done until doomsday could happen like this (hehe ... Fool is ) , I try to close one by one whatever I have done for about 2 months back. I feel there is no activity that stands just less than 2 months ago I bought a canary in a bird market . What is the cause of the canary markets mewabahnya disease in my small farm ? , I try to ask the leader is Google's procedures cattle canaries . From the search results turned out to be one of the unconscious processes / neglect . My experience and may rekan2 all purchases from the market would canaries live together with canaries we've got.

It turns out that what I did for this great wrong , according to new information when we get the best step canaries are canaries newcomers / purchase to temporarily separated a few seconds until we are confident that the canary bird is healthy . In the process of separation ( isolation ) , we monitored his health , multivitamins and patterns giving good care , having prima new condition canary canaries together with us. This process is commonly referred to above quarantine . Quarantine process is not just done on a new bird for canaries dating but it looks sick . The purpose of the quarantine area that is preventing the entry and spread of pests diseases from outside into the territory of our farms . Place quarantine area cultivated with corral location , so the disease does not spread to the canaries that we have . How long is the quarantine ? , According to information from the experts at least 2 weeks if not confident enough can be added one more week to 21 days.

Continue what if the plague has befallen as I have?


Canary that looks sort of pain that still fit , walnut and alive if it can be evacuated elsewhere, while walnuts are sick treated and attached to places isolated from the other canary ( if advice sich members should be destroyed , but if so try not bear to be drug ) . Just at the moment not to be evacuated earn interact with other canaries ( other farmers ) dikhawatir birds seen healthy but carry the virus .


Clean the cage with its equipment by means washed, combed and sprayed anti- mite , having cleared its equipment do not let the barn with first use, 2 weeks later enclosures with equipment cleaned again . 1 to 2 weeks after cleaning new corral can be used , usually the virus hidupn about 21 days , if a 21 is not in contact with the animal then the virus will die .

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Having bred canaries start again do it better treatments , corral cleaning done regularly , eating and drinking are washed every day , feed and drinking water changed every day, for EF (vegetables , fruit and quail eggs ) do not reach nginep (translated afternoon EF days removed) .

So this time hopefully sharing this simple sharing can be useful , for my friends who are affected by disasters ( cattle plague hit kenarinya birds ) may persevere undergo om God willing will be able menanggulanginya challenge is om done before. Greetings squeaking cuitttttt ....................

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