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This week , millions of Android-based smartphones and tablets shocked by the presence of software bugs Heartbleed , which spread rapidly . Heartbleed is a flaw in OpenSSL , an open - source encryption standard used by most websites to transmit user data securely .

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Through its official blog post ( 09/04/2014 ) , Google says all Android versions Heartbleed immune to defects . But Christopher Katsaros , a Google spokesman , confirmed as much as 34 % of Android 4.1.1 devices exposed to the bug .

Not only internet service attack and Android alone , it also can moan Heartbleed Blackberry Messengers ( BBM ) .

Heartbleed probable fuel is used for fuel in the Android and iOS platforms . Scott Totzke who is senior vice- president of the BlackBerry said that BBM is an instant messenger that is safe , but no doubt if Heartbleed has a complex attack that BlackBerry will close all security holes no matter how small it is .

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Currently, the BlackBerry has been doing an update of the application to be launched in the near future . BlackBerry hopes to update the application , the user will not need to fuel anxiety again using fuel because its safety has been assured , especially for users of BBM on iOS and Android .



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