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JAKARTA - Instagram application is not always going to bring good to the users . According to practitioners and multimedia specialists , Rochmat Tri Agus Rahardjo , the application can lead to problems .

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More recently , first lady Ani Yudhoyono very active use of social media by uploading photographs of family activity . But what happens is the first lady Ani Yudhoyono Instagram being crowded discussed in the mass media .

It began when the wife of the President upload photos granddaughter named Airlangga Satriadhi Yudhoyono who was playing the piano . The photo was uploaded on Tuesday ( 14/01/2013 ) with the caption " Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si ..... Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti ..... Photo by Ani Yudhoyono F / 4.5 . 1/100 . ISO 400 . 18-200 lens . "

Incidentally , what is uploaded the wife of the President in his Instagram coincided with floods in Jakarta . One mother Ani follower , @ zhafirapsp immediately threw a critical commentary " When people are being flooded , the first lady is busy with instagramnya account :) ) , " he wrote .

Feeling receive, mother Ani reply to comments of his followers with the words . " @ Zhafirapsp Why Jokowi mother and mother Ahok where ya ? Koq scolded me ? "

Other responses emerging from the other followers , who hit back @ zhafirapsp account . " Mrs. Ani also ordinary people who have the right to move beyond the duty of the state . In fact, it would be naive if people are taken care of but instead abandoned children and grandchildren . This photo could have been taken before the floods hit , too, and should be balanced , " said @ awanxbaia .

In response, Agus said , things that could potentially be a problem in that Instagram is a woman-owned security account number one in Indonesia. Instagram users need to know that some social media such as Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram has authority over access to personal contacts and the data owned by the user .

According to Agus , the media server can know the contents of our chat , even the pictures and all data contained in the user's phone . " And it is legal because the terms and conditions given by the social media approved by the user , " said Agus .

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Agus suggested that people are more wise in putting social media features . Communities are expected to observe the terms and conditions prior applicable . According to him , the features that can access data and personal information should not be installed . " The problem is , people often ignore Indonesian terms and conditions apply , " he said . ( amr )



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