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Kacer ( Copsychus Saularis ) is one of the birds fighter with a very melodious chirp like a magpie stone . Neither the pitcher nor kacer kacer black , the average has the ability to mimic other birds chirp . Therefore kacer kacer pot and black are very popular among Indonesian mania chirping . Nice addition for a hobby , kacer can also be maintained for the purpose of competition , especially kacer white or white chests . As for kacer black , more frequently encountered as birds kelangenan although not rare players who took him to the arena . However, in general black kacer more commercial value than white kacer . As a result , many breeders choose sires kacer more than kacer pot black .

To determine the characteristics of male kacer pot , especially if the bird has been the age of consent , is actually not too difficult . The color of both is extremely striking . For more details , read the differences / characteristics kacer pot males and females under kacer pot .
Kacer white male has a glossy black coat color , fur color while females tend to be white kacer somewhat dull and grayish.
On the chest , pot kacer male has a glossy black color , while the female is gray. ( Read: kacer video )

Chirp kacer male pot quite varied and more gacor , otherwise kacer pot females have such a monotonous chirp cucak beard though not all such type females .
Body size kacer white male breast is usually bigger , while the smaller females . ( but this is not absolute )
While still trotol , manly chest kacer pot trotol dominated by black and white color combination with yellow , while females trotol combination with grayish-white color .

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