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Endangered species trade now shifted through online social networks , including discussion forums KASKUS purchase online . Pantuan ProFauna Indonesia , a wildlife protection organization , throughout the month of April 2013 to August 2013 at least there are 28 ads that offer a protected species in KASKUS .

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Animals were offered , among other slow loris ( Nycticebus sp ) , cat (Prionailurus bengalensis ) , the yellow -crested cockatoo ( Cacatua galerita ) , pangolin ( Manis javanicus ) , Javan ( Presbitys comata ) , kalawit gibbons ( Hylobates muelleri ) , binturong ( binturong Artictis ) and parrot parrot ( eclectus roratus ) .


The animals were offered starting price above Rp 125 thousand to Rp 2.5 million . Estimated total value of trade in protected species in the KASKUS during the period April to August 2013 approximately USD 70 million . The seller claimed to be from some cities such as Jakarta , Yogyakarta , Bandung , Banten and East Java .


The rise of the trade of endangered species through KASKUS forum was very alarming and threatening wildlife conservation . ProFauna investigations over the years proves that most of the wildlife trade in Indonesia, it is caught from the wild . For that ProFauna KASKUS urged managers are able to block the ads that offer a protected species on their site .


Irma Hermawati , ProFauna advocate said , " trading in protected species is clearly a criminal act is the responsibility of us all to help stop it . Efforts to save endangered wildlife can not only be done by a single agency , but required the synergistic cooperation with various parties including private parties such as KASKUS "

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Previously in late 2012 , originally also serve ads on trading in protected species , it agreed with ProFauna to block the ads that offer a protected species . It's a wise decision as a form of corporate social responsibility is managing the online site . " We hope the steps can also be followed by Kaskus " said Irma .


source:http://www. profauna .org/ 

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