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Bird Price Blackthroad 2014. Okay , on this occasion we will give you information about the price of the bird for bird lovers maniac , this time we will give you the latest information blackthroad bird price of 2014.

Blackthroad Bird is one of the birds that have high sales value in the eyes of bird lovers , in addition to having a good chirp blackthroad also a favorite of bird lovers , so this bird price is quite high . ( read: burung kenari blackthroat )

Blackthroad price of Rp . 950,000

Now that the price of the bird blackthroad 2014 update , but this blackthroad bird prices vary , some are expensive and inexpensive depending on the area of each seller .

Blackthroat bird ( Serinus Atrogularis ) or referred to Blackthroated canary Yellow - rumped Seedeater or bird that is coming from the African continent .

These birds go to Indonesia during the Dutch colonial past few Belanda.Bila ditranslate to bhs Indonesia " Black " that is " black " , and being " throat " that is " esophagus " . So the whole meaning of blackthroat ie " black esophagus " .

Originally the name of a bird blackthroat is because this bird has a black color on the throat or there is a black dot on the neck that looked like wearing a tie .

burung blackthroat

Blackthroat birds generally live in tropical or subtropical jungle, savanna, grassland, desert or arid dry forest. This bird is more commonly found in Africa called the original area. ( read: perawatan kenari bakalan )

These birds can also be found in China, India, and the Netherlands which have a lot of this type of breeding birds. In Indonesia blackthroat birds can be found in Java, Bali, and Sumatra.

Birds blackthroat really like at high altitudes as high branches where generally will chirp to find a partner or to mark territory.

Birds make nests blackthroat collecting eggs with material = materials that are divided into the grass and foliage debris.

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The selling price is very high canaries , and again for the hobbyist enkanya canaries price can be determined solely by the pemulik the bird because there is no standard price , that's the fact that occur in the environment the hobbyists canaries .

Birds haraga Walnuts , Walnuts Jula , selling canaries , canaries price , canaries

Harga Burung

A similar sentiment was also expressed as written in the book " Menagkarkan Kenari Yorkshire & Hobbies In Commodity Business " presented by Brigadier General ( Ret. ) BRM . Noeryanto . " Walnuts yorshire whose number is still relatively little in Indonesia makes the selling price in the market is fairly high ( although there is no standard price ) " .

( Read:harga burung pleci )

As an illustration, the price for Yorkshire canary males aged 8-12 months per head is priced at Rp 6,000,000 - Rp 7,000,000 , while for adult Yorkshire canary gacor already priced above Rp 9.000.000/ekor .

As for the Border Canary adults ranges between Rp 1 . 600.000/ekor border canary chicks while the price is Rp 900.000/ekor and walnuts Lizard for adults ranges from Rp 1.000.000/ekor . But the price That depends also on the quality of the bird .

So do not be surprised if prices yorshire canaries who have completed the race and become the champion of the price in the tens of millions of dollars .

The selling price canaries in the market from day to day and year to year is very stable in the mid-level to upper other than birds babble , if we try to observe other birds chatter this rarely happens . Usually birds babble others quickly jumped up, but with no long period of time sooner decreased .

But the high price of canaries can be determined by our own , means nothing other than the standard price in the market , we can print the canaries we have had a very high sale value and it applies to all types of parrots, such as Border Walnuts , Gloster canary , Friil walnuts , walnuts Lizard , Norwich canary Canaries even though local .

How do I print a bird that has a high quality ? Well ... of course we have to care for and train the canary properly according to the character of the bird . Or you can read in the previous article , or click here How to Take Care of a Good Bird Walnuts Ready for Competition .

( Read:harga burung kenari )

Once you understand that a good canary care , it would not hurt if your hobby dong who lived during this time can have big payoffs anyway ? ( Well ... sy also really want to go to there .... Again nyiapin xixixii ... )

You can try to raise or menangkarkan your canary or cultivation , in addition to reproduce the collection who knows you become a successful businessman canaries . Like the example of Mr. Noeryanto it , that success with his Yorkshire penagkaran walnuts or other examples like the canary breeder - breeder others who have a turnover of tens or even hundreds of millions per month ( I read in the Poster ) .

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