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Easy Ways Beternak Kroto With Toples - Good night loyal readers , come back with us to be always faithful to share information on ways beternak . If previously we used to share information about large animals , this time we will share information on how beternak an animal that could be said sangatkecil and still rarely diternakan namely Kroto .

Kroto cattle ( Read: ternak kroto toples )

kroto semut

Kroto is a kind of eggs or larvae of ants rangrang which usually are found in large trees . At this time the need for very large Kroto because Kroto much utilized by connoisseurs birds as bird feed . How beternak koto was arguably pretty easy and does not require too large cost , here we provide a glimpse of an explanation of how betrnak Kroto .

How beternak Kroto

Equipment needed

Toples measuring quite large and even transparent.

Trays larger than toples

Newsprint or solasi to close the section of the hole is under toples .

Brick or wood

step beternak

Toples Lubangi bottom . For its size should not be too big , just 5 centimeters in diameter 3

Put water into the tray . This is so not later rangrang ants out of toples .

Place bricks or wooden tray on which was filled with water .

Close the top toples use cover and bottom toples toples use newsprint or ant rangrang solasi so not out of toples and able to make a nest and net in toples .

Put a brick on mauun toples impoverished da wood on tray and then release the cover holes in toples

Feed ants rangrang ( Read: beternak kroto )

Feed ants rangrang be KECL maggots and a little sugar water kentgal as inumannya . How to pakannya adlah using mineral water bottle containers are then placed on dipotongh some toples . Also provide regular water as well as other drinking water for rangrang .

Very simple and easy to do not . So that we can share to the opportunity . For more info on how other livestock such as hamster , lovebird , until walnuts , please check back .

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