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In this post I'm going to discuss how to improve the Emergency lights , emergency lights emergency lighting here is used at the time of electricity outages.

Previously we have to know the type of emergency lamp type :
TL emergency lights or neon , emergency lighting Neon lights are lights ( usually white )
LED emergency lights , emergency lighting lamp lights consist of LED lights in large numbers .

Emeregensi lights using incandescent bulb .(Read: harga lampu emergency merk surya )
at the present time the emergency lights are widely used emergency lights made ??of LED lights , LED lights so the reason Stroom consumption more efficient and also more efficient than other types of lights .

to fix an Emergency lights we have to know in advance what 's in it and how to work the lights

Part sections on emergency lights , among others :
Charger circuit
On / off switch
LED Lamp / Lamp TL or Neon .
Inventer circuit ( only for emergency lights that use fluorescent lamp )
Emergency Lamp How it works :

By the time the lights at 220 then plugs into the mains charger circuit will work up to a full charge battery 6volt or 12volt , when the switch is in the ON state during the charging period will automatically turn off the lights , when the electricity suddenly goes out the direct light will automatically turn on. In normal circumstances the battery is still considered good or it will hold emergency lights burn approximately 2 hours

Damage that often occurs in emergency lighting :
Damage to the Battery , the signs : after a full charge but when the lights are not lit after the cas lama.atau survive long , but if the measured battery voltage remains drop.Cara batterynya fix it is to replace .

Damage to the charger circuit , the signs : when plugged kelistrik 220 indicator light is not lit , and when we measure the output voltage to the battery does not come out . How to fix it necessary to measure in detail the supporting components such as capacitors , resistors or transistors .

Damage to the switch : the signs if the switch is in the ON the lights sometimes flash but also sometimes not . ( Usually damage to the rare switch ) .

Damage to the lamp . For damage to the LED lights are rare, for damage to the fluorescent lamp / Neon signs at the end of the Neon is usually black .(Read: lampu led surya )

Damage to the string of inventernya . the signs are good when the battery voltage is measured 6/12 volts then the lights are good too , but that in turn can not be lit . How to fix needs to be measured in detail at each of its components .

For that very often the damage Emergency lights are on its battery . ( In my experience )
So hopefully beneficial to all fellow readers .

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