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There are several factors that need to be noticed to cultivate canary especially for pemula.Apa just to note ?

The following are some factors that need to be noticed :

Note Gender (see also: harga burung kenari )

Livestock breeds are good for you should note that the walnut seeds to animal must be healthy and that is sure to be a pair between females and there was a walnut characteristics of males and females are as follows :

For male canary usually at age 1.5 upwards are able ngriwik

For male body shape in Kenar will have a more slender body fat females klau

See the genitals of male or female ( by way of fur around the inflatable part that does not hinder ) , if female reverse / horizontal stand upright / vertical for males

For adult male canary has particularly harsh voice

Livestock Seed Age Walnuts

Good seed to livestock walnut is around the age of 6 to 8 months baulan and make sure you choose at that age .


To make your cage should be put in a place away from nuisance insects or rodents also try to sangakar cage or enclosure must be attached to the wall of each cage and given a cover .


This is very important because it is rather difficult because the kit had to wait so that the bird can be paired , the pairing is proese beginners banyaka directly insert the male and female canaries own company one when it could result in less good , karen not all the canary premises directly opposite sex like the same as people that need PDKT first term on young people today .

To do prses PDKT that should be done is melatakkan caged canary males and females in a way that adjacent bird let mengeanl first partner after the birds have another new keanal deh male and female canaries in a cage made ??.

process Ranch

To make sure that this process has been really walnuts happy terahadap yitu her partner could be seen during sleep in sleep when walnuts have really liked it the canary would sleep together and look embarrassed when the bird is approximated .

(see also: kicau burung kenari )

Furthermore, in this proese make nests or bird cages are always clean so comfortable so the animal can run smoothly .

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