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Love Bird Breeding advantage

Raising Love Bird now began to be a lucrative business . Because besides Love Bird is on the rise among other birds , the treatment was not sesusah treating other birds , especially breeding canaries that takes patience and discipline Extra .

Sweet Love Bird will give a bit much for the picture you are getting interested in this business but there is no picture .

Lov Bird Breeding can we say easy , why is that ? ( Read: suara burung lovebird )

1.maintenance easy

Love Bird generally left alone long as there is light and circulation / air circulation is good , enough to feel comfortable Love Bird . Manure does not smell , our experience , Dirt under the cage cleaned 1 week only. hehe ... but if unexpected things happen such as spilled drinks , which can lead to strong scent / arrival of the animal , should immediately be washed for health Love Bird .

2.Keep dried

Unlike other birds that must be dried and then put back a few moments , basically Love Bird does not need to be. But it would be better to get vitamins for growth from the sun or a light cool breeze .

3.It took a while to take care per Day of Love Bird .

Alone in our experience , we take the time that is not much , only about 1 - 2hours per day to watch Love Bird Love Bird in particular . Such as cleaning cages that are too dirty / smelly , Changing the drinking water has been dirty ( sometimes funny Love Bird behavior like drinking or bathing in place pooping in it ) , replacing food grains ( because the old food needs to be filtered / separated between grains that have been chipped or not ) so as not to starve due to running out of food , and also maintain the cleanliness of the room by sweeping or dusting dust can interfere with the respiratory system love bird in it .

Bird 4.Love not fussy and do not like cranky and tend Strong

seen from the example bbrapa relocate or move a hand that has a great distance . Example : Malang - Madura . By road , reached by 8 Hours , Love bird reportedly still look healthy and act as normally before being taken .

From the above, this business is perfect for those who are self-employed / want to run a side business with the result that "wow " . Loh Why "Wow " ?

Actually if our opinion , have a love bird breeding results parallel to capital .

The greater the capital the greater the results . There may be some who disagree should also . We thought so on the basis of the following calculation .

With Rp.700.000 capital - 1,250,000 you can get 1 pair of glasses Love Bird Adult or non- breeding . With an average production rate of 1-4 grains . Take half of which are hatched 2 of

4 eggs . Love Bird market price puppies puppies 3 months old ( can feed itself ) is the range Rp.175.000 - Rp.225.000 . price depending on the hue. be the parent of one , you will get Rp.350.000 - Rp . 450.000 per 1 period calculation spawn with only 2 were successful hatching . Just from your period has returned 1 1/2 or 1/3 of your capital . Not to mention if you are smart breeders raise puppies with hatching rank of 3 out of 4 or all hatch and thrive. And do not forget , you still hold your sires , and if you want to sell it , if you 've experienced breeders in production , of course the price has gone up .

rough calculation :

capital Rp.700.000 - Rp.1.250.000

results per 3-4 months = Rp.350.000 - Rp.450.000 / results take only 100,000 per month

Now compare the price Love Bird Green glasses standard range Rp.1.600.000 - Rp.1.800.000 per pair that is ready or already want to spawn . With the price of chicks that would range Rp.375.000 - Rp.400.000 per cow age 3 month.

rough calculation :

Rp.1.600.000 capital - Rp.1.800.000

results per 3-4 months = 750.000 - Rp.800.000 / results per month take it Rp.200.000

Not to mention that chicks are taken into account Pastel could reach 600,000 - Rp.650.000

or with chicks lutino red eye could reach more than 2,500,000 per his tail

( Read: ternak burung lovebird )

You can imagine if the breeder has 20 breeding pairs in the breeding bird Love . rough calculation above can be increased and decreased depending on the conditions at each of each breeder . should also be taken into account constraints and barriers as well ..

sometimes it does not achieve the results obtained estimates , there are also expenses to buy his feed , but from there you can become a reliable breeder . because basically every successful man is one who diligently and learn from any mistakes .

No wonder not why raising Love Bird started loved bird lovers ? but before starting your business as a breeder Love Bird , we recommend no rash .. prior information learned basic information about the medium -and love bird in order to avoid the loss can be through the internet or from some of the tips that we have provided . Ask for advice from Love Bird breeder who has been a reliable or experienced . Take into account the constraints and obstacles that will be encountered . Since no effort is 100 % Smooth without constraint .

We provide an appropriate description of the analysis and experience of Us . If there is an error please justified , because we were still learning .



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