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MEMASTER certainly have the right rules in order to master bird that we can listen and learn his new song appropriately .

When birds enter the moult is a great time to start memaster , but did not rule out every single day we can all go back memaster magpie stone again on the ingenuity of the magpie stone itself masteran absorbing material that we provide.

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Memaster using live birds ( bird trainer ) should :

For master bird that has such strong sound typikal Cililin , try placing it is not too close to the bird so the bird is dimaster dimaster not surprised by the loud voice

Try to focus on one masteran course , not too much so that birds can learn songs dimaster well , then be replaced with another masteran

burung masteran

Dimaster bird so the atmosphere should be calm dikerodong

Pemasteran method using live birds should be every day because we can not be sure when the coach bird sounds different from an electronic device that could sound at any time .

As much as possible we will identify bird typikal we master if it fits with the birds and sealur voice coach , so the process is not in vain pemasteran

Memaster use of electronic devices

Keep the stuffing material is not more than 3 types of sounds for one time period pemasteran

Every single type of sound given the lag time interval of at least 60 seconds and then stop again and stopped again further so on

Place the bird dimaster as comfortable as possible . may use krodong

A good time to memaster around 19:00 s / d 21:00 and 4:00 evening s / d 6.30 am

Pemasteran done each day , Saturday and Sunday are not dimaster to see if the material we provided is absorbed or not , usually when ngeriwik the stuffing can be heard

pemasteran stuffing materials customized with typikal birds in the master

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If the birds that we 've been able to bring the material master field we give we can try it on the track along with other birds , usually the sound of the voice entry will be sung during the fight with the bird the bird kind . ***



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