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Still fresh in memory , Samsung introduced some Tizen OS -based devices in the MWC 2014 in Barcelona . Many have wondered what and when , Samsung will release a Tizen OS -based mobile phone her ?

Reporting from PhoneArena , on all the MWC 2014 , Samsung does not provide any information related to the planned launch of its mobile Tizen . But a local news media in South Korea said that Samsung plans to release a Tizen OS based phones it in May 2014 in Russia . At the media launch interview with an official citation Samsung , that they will release the first mobile phone powered OS Tizen next month at the white bear country .

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Many people predict that the first Tizen -powered Samsung phones will have similar specifications to the Samsung Galaxy S4 . Yoon Han - Kil ( Vice President Produst Strategics Samsung Mobile ) said that Samsung will release two smartphone OS Tizen air this padakuartal . One will be a high-end model , while the other will be a mid-range device that is designed to attract buyers with medium economic capability .

Russia selected Samsung as the market for the first Tizen smartphone , given the South Korean vendor wants its smartphone Tizen could succeed and embrace European distribution area and then America . According to Yoon Han - Kil interview with Reuters , said that Samsung will release a Tizen phone first in Russia , then will go to Brazil and other developing countries .

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The use of the base itself Tizen , Samsung performed in order to reduce the company's dependence on Google's Android OS as an open source platform .



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