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The world of internet is no longer just a virtual world as perceived by some people , with tenacity and seriousness of this virtual world it can make money even in the dollar exchange rate .

Many bloggers were originally just for fun to create a blog to simply pass uneg - unegnya or write her journey has now turned into a profession that is very promising . Not a few of them who previously worked as an employee chose to leave his job and pursue this blogger .

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Powered by the number of service providers both locally and publishers from abroad are increasingly making a blogger passion for writing articles , publishing and ultimately generate dollar purse from the article he wrote .

At first glance it seems easy but after a few months without the expected results are not a few bloggers who give up before the fight . Therefore here we try to share knowledge how to deal with critical situations until finally grinned at his blog can be visited by many visitors click on the ads and of course we presented pairs .

Well according the above title is How to Make Money Through Blog , here we will present the important things that can only be developed by you alone who intend to become a blogger who make money via the internet / blog . Here are the steps :

1 . Creating a blog / personal website .
Of course the main thing to do is to have a blog / personal website . You can create a free blog such as using blogspot , hostinger , wordpress and others. If still lay in a blog please follow the following tutorial guide How to Create a Blog with Blogger , the first step should be done as a condition of making the blog via blogspot is to have a Gmail email account , if do not have please make your first Gmail account by following the guide How to Make Google Email or gmail then follow the steps as directed .

2 . Begin writing articles and publishing them .
Once you are done creating a blog / website the next thing to do is to write articles . Keep the articles you write according to the name of your blog / website , for example if your blog theme on the phone then do not write articles about automotive , recipes or other topics that are not related to the title of your blog / website . But write articles about mobile such as HP reviews , HP prices , advantages and disadvantages of HP and so forth .

3 . Constantly writing quality and useful content .
Try to create a quality article , the article is much needed meaning people , leads to goodness , no copy and paste , take reference from various sources , use language that is simple and straightforward , if necessary, include interesting images that visitors are not saturated with text-only display . You can also write articles according to the circumstances that are being talked about a lot of people . At least every day at least one article on page dipoting blog / website. Do this at least three months and do not rush to advertise , let the visitor visited your blog first.

4 . Advantage of the website provider Link Submit articles
Sometimes to lure visitors to be done with a variety of tricks such as using the Web providers such as submit link , and others. Submit links to the article that was posted using the provider as mentioned above while waiting for your article by google search engine crawlers . Usually a much visited article will get special attention from google so indexed in google search engine .

5 . Signing up as publisher .
Having a blog / website you get a significant visitor is now time to register as a publisher advertising . There are many service providers such as Google AdSense ads publishers , Chitika , Infolinks , kliksaya and others. Some publishers require content providers blog / website in English but also many local publishers may use Indonesian .

6 . Strategically placed ad .
If you are approved to become publisher ad the next step is to place advertisements ( ads code ) in many places like under the visitor sees the title of the article , posted on the top ( header ) blog , at the end of the article and other strategic places . It is intended for visitors curious about the info from the ads displayed and clicking on it .

7 . Learn and benefit from Google Webmasters .
It is undeniable that most blog visitors to get the information through the search engine Google . If someone is searching for info on google and got results then most likely visited were the search results on the first page of the list followed the order 2 , 3 and so on which are on the first page , is rarely open on the next page . In order for articles that you can post to appear on the first page of Google Webmasters learn and follow the advice contained therein .

8 . Pray to Allah to blog / website you are endowed and many visitors .
It is almost escaped the attention of a blogger is the power of belief prayer , it sounds trivial but prayer has a very powerful force . Something that is outside of our control fitting to leave it to the Almighty . He was the natural regulator that allows things to happen including anyone who desired to visit the blog / website .

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When 8 in this way to run properly by itself visitors will come , read , bookmark and click on your ad . The more visitors that come , the more chances your ad is clicked , and in the end the more the coffers of dollars flowing into your account . Never use fraudulent means in order to increase the ad click , let it flow so that the money generated lawful and good .
Do not forget if already generating set aside some money to help our brothers in need as shodaqoh which will make our business more smoothly .

So little info on 8 Ways to Make Money Through Blogs may be useful.

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