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Parakeet bird actually been around since the first , but this bird is less widely known in Indonesia , but in other countries such as in Europe , many once -loved birds . however, as the development of technology nowadays is very easy to find information about this bird . and until now this bird has been widely known by the chirping of mania .

uniqueness beratraksi parakeet and he could be used as masteran for a humming bird and bird cendet stone . to be able to make your pet parakeet gacor ( diligent sound ) there bebepara maintenance steps that you can do on a regular basis .

although . portion of the master lot of birds gives a lot of ways but for the femula sometimes be very difficult in terms of maintenance . how to care for parakeets actually simple and can be done by anyone, including you . for how can and do the following steps with a continuous basis.

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How daily care parakeet

 parakeet lovers most want a pet bird has a good sound and a long breath . how you can membarikan appropriate feed for the birds . such as grains , millet , fruit , vegetables apples , watermelon , corn , broccoli and pickled telursebagai in addition to aid the digestive process do not forget to give a cuttlefish bone .

Daily maintenance steps to diligently sound

doing was drying longest ± 2-3 hours , and preferably at 10:00 and then bathe in the parakeet in the cage by spraying .

Grains were given the same feed as usual given .

Add as much iodized salt 1/4 teaspoon into drinking water . Drinking water should be changed daily . Add vegetables are given lust like bean sprouts or kale .

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Fruits are given varied , which cut into small pieces ( sort of cocktail ) , and then inserted into a separate container ( apart from the feed container grain ) . Egg food for parakeets As a variation , you can provide a menu of egg food for parakeets , which can be given 2x a week . Only raw material in the form of hard-boiled eggs , raw carrots ( boiled is fine) , and broccoli .

How to make it relatively easy . Grate all the ingredients , and then incorporated into the feed container . Grated results can be chopped up with a knife into small sections and flat . If needed , can be added to the grain to stimulate parakeet will eat it .

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