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Sometimes , a bird that has been treated with disease could baikpun . As a bird hobbyist , we are required to know the various symptoms of the disease and proper treatment if our favorite bird disease .( Read: murai batu borneo )

A healthy bird also still depends on how the treatment of the owner , because if the birds are not considered properly , then we keep the bird very prone to disease .

Moreover, if the owner does not know how to handle her favorite bird is sick , because mishandling it will result in death we keep our birds . Therein lies the importance of caring for and maintaining the health of our pet birds .

This time we will address the symptoms of the disease as well as what appears on the humming bird stone . As we all know , a lot of hobbyists who keep the birds chirp humming bird stone . Whether to maintain a course or for contested .

murai batu

Humming bird is famous for its rock sound as well as a long tail feathers , because that's a humming bird stone is relatively expensive . Moreover, a humming bird stone that has been won in the race , the price could reach millions and even tens of millions of dollars .

It's good for bird lovers who keep humming bird stone to know the symptoms and types of diseases that can attack that we keep humming bird . Unfortunately not , if the humming bird stone and can bring in good money worth millions of dollars will fall ill and die.

Actually , handling sick birds , especially humming bird stone is not too difficult . We can treat these diseases with natural remedies and methods of treatment that are sold in the bird market and online stores . But no less important is the time and patience in caring for the sick humming bird .

Below are some types of diseases that often occur in new humming bird :

Husky on a humming bird stone
Husky can also attack the magpie stone . Generally, because of the disruption of the respiratory system as well as the throat humming bird stone so not much put out booms .

Symptoms hoarse at a humming bird stone

Sound becomes clear and tend to halting
Humming bird stone more silent
Decreased appetite
Husky handling the humming bird stone

leaves white lateng
leaves white lateng
Squirt the juice of the leaves on the white lateng mouth humming bird stone . After that position as menungging that there is mucus in the respiratory tract and throat magpie can rock out . This way can be combined with the provision of water boiling on the container betel drinking . Betel leaf boiled water to treat bird becomes hoarse voice and could be a good natural antibiotic .

Magpie feather lice on stone
Lice are hiding behind a humming bird feathers stone if not treated immediately will cause feathers to fall out so that we become a humming bird 's favorite bald and not good anymore . In addition to causing the hairs to fall out, humming bird becomes agitated and often like to pluck their own feathers .

Symptoms magpie feather lice on stone

Birds often restless
Decreased appetite
lazy twitter
Lots of feather loss
Sometimes birds pluck their feathers are often seen alone
How to deal with magpie feather lice on stone

Take the rice water , then spray on the birds . Rice water will make magpie feathers become slippery rocks so ticks will fall off themselves . It also can be sprayed with water betel leaf decoction to eradicate the fleas on a humming bird feathers stone .

Eye swelling in stone magpie
Swollen eye diseases or snot does not only occur in birds lovebird alone . Murai stone can also attacked puffy eyes . Generally magpie stone swollen eye disease caused by insects feeding too much , causing the eye to become swollen humming bird stone .

Symptoms of swollen eyes on the stone magpie

Eyes become swollen
Decreased appetite
Birds become weak
lazy voice
watery eyes
If illness or snot puffy eyes is allowed , then the stone will be humming bird blind .

How to deal with puffy eyes on the stone magpie

Always keep cleaning the cage and keep the insects feeding on a humming bird stone . Give crickets or worms just enough, do not worry too much .

Tail feathers do not grow on rocks magpie

Actually this kind of thing is not a disease at a humming bird stone . The uniqueness lies in the humming bird stone long tail feathers . But sometimes the humming bird 's tail feathers do not want to rock perfectly elongated due to late growing . Things like this usually happens after a humming bird stone undergoing a process of change feathers or moult .

How to deal with late fur growing on rocks magpie ( Read: memaster murai batu )

The best way is to clean the pores on the tail humming bird stone with warm water . Setlah cleaned with warm water , wash again using garlic . Besides feeding insects such as grasshoppers give the magpie stone . Apparently, grasshopper contains vitamin E which is good for the growth of feathers on the bird , but that you can also provide other vitamins that humming bird feathers on rocks grow faster .

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