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Choosing a good bird and can pleci to race . Well definitely have good quality birds become Bangaan every pengemar bird , but a bird to make us be good quality and not just with good treatment , but also boosted the birds pleci good condition and well qualified .

To select bird pleci good for the race certainly is not easy you must be meticulous in choosing the bird pleci . This time I want to share a reference for you so that you can later choose pleci good bird , and you can use for racing . Now to choose a good bird pleci you need to consider gender should be males . If you are confused about which male and female characteristics please see the article cici pleci male and female birds . just ketopik . 

Choosing a good bird and can pleci to race ( Read: jenis burung pleci )

Tips on choosing a good and qualified bird pleci

Once you know about where the male and female birds pleci another thing you notice is the age of the bird, the bird chose a good pleci try a relatively young age , the reason :

More quickly adjust and adapt to the human environment .

Birds pleci that young age have a lower potential stes .

chance of longer life spans .

Pemasteran or remastering of birds pleci easier and more character formation already as we want

Based on Physical Characteristics

Once you know the age of the bird pleci good , you also pay attention to the physical characteristics ( katuranggan ) pleci bird of good quality , well below characteristics for choosing a good physical pleci birds :

Body shape proportional to leg length , neck and tail

long legs , a large head -shaped box , dry and finger length , or half the width of the base of the prominent forehead , half of morbidly too thick and not too thin , long, straight beak

Larger heads and tends to be shaped box ( see pleci characterize male and female )

Half the width of the base , half the thickness of mediocre , ill not too thick or too thin , and the shape of beak length and straight

Form of a long neck and a thick

Chest wide and contains

Long tail and neat , colorful feathers dry , neat and shiny ( more contrast )

Long tail shape and tidy

Dry hair color , neat and contrast so it looks clean

Big round eyes glared ( Read: ciri burung pleci bagus )

Motion pleci male bird more agile .

Physical adl wings wide and tucked tightly symmetrical

Now that he's tips on choosing a great bird pleci and quality , which may be useful for you again in search of birds pleci good for the race , my reference above daptkan of the move and open - eye , hopefully a benefit could be fruitful . So and terimaksih .

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