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The selling price is very high canaries , and again for the hobbyist enkanya canaries price can be determined solely by the pemulik the bird because there is no standard price , that's the fact that occur in the environment the hobbyists canaries .

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Harga Burung

A similar sentiment was also expressed as written in the book " Menagkarkan Kenari Yorkshire & Hobbies In Commodity Business " presented by Brigadier General ( Ret. ) BRM . Noeryanto . " Walnuts yorshire whose number is still relatively little in Indonesia makes the selling price in the market is fairly high ( although there is no standard price ) " .

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As an illustration, the price for Yorkshire canary males aged 8-12 months per head is priced at Rp 6,000,000 - Rp 7,000,000 , while for adult Yorkshire canary gacor already priced above Rp 9.000.000/ekor .

As for the Border Canary adults ranges between Rp 1 . 600.000/ekor border canary chicks while the price is Rp 900.000/ekor and walnuts Lizard for adults ranges from Rp 1.000.000/ekor . But the price That depends also on the quality of the bird .

So do not be surprised if prices yorshire canaries who have completed the race and become the champion of the price in the tens of millions of dollars .

The selling price canaries in the market from day to day and year to year is very stable in the mid-level to upper other than birds babble , if we try to observe other birds chatter this rarely happens . Usually birds babble others quickly jumped up, but with no long period of time sooner decreased .

But the high price of canaries can be determined by our own , means nothing other than the standard price in the market , we can print the canaries we have had a very high sale value and it applies to all types of parrots, such as Border Walnuts , Gloster canary , Friil walnuts , walnuts Lizard , Norwich canary Canaries even though local .

How do I print a bird that has a high quality ? Well ... of course we have to care for and train the canary properly according to the character of the bird . Or you can read in the previous article , or click here How to Take Care of a Good Bird Walnuts Ready for Competition .

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Once you understand that a good canary care , it would not hurt if your hobby dong who lived during this time can have big payoffs anyway ? ( Well ... sy also really want to go to there .... Again nyiapin xixixii ... )

You can try to raise or menangkarkan your canary or cultivation , in addition to reproduce the collection who knows you become a successful businessman canaries . Like the example of Mr. Noeryanto it , that success with his Yorkshire penagkaran walnuts or other examples like the canary breeder - breeder others who have a turnover of tens or even hundreds of millions per month ( I read in the Poster ) .

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