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Powerful Ways to Overcome Stress Birds | Birds of stress can cause a wide range , mainly in burungyang was new , although not all the new birds showing symptoms of stress yangberlebihan . Even the birds are docile or what do you call , a little more she will experience stress when on the move kandannya . Well here we will discuss how to cope with the stress of some of the bird following reasons . ( Read: burung pentet jantan )

burung pentet cendet

The causes of stress and how to cure bird :

1 . There are birds that have been domesticated gacor really stressful when not dressing cage , the cause could be a dirty cage , can not shower for a long time so yes you solve that problem .

2 . When purchasing a new bird or birds tame stress due to moving the cage , the cage should not smell varnishes , paints , which essentially do not smell .

3 . Suggestion good when it wants to in the dressing cage try tangkringan or perch participated in included if possible , if you want to use a new perch , its diameter should be equated .

4 . The Bird 's nothing to stress also in need it is a quiet place , usually for a new bird .

5 . Do not forget to keep it away from other birds , although different types .

6 . Provide food to relieve stress Kroto , 2 times a day . ( Read: harga burung pentet )

7 . If you need to buy vitamins stress reliever in store bird feed .

8 . Maybe you need therapy to track your bird with air gurgling sound of water .

Actually simple bird cope with stress are important consistent , usually within a week of new birds that stress already menyesiuaikan themselves .

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