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WhatsApp, one of the world's largest chat application is rumored to be launching the latest updates in the Windows Phone which made ??him to look different.(see also: Install The Snowman & The Snowdog Game Android)

As reported by Softpedia (22/1), later in this latest update, WhatsApp for Windows Phone will get a new feature in the form of chat background which can make a user adds a photo as wallpaper column of their conversation.

The update itself will make WhatsApp for Windows Phone is getting the equivalent of WhatsApp for Android and iOS in terms of features brought.(see also: Harga HP)

There is no definite date when this update will be related to Windows Phone glide Store. However, WMPoweruser cited (22/1), the developer WhatsApp is currently working on this new feature. It is estimated that if this new feature will soon be landing on WhatsApp for Windows Phone in the near future.


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Posting: 23-Jan-2014 10:56:19 WIB
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Category: Whatsapp
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