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beberapa hari yg lalu, tepat nya tanggal 2 maret, gw ngirim fanmail ke salah satu jrock favorit gw, yaitu miyavi !! [bukan miyabiiii !!!]

dan ternyata fanmail gw terpilih jadi salah satu submission terbaik pada minggu pertama *asumsi sendiri*

senang nya !!!


*copas dr bloggaul gw*

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i dunno if its for REAL or not. but, oh well. a click won't hurt anybody. +____+





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Yesterday, my teacher give me a little weird assignment for us to do at home. That is to write one page from book, yes, we must write it with our own hand [yaiyalah masa tangan orang laen], no kopipe, no print out for this SUBJECT !!! He said this article will be out on Final Exam, so well, no objection, of course.

Because I found this article interesting so I will posted it here. I translated it from Bahasa into English. No reason, really.


  Meaning of life


 Life means:

 A challenge that must be faced

 A struggle that must be won

 An affliction that must be overcome

 A secret that must be extracted

 A Tragedy to be experienced

 An excitement that should be disseminated

 A love that should be enjoyed

 A task that must be implemented

 A Romance that must be hugged

 A risk that must be taken

 A song that should be sung

 A miracle that should be used

 A Games that is fun

 A dream that must be come true

 A journey that must be completed

 A promise that must be fulfilled

 A beauty that should be admired

 A question that must be answered

 An opportunity that must be filled

 An issue that must be solved

 A difficulty that should be conquered

 Grace to be maintained and loved


 (The Life of a Wisely)

 PS. Taken from “Character Building III – Relasi dengan Tuhan” Book and Translated by Uncle Google, also a little edited from me, because Uncle G is suck !

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