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YOU !!!! Late Girl !!!! Coming with a lame entry !!! *This statement point to myself , hahaha XDD

Today I'm planning to watch the GazettE RCE Concert in APATOO!!! ALONE !! So I can "concentrate" and...err...feels satisfactory after watching it XDDD

So I make a preparation !!! *Lame ,,,,, I KNOW XDDD

Why now?? Not last month when DVD arrived, when RCE "download link" is booming?? ~~ or tomorrow~ or next year? XDD

I do it today because, yesterday I'm attending a "GATHERING WITH the Gazette Indonesian Fans".

*No, its not official, just a little gath. =)

And i feel so amused when watching RCE on Black_Fenrir notebook !!!!


RUKI !!!!!!!

you......afaej,nfjBEHHBCFJbitchEBJFBDMFBDNBFHEGBeroefjsaefuhjdsabfjbdpervertkajjeafnjsaslutnfjkak !!!1!11!!!

for all~Ruki fans~~you are free to kill me today but please let me watch my RCE DVD 1st, okaii???thanks !! XDDD

*will talk about Gathering on next entry ~meibi :P

Now Now~~On to the topic XDD

Things .... I DO before watching RCE *lameee~~ !!! XDD
- Take a Bath !! with 100 flower flavour, ahhahaha!!! *you know i lied about 100 flower right :P
- pick a nice "homy" t-shirt, hahaha~ no need beautiful dress, or even a skirt. or...wear nothing???!!! *thats crazy :P
- make my room a little tidier, hahahah~~ Its a MESS from last Monday *lazy lazy~~ XDDD
- prepare a nice "bedspace" ~~~ i will use notebook to watch RCE~~~YAY! So I can ROLL and ROLL~~ and do whatever i want on mybed , fufufufu~~~ *perv thinking XDDD
- lock door !! Very Important !!! So no one can distubed XDD
- turn off my keitai* !!! [ *mobile phone in japanese language XDD ]
- then..prepare some things~~ hahahaha!!! see picture !!

NOW !! Onto the things you...err...I need prepared before watching RCE, actually this is not important, but for me, well, a little, hahaha !!
*see?I'm super lame again~~ pls kill me!! before I HENSHIN become a super lame girl XD

1. RCE DVD~~~ of course !! mwahwhawhahwa~~ How can i watch if i don't have dvd? well, actually i can still watch without it, but I'm not downloading "the copy from DVD"~~so i will use my RCE DVD now !!! watch in SUPER HIGH QUALITY !! AND ITS LEGAL !! *kicked XDDD
2. BreadTalk~~~hmm.. just in case I feel hungry when watching~~ hahaha~ I don't think i will "feel" hungry of food *i will be busy watching ruki touch himself didn't I? xDD
3. *bucks coffee~~ hahaha~ I know its empty !! I already drink it this morning,,,this is useless picture i know XDDD
4. Tissue~~~yeah...I will need that~~many friends tell me some "sad" part of this dvd~~ *ugh..i'm being spoiled too much -____-a
5. my lilttle sister parfume "Mulan" cheap parfume~~ i must smell and looking good when "facing" gajet~~ right right? especially Ururu and Reirei~~ *lameee !!!! lebayy~~ XDD
6.CRACKers~~named~~"Lemonia"~~you know..what i like~~ hahahaha~~ this is a good snacks~~BESIDE the name of course !! *yaoiyaoiyaoiyaoilemonlemon XDDD
7."Counterpain"~~ I don't need to explain this thing right?? *just in case my NECK get hurt coz do lot of headbanging myself, coz I'm lack of this thing when watching decomposition beauty concert, yabee yooo XDD
8."asdfghjkl; case" [another lame name for things] ~~~ in this...there are..secret..things..that I'm not telling in anywhere. hahaha~ ONLY GOD and me WHO know what inside that case~~~ *super lame secret~~~ XDD

AND ITS A WRAP !!! *lame~~~o~~~~ XDDD

After I posted this~ I will watch RCE DVD~~ I'm going OFFLINE. OFFWORLD. OFFWHATEVER.

I'm goin to "the Gazette Distorted City"~~

Don't look for me~~ Okai~~
Hahahaha~~ *no one will XDDD


is being yabee na~~~ XDDD
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shid shid shid. so many new release from JRock-Band. Not the "Indonesia" one of korse.

first of all, YUI new album.

then, alice nine. DVD concert at the end of this months.

after that, next year. alice nine. will release 3rd FULL ALBUM !!!!

titled VANDALIZE !!

...Okei. they're going crazy with so much RELEASE in a close time.

alice nine. blöd - ???? - ???? !!!!!!

glad the gazette is not as productive as alice nine. (=_____________=|||)

also, other release from Vidoll, Ancafe, and -miyavi-


..beside that. i wanna have d'espairsRAY LIVE DVD

when they will release it??
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I'll be songs !!! Yippieee !!!

starts morning with yui song is just awesome~~


Gotta go~ Or I'll be . . . . late for morning clazz XDDD


ja ne~~

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gajet LEECH PV is OUT !!!!


someone~~~ download it~~~ and GIVE TO ME PLEASE !!!

My inet APATOO super FAIL !!

Can’t download from MF,SS,or MU

*wanna die*

errr….. actually, wanna see Ruki - Reita - Uruha - Aoi - Kai !!!! Hahahah~ XDD


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YO! 1st post here. cares anyway?


I type whatever i like. With whatever language i like.

So bear with it.

Not that bear.

Not pooh.




First post is about reminiscence of my childhood times.Nothing personal really.

After wondering~ browsing actually. I stumble upon a youtube video of Kouji Yama. Not much people now him.On the other hand, he is very famous.Well, maybe his voice is FAMOUS but you didn't realize it.How about i said.... "Digimon Adventure"

Still don't have any clue who I'm talking about...

hmmm...baka desu ne? *laughs*

next clue...opening song of Digimon Adventure. Butterfly.

A long time ago, no, not on dinosaur era or before century era that's too long. (/--)/

around 10 years a go Digimon Adventure is airing on INDOSIAR. And i always watch it.

As far as i remember that's the only anime i watch when i little~ on Sunday.

blah~~ I'm reminiscence too much. back to topic (/--)/


Kouji Wada (???? Wada K?ji) (29 de Janeiro de 1974), às vezes chamado de Koji Wada ou Wada Kouji, é um cantor japonês, bem conhecido por seu trabalho em Digimon. Ele nasceu em Kyoto, tem 1,75m de altura, pesa 58 kg e seu tipo sanguíneo é B.

Wada cantou os temas de abertura de todas as temporadas de Digimon, o primeiro tema de evolução e os dois encerramentos de Digimon Frontier: With the Will, Innocent ~Mujaki na Mama de~ e an endless dream (com Ai Maeda). Ele também cantou várias outras canções de Digimon, como "Bokura no Digital World, Yuuki o Uketsugu Kodomotachu (com todos os cantores de digimon, incluindo AiM, Ayumi Miyazaki, Michihiko Ohta, etc.) e várias músicas de Natal.

Em 2003, Wada lançou seu primeiro álbum original, "All of My Mind", que inclui algumas músicas de Digimon Adventure, Adventure 02 e Digimon Tamers.


taken from here

He is the singer of opening song of Digimon Adventure

which is Butter-Fly.

Watch him LIVE~ @ AnimeFestival~~

When watching it~ I want to sing together too~~

a little flashback memory of childhood~ etc etc~~

and now~ I'm still downloading this anime~~~ 40episodes more to download.


so many to download~~ so little time~

blah~~ whatever.

I'm done writing.

Sagaki  is calling~~

au revoir (>,<)y~~

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