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i dunno if its for REAL or not. but, oh well. a click won't hurt anybody. +____+





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Yesterday, my teacher give me a little weird assignment for us to do at home. That is to write one page from book, yes, we must write it with our own hand [yaiyalah masa tangan orang laen], no kopipe, no print out for this SUBJECT !!! He said this article will be out on Final Exam, so well, no objection, of course.

Because I found this article interesting so I will posted it here. I translated it from Bahasa into English. No reason, really.


  Meaning of life


 Life means:

 A challenge that must be faced

 A struggle that must be won

 An affliction that must be overcome

 A secret that must be extracted

 A Tragedy to be experienced

 An excitement that should be disseminated

 A love that should be enjoyed

 A task that must be implemented

 A Romance that must be hugged

 A risk that must be taken

 A song that should be sung

 A miracle that should be used

 A Games that is fun

 A dream that must be come true

 A journey that must be completed

 A promise that must be fulfilled

 A beauty that should be admired

 A question that must be answered

 An opportunity that must be filled

 An issue that must be solved

 A difficulty that should be conquered

 Grace to be maintained and loved


 (The Life of a Wisely)

 PS. Taken from “Character Building III – Relasi dengan Tuhan” Book and Translated by Uncle Google, also a little edited from me, because Uncle G is suck !

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tough its late , i wanna say


yah! so,how's everyone doing?? new spirit in new year right!! you all should have it =D

*feel so hyped up after hear digimon song in my own blog, lol*


I dunno what to write, its been a long time since i write here or in any other of my blog ^^

so i will write something i do recently. .

Minor Project.

December is a busy and hectic month for me because i must do MINOR PROJECT in this semester. Minor Project is similar to Thesis. so, it took a lot of effort to make it -____-a

also i must passed this Minor Project in order to finish my study, if i failed then i can't continue on Skripsi, which is a pain in d'ass, coz i must wait another year to take Minor Project. huff.

And you know what, I PASSED it !! YAY !

after a really harsh month, like in hell it is, goes to Guide-Lecture [dosen pembimbing ] home for some guidance of Minor Project, meet him like my parents he is, coz i have to meet him almost everyday, and i'm so sick of it =_____=

doing this doing that. and i almost forgot to eat in 1-2days. gosh.
i dun feel hungry at all. and i look like a zombie. coz aim lack of sleep. just sleep 2-3 hours a day !! (-___-)ZzzZz

yes. as conclusion, my life is a MESS on December.

oh! i have to attend "judgement day" [sidang] too, for my minor project, there is a Test Lecturer [dosen penguji ] that ask a LOT of question. huff. he just want to kill me with those question !! glad, i can answer some of it. and i must do a presentation for my minor too. huff.

i got tested for 50minutes. and aim so scared to death. i just feel so glad coz i can passed it !!! a lot of burden is remove from my shoulder. and so after that judgment day, i can get my HOLIDAY ! yes ! Xmas and New year holiday !! haha. .

also, i must wear a special "outfit" for judgment day, yeah, formal clothes !!! white long shirt, skirt, and  lame high heels shou !!


i guess that's all for the unhappy part. on to happy part.

so happy !! because my friends which hasn't tested yet feel so nervous and anxious in their not-so-happy-holiday

thanks God i got tested earlier, tough i'm not really ready for it ! but yeah, haha! I can do it ! =D



humph. not much i do in 2 weeks holiday.just play old game in PS2, which is Suikoden V [ kangen ama frey n lyon xDD], goes to cinema [hampir semua film liburan gw ton2 ] , goes to mall, hell yeah, just for a walk, not buy anything at all [shock banget pas maen ke PIM liat harga kaos ampe 3ratus rebu, tas 2juta, sarap ]

and because i'm not really planning anything on my holiday and i don't celebrated xmas, so i can do anything unscheduled

oh! i also attended a little reunion too !! with my friend from 2nd grade high school. they do not change much
we just have a dinner together, we planning to watch Bolt, but i don't go, coz i already watch it, and i'm broke because of something

i'm so happy coz most of my friends always doing this little reunion. even my elementary friends !! GOSH !!

ma ma~~~ it seems like December not a bad month at all~ they will always happiness even in the dark days !! *random*

i dunno what to write anymoar, so i end it here =D

chiyu around ^-^/

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