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Sejarah Manusia Purba Lengkap

Sejarah Manusia Purba – The existence of early humans, including many dinosaurs animals refuted by modern scientists. Some recent findings show that the theory is incorrect alias early humans did not exist.  is part of the evolutionary biology and life history of mankind were present as the emergence of homo sapiens. This is a vast subject of scientific inquiry that seeks to understand and explain how these changes occur. The study of human evolution include a variety of science, especially physical anthropology, linguistics and genetics.

During this time we get the wrong understanding of the basic education given at the time, Sejarah Manusia Purba coupled with engineering-style holywood movie that visualizes the existence of living beings in ancient times, including the film Jurassic Park. The situation becomes worse when theories about ancient human raised by evolutionists is given a place in the curriculum of our basic education.

Western scientists, mostly to the theory of evolution was Australopithecus or enter race ape species as a race “ancestors”.
Though Sejarah Manusia Purba there is a large gap and unincorporated between apes and humans. This difference can not be explained by their hereinafter referred to as the missing link (missing link).

The primitive human race according to them, is actually just a variation of the modern human race, however exaggerated as a distinct species. In fact, different species Sejarah Manusia Purba. HP Android TerbaikManfaat YoghurtKisah Cinta MengharukanTahap Perkembangan bayiMakanan Penyubur KandunganMakanan Khas bandungPengertian Masyarakat MadaniWisata Garutciri ciri anak indigociri ciri diabetes sejarah renang,sejarah candi borobudurThe fact there is no such chronological order. Many who lived in the same period, which means there is no evolution, there are even older than the type that is claimed as ancestors.

Complete History of Sejarah Manusia Purba

Human prehistory or also commonly referred to as early humans are humans who lived before writing found. Sejarah Manusia Purba Their way of life is still very simple and still very dependent on nature.

Here are the types of Sejarah Manusia Purba that we gather from wikipedia:

Meganthropus paleojavanicus
Meganthropus paleojavanicus derived from the words; Megan = great, Anthropus = man, Paleo = old = javanicus from Java. So it can be concluded that Meganthropus paleojavanicus big is the oldest hominid in Java. This early human fossils found in the Sangiran, Sejarah Manusia Purba Central Java between the years 1936-1941 by a Dutch researcher named Von Koeningswald. Fossils are not found in a complete state, but only a few parts of the skull, lower jaw and teeth had been loose. The fossils were found in Sangiran is thought to have lived 1-2 million years.

Characteristics Meganthropus paleojavanicus
Having a sharp protrusion on the back of the head.
Bony cheeks thick with prominent brow ridge.
Do not have a chin, so it is more like an ape.
Having chewing muscles, teeth, and jaw large and strong.
Food in the form of plants.
Pithecanthropus Sejarah Manusia Purba
Fossil hominid types Pithecanthrophus is kind of the most ancient human fossils found in Indonesia. Pithecanthropus itself means human ape walking upright. At least there are three kinds of people Pithecanthropus found in Indonesia, yaituPithecanthrophus erectus Pithecanthropus mojokertensis, and Pithecanthropus soloensis. Based on measurements of soil life, Pithecanthropus fossils found in Indonesia have a varied age, between 30,000 and 1 million years ago.

Pithecanthropus erectus skull
Pithecanthropus erectus, found by Eugene Dubois in 1891 around the Bengawan Solo river valley, Sandpipers, Central Java. The fossils were discovered in the form of the maxillary bones, skulls, and bones of the foot. Sejarah Manusia Purba
Pithecanthropus mojokertensis, also known as Pithecanthropus robustus. Hominid fossil was discovered by Von Koeningswald in 1936 in Mojokerto, East Java. The fossils were found only in the form of the skull of children. Sejarah Manusia Purba
Pithecanthropus soloensis, found in two separate places by Von Koeningswald and Oppernoorth in Ngandong and Sangiran between the years 1931-1933. The fossils were discovered in the form of a skull and bone dry.
The characteristics of Pithecanthropus

It has a height between 165-180 cm.
Body straight, but not setegap Meganthrophus.
Brain volume ranged from 750 – 1350 cc.
Thick and transverse forehead bulges along the temples.
Width of the nose and chin. Sejarah Manusia Purba
Having strong jaws and large molars.
Food in the form of plants and game.
Ancient man of the genus Homo is the sejarah manusia purba who was the youngest ancient, ancient human fossils of this type are thought to originate from 15000-40000 BC. Of brain volume is like modern humans, it is known that these early humans had a human (Homo) and no longer human ape (Pithecanthrupus). In Indonesia alone, found three types of hominid genus Homo, such as Homo soloensis, wajakensis Homo, and Homo floresiensis.

Homo floresiensis skull (left), and modern humans (right)
Homo soloensis, discovered by Von Koeningswald and Weidenrich between the years 1931-1934 around the river river solo. The fossils were found only in the form of the skull. Sejarah Manusia Purba
Homo wajakensis, was found by Eugene Dubois in 1889 in Wajak, East Java. The fossils were discovered in the form of the lower jaw, skull, and a few cervical vertebrae.
Homo floresiensis, found during excavations at Liang Bua, Flores joint archaeological team from the National Research Center for Archaeology, Indonesia and the University of New England, Australia in 2003. When the excavation at a depth of five meters, discovered human-like skeleton that has not been petrified (not yet become fossils) with very dwarf size. Dwarf of Flores Man probably lived between 94,000 and 13,000 years BC.
It seems quite so first post about sejarah manusia purba and the type of early man, When we put forward the concept of Muslims first man was Adam, as mentioned in the Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet SAW. Hopefully useful.

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