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Ciri-Ciri Anak Indigo


Ciri-Ciri Anak Indigo - indigo Indigo child or children is a term used to describe children who are believed to have a special ability or trait, unusual, and even the supernatural. Indigo was manifold: from who believe they are the next stage of human evolution (which even have paranormal abilities such as telepathy) to the called ciri-ciri anak indigo children as being more empathic and creative.

Although no single evidence of any research that proves the existence of ciri-ciri anak indigo or their properties, this phenomenon attracted the attention of parents whose children were diagnosed as having learning difficulties or who want their children to special. Skeptics see it as a way parents avoid handling pediatric or psychiatric diagnosis right. List of properties owned by Indigo children have also been criticized for being too general so that it can be applied to almost anyone (Forer effect). This phenomenon is also accused of indigo as a tool to extract money from gullible parents.

Characteristics of Indigo Children
According to psychiatrist Tubagus Erwin Kusuma, in lipuatn6, physical indigo children is not much different from other children. Only the inner are leaning more mature. ciri-ciri anak indigo often show an adult nature, highly intelligent, and has a very sharp sixth sense. Indigo children generally do not want to be treated as children.

Not infrequently they often give advice to their parents.
Tubagus added, indigo is not a disease or mental disorder. However, some people think the indigo phenomenon as mental disorders. As a result, treatment is often wrong, which will have an impact on the child's suffering. "If you can, consult to face the ciri-ciri anak indigo," Tubagus added.
The statement echoed Tubagus Rossini, as well as supervising adult indigo indigo children. "When in childhood spiritual understanding has matured but has not followed the reasoning," said Rossini. According to Rossini, the task of parenting adults to guide children so that reasoning and spiritual balance.
Characteristics of Indigo Children are the real

To determine the characteristics of an ciri-ciri anak indigo or can not be done in the following way:

1. Examination of Intelligence
Psychological examination can be done by measuring the level of intelligence. Indigo children have a high intelligence, even more than average intelligence of children in general. To be regarded as indigo, the IQ of a child should be more than 130 points.

2. Check the Aura
Aura is the electromagnetic ciri-ciri anak indigo energy that rotate around the body. HP Android TerbaikManfaat YoghurtKisah Cinta MengharukanTahap Perkembangan bayiMakanan Penyubur KandunganMakanan Khas bandungPengertian Masyarakat MadaniWisata GarutSejarah Manusia Purbaciri ciri diabetes sejarah renang,sejarah candi borobudur This energy is reflected in a variety of different colors and can be seen through examination of Aura Video Station or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Indigo children have a purple aura which is a mental representation that is spiritual.

3. Compares With Reality
Indigo children are often considered to be hallucinating when seeing a shadow or figure of the strange and bizarre. To ensure keabsahanannya, can be checked directly with the realities on the ground.
For example, the ciri-ciri anak indigo with the ability to see future events or precogniton, if his words then necessarily true, then there is a possibility he is indigo. If many words are proved, then it is clear he has the ability to indigo.

How to Educate ciri-ciri anak indigo

Well cool info-will give you 10 tips to educate indigo children, as follows:
Treat them with respect. If you do not show respect to them, they will, even if you have the authority or power.
Listen to their opinions. They need Ciri-Ciri Anak Indigo to know that you care and recognize their value system.
Develop their ability. Give them choices, such as the type of product that will be studied, what is the command for the work to be done, the choice between the two activities. Having a voice is heard making different flavors of the award itself, will usually encourage them to participate in the choice that they make, and consequently will improve their attitude towards you and towards education.
Build a cooperative attitude and avoid giving orders. ciri-ciri anak indigo will not care about the things that are meant to control them. Merka would care to treatment that is fair and good.

Help them do different things. If they are frustrated, such as school work, so that they feel alone in the world, help encourage them to do something positive for a change. Such as writing a letter, writing, poetry, making posters, T shirts, organizing discussion groups.
Help them build their talents and abilities. Encourage them to be creative and dare to express their unique personalities they see themselves.
Be tolerant of extreme emotions. Help them create a balance of using aromatherapy, let them drink water in the classroom, be calm, or visualization exercises.

Encourage them to be a source of peace for people lain.ciri-ciri anak indigo born to be a source of peace. Encourage them to practice. This will establish communication and compassion. Be adviser in this regard.
Explain WHY on everything. Why are there are no rules, why do they need to do homework / school. Why is the world like this? If you do not have the answers, understand their frustration and show empathy.
Reduce medication for ADD. Indigo is not ADD, but natural indigo give selective attention to something. If they can focus on what they choose for long periods of time, the child is indigo, not ADD. Although there appears to be a problem in attention, seek alternative therapies, rather than Ritalin, do not suppress creativity and the leadership natural indigo, but help to organize.

What are the characteristics of indigo children could be successful? Experience proves that many Ciri-Ciri Anak Indigo that, if handled correctly, be successful, be graduating from college, there were a psychologist, psychiatrist, and even musicians reliably. So, consider carefully whether there is a family of indigo? Do not worry, if you understand them and can manage well, the indigo child is a nice boy, and his level of success in high society.


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