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Unit link terbaik di Indonesia Commonwealth Life investra link with financial performance Commonwealth Life has managed to have improved much in the Financial Statements 2012.Along year 2012, Unit link terbaik di Indonesia Commonwealth Life investra link , managed to increase revenue by 42 % premium worth more than Rp 1.7 trillion, compared with premiums in 2011 , amounting to Rp 1.2 trillion . Pos profit also increased along with the amount of 194 billion higher than last year , amounting to 181 billion Unit link terbaik di Indonesia Commonwealth Life investra link Assets The Company also continues to be strengthened by increasing the value of the company's assets . Commonwealth Life assets grew 25 % to more than Rp 5 trillion over the previous year with the level of solvency ( Risk Based Capital / RBC) of 531 % , which is well above the required solvency level is equal to 120 % . Achievement will provide motivation to Commonwealth Life for are at a higher level again in the life insurance companies in Indonesia and successfully with the best links on the Indonesian unit of Commonwealth Life Investra Link Along with the vision and mission of the company to always be the best , Commonwealth Life continues and continues to develop products and services across 20 major cities and is supported by almost 10,000 Sales Force across the Indonesian archipelago that serves more than 500 thousand individual customer and collection .
Commonwealth Life offers insurance products such as :


Unit link terbaik di Indonesia Commonwealth Life investra link Protection Savings & Investments in unit-linked programs ( Investra Link ) Traditional life insurance ( Danatra Scholar , Danatra Welfare ) The protection of the savings and loan ( COMM Protection ) program As well as additional insurance ( accident insurance , hospitalization assurance , critical illness ) . Investra Link is a program that combines Life Insurance and Investment flexibly . Investra Link offers life insurance protection products with a wide selection of protection for you and your family peace of life . Through Investra Link , you all can plan future goals like children's education , retirement preparation , as well as the growth of your investment . Excellence Investra Link Link Investra provide lifetime protection benefits your soul a wide selection of additional insurance protection and critical illness . Provide protection against incurable disease , a benefit of 50% of the sum assured , if you are diagnosed with / suffering from incurable disease and can not survive more than 12 months are expressed by medical evidence Disease . The rest of the sum assured will be given later when it died. Potential investment returns through 12 the optimal choice of the type of investment fund ( including 2 types of Islamic investment funds ) in accordance with the investment objectives and risk profile . Link Inflation facilities to keep the economic values ??of the sum assured of the effect of inflation ( specifically Regular Premium ) source :

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