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Author Topic: [JUAL]DIVX KDrama @8000:Lawless Lawyer,Suits,Mistress,Rich Man,Wok Of Love,dll  (Read 51989 times)

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Re: [JUAL]DIVX KDrama @8000:Flower In Prison,DoTS,Marriage Contract,dll
« Reply #150 on: August 17, 2016, 09:20:40 am »


- Another Miss Oh Ep.07-18 End
- Beautiful Gong Shim Ep.05-20 End
- Dear My Friends Ep.05-16 End
- Entertainer Ep.11-18 End
- First Love Ep.17-40 End
- Five Children Ep.27-52
- Happy Home Ep.25-49
- Jackpot/Royal Gambler Ep.17-24 End
- Master : God Of Noodles Ep.09-20 End
- Mirror Of The Witch Ep.05-20 End
- Monster/Tyrant Ep.17-39
- My Amazing Boyfriend Ep.16-28 End
- Neighborhood Lawyer Ep. 17-20 End
- The Flower In Prison Ep.09-28
- Vampire Detective  Ep.09-12 End
- Yeah, That's How It Is Ep.29-52


-  38 Tasks Force Ep.01-16 End

As a reference to Article 38 which pertains to tax payments, this special police unit utilizes the criminals’ own tactics of scams and deceit to catch rich tax cheats.

- Age Of Youth Ep.01-08

A cheerful, upbeat story of five female college students with vastly different personalities, who share a house called the Belle Epoque

- Baek Hee Has Returned Ep.01-04 End

Yang Baek-Hee returns to the quiet island Sumwol for the first time in 18 years. She has changed her identity.

- Beautiful Gong Shim Ep.01-20 End

The story of Ahn Dan-Tae as he lives a life of ups and downs. He gets wrongly accused of a crime and imprisoned. Afterwards, he goes on to become a human rights attorney and successor of a large company.

- Beautiful Mind Ep.01-14 End

Hyeonseong Hospital is the best national hospital with the most advanced medical techniques. Although it is obvious that it is the safest place to be in the country, something mysterious is happening inside the hospital. What is the truth? Who is the criminal? Lee Yeongo is an elite neurosurgeon. He may win recognition from the patients but when he is alone, he feels empty deep in the mind. There is no compassion or emotion for him. Could we think of him as good?

- Bong Soon-A Cyborg In Love Ep.01-12 End

Synopsis :
The drama tells the story of love between Kim Joo Sung (Cho Kyu Hyun), a computer programmer genius and Bong Soon (Yoon So Hee), a cyborg woman who has been programmed to shut down as soon as she feel the emotion of love.

- Bring It On Ghost Ep.01-12

Hyun Ji is a wandering ghost who died when she was 19-year-old. One day she meets an exorcist named Bong Pal. They team up to listen and solve the problems of various ghosts so that they can rest peacefully.

- Cinderella and Four Knights Ep.01-02

Synopsis :
The story about Eun Ha Won, a bright but lonely girl abused by her stepmother and stepsister who, in order to pursue her dream, left home and ends up living in a big mansion together with three Kang cousins and their bodyguard.

- Doctors Ep.01-17

When Hye-Jung was young, her life was difficult. She was good at fighting, but also studied well. Overcoming her tough situation, she is now a doctor.

- The Good Wife Ep.01-12

This drama is about a woman, Kim Hye Kyung (Jun Do Yun) who assumes responsibility for her family after her husband, Lee Tae Joon (Yoo Ji Tae) is thrown into prison after a very public scandal. Lee Tae Joon is a prosecutor with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office who gets sent to prison and whose wife is then propelled to return to her former career as a lawyer to support her family.

- Lucky Romance Ep.01-16 End

Synopsis :
Bo-Nui believes in fortune-telling. One day, she hears from a fortune teller that if she does not sleep with a male virgin born in 1986, the year of the tiger, she will die. Afterwards, she seeks out someone that matches those criterias. She then meets Soo-Ho who owns her studio building. Soo-Ho tries to kick her out, because she has not paid her rent. They struggle with each other. Bo-Nui then learns that he matches the conditions set forth by the fortune-teller. Meanwhile, Soo-Ho is a cheap person who will not believe in love before marriage.

- Second To Last Love Ep.01-04

A remake of the Japanese drama “The Second Last Love” about a single woman in her 40s who feels unstable about life after her retirement.

- Uncontrollably Fond Ep.01-12

Noh Eul and Joon Young were forced to separate when they were young. After some years both of them meet again, Noh Eul had become a documentary producer and Joon Young is now a top singer and actor.

- W Ep.01-07

A mysterious melodrama about a parallel universe which depicts a man and a woman who live in the same Seoul but in different environments.

- Wanted Ep.01-14

One of Korea’s top actresses has her son kidnapped. She struggles to carry out a mission on a live reality show following the kidnapper’s demands.


- Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru Ep.01-04

This is the story of pure yet forbidden love and also the complicated relationships of those who around them.
Kurihara Mia fulfils a long-cherished passion for jewelry by getting a job in the public relations department at Tiffany & Co. One day, during a business trip, Mia loses an engagement ring from her boyfriend – Yamashita Youta. The ring is eventually found with help of a man who happened to be there. Mia is relieved, but at the same time, she is struggling to accept her fiance’s marriage proposal because of the condition he gave – that she quits her job. A few days later, Mia encounters the man who helped her to find the ring, only then to find out that the man is Miyoshi Kairi – the vice president of her company. Kairi tells her “if it is your dream job, see it through”. Mia starts to fall for Kairi who is strict yet kind.

- Kaito Yamaneko Ep.01-10 End

What is justice? Is it about being kind? Or is it about winning? A certain man claims that “Justice is about robbing.” Yamaneko is notoriously elusive, but wherever he shows up, enormous amounts of money gets stolen. Evidence of the audacious crime is left scattered all over the place. In every episode, Yamaneko the hero thiefthrows a splash of “rotten justice” in your face. Pretentiously calling himself a “genius thief,” Yamaneko is arrogant and acts like he’s the king of the world. Everything he does is bold and daring, but he remains elusive. There is indeed no match for Yamaneko. He goes by one creed alone—“I will steal but I won’t deprive.” Why does he steal? Just what is he all about?

- Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Ep.01-10 End

Michiko is single and jobless since her employer went bankrupt. She likes to eat meat most of all, but can only afford cabbage, as she struggles to get a new job and her savings dry up from spending money on a younger men. With no boyfriend, no job and no money, Michiko is hopeless. She only has her passion for eating meat. One day when she tries to steal cat food from a stray cat, she comes across with her former boss, Ayumu. After taking Michiko to his cafe, “Sunflower,” (Himawari) Ayumu suggests her to work there. While Michiko is delighted to have a job again, she is also worried about working under Ayumu who was strict and abusive at their former office. At “Sunflower”, however, she starts to discover a different side to Ayumu…


- Refresh Man Ep.01-17 End

Synopsis :
Ji Wen Kai (Aaron Yan) and Zhong Yu Tang (Joanne Tseng) are childhood rivals who are always competing, with Yu Tang always winning. She always placed ahead in school and even after graduating, she landed a job at MUSE Cosmetics, the company that everyone wants to work for. Wen Kai had mediocre grades and had to work odd jobs after graduation; he eventually leaves to work abroad. Years later, MUSE runs into difficulties and the CEO hires the now “legendary manager” Wen Kai to become the new CEO to save MUSE from its crisis… and Yu Tang has to work as his secretary.

Thank You :)


princess m

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Re: [JUAL]DIVX KDrama @8000:Cinderella&4Knights,Uncontrollably Fond,Wanted,dll
« Reply #151 on: October 09, 2016, 07:23:52 am »


- Age Of Youth Ep.09-12 End
- Bring It On Ghost Ep.13-16 End
- Cinderella & Four Knights Ep.03-16 End
- Doctors Ep.18-20 End
- Five Children Ep.53-54 End
- Good Wife Ep.13-16 End
- Happy Home Ep.50-51 End
- Monster/Tyrant Ep.40-50 End
- Second To Last Love Ep.05-15
- Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru Ep.05-10 End
- The Flower In Prison Ep.29-41
- Uncontrollably Fond Ep.13-20 End
- W Ep.08-16 End
- Wanted Ep.15-16 End
- Yeah, That's How It Is Ep.53-54 End


- Blow Breeze Ep.01-12

Mi Poong was a North Korean girl who studies dancing. She is bright and easygoing despite the situation in her country. One day, she has to defect to Seoul. She then meets Jang Go, a honest South Korean lawyer. Both of them get entangled in family inheritance problem.

- Drinking Solo Ep.01-10

Drama depicts the slice-of-life and daily activities around the teachers, students, staffs of a private institution that prepares for civil service exam. The characters like to drink alone afterwork for their own reasons.

- Fantastic Ep.01-12

A cheerful-but-weighty romance story between Lee So Hye, a popular TV drama series writer who has only 6 months left to live and Ryu Hae Seong, a popular actor, but he is not good at acting

- Jealousy Incarnate Ep.01-14

The drama depicts romance as well as intense competitive rivalry between an anchor and a weather forecaster working together for a television news show.

- K2 Ep.01-06

Drama about a patriotic bodyguard who was abandoned by his country and colleagues, a shut-in daughter of leading Presidential candidate who regards love as a tool for revenge, and the First Lady contender who hides her ambition and charisma behind a kind and friendly personality.

- Laurel Tree Tailors Ep.01-12

A drama about work, love, family, competition and friendship story among 4 guys who each runs their own brand of tailoring business for men’s suits.

- Moon Lovers : Scarlet Ryeo Ep.01-14

An adaptation from a Chinese drama, this story set up in the early of Goryeo regime. Hae Soo, a 25 year old girl from modern era got transported back to Goryeo dynasty and got trapped in the conflicts and struggles between princes of Wang’s House.

- Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Ep.01-14

Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung), disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Lee Yeong—future Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo Gum). Hong Ra On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Lee Yeong is unaware that Hong Ra On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Hong Ra On. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Hong Ra On to become one of them.

- On The Way To The Airport Ep.01-06

‘Road to the Airport’ depicts thoughts about relationship between people. The drama begins with a question, ‘Couldn’t there be any decent relationship between a married man and a married woman in this world?” It is a melodrama touching your heart to deliver empathy, solace and thoughts about ultimate love to drama fans through the stories of the leading characters.

- Our Gab Soon Ep.01-12

This drama depicts positively about various kind of marriage forms between the characters: a normal marriage, divorced couple, remarried couple, common-law marriage, and cohabitation couple.

- Shopping King Louie Ep.01-06

A romantic comedy about Louie, a rich heir who, due to his frustration of not being able to remember his past, always spends money to buy anything indifferently. One day he meets Bok Shil, a pure and energetic woman who teaches him that love isn’t something money can buy.

- Something About 1% Ep.01-02

Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) possesses a good appearance, he is smart and comes from a wealthy family, but he is also arrogant. His grandfather orders Jae-In to enter into a 10 month contract engagement with a female school teacher that he has never met in his life.
Lee Jae-In slowly falls in love with her.

- Woman With A Suitcase Ep.01-04

Cha Geum-Joo works as a manager at an attorney’s office. She does great work, she gets arrested for violating the attorneys-at-law act. Her career seems like it is over. She goes through more hardships, but Cha Geum-Joo becomes a great attorney.


- The Disguiser Ep.01-41 End

The plot centers around the Ming household during the Japanese occupation era: college student Ming Tai is kidnapped by Nationalist government leader Wang Tianfeng, who gives him spy training and a life-and-death partner Yu Man Li to carry out the party's many missions. The oldest brother, Ming Lou is the patriarch of the Ming household, while also holding many important positions and connections in the Nationalist government, Chinese Communisty Party, the Reorganized Government, and the Japanese government, although not many know his true intentions and loyalties. Ming Cheng acts as the Ming Lou's trusted assistant, making him the number one target for others to get to Ming Lou. Through the many dangerous predicaments the family face, together, they fight to bring down
their enemies and end the occupation.

Thank You :)

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- Flower In Prison Ep.42-51 END
- Blow Breeze Ep.13-42
- Drinking Solo Ep.11-16 END
- Fantastic Ep.13-16 END
- Jealousy Incarnate Ep.15-24 END
- K2 Ep.07-16 END
- Laurel Tree Tailors Ep.13-43
- Moonlovers : Scarlet Ryeo Ep.15-20 END
- Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Ep.15-18 END
- On The Way To The Airport Ep.07-16 END
- Our Gab Soon Ep.13-41
- Shopping King Louie Ep.07-16 END
- Something About 1% Ep.03-16 END
- Woman With A Suitcase Ep.05-16 END


- Entourage Ep.01-16 END

Synopsis :
Young-Bin (Seo Kang-Joon) is a rising star actor in South Korea. He has been best friends with Ho-Jin (Park Jung-Min), Joon (Lee Kwang-Soo) and Geobook (Lee Dong-Hwi) since they were all children. Young-Bin belongs to a management company with Kim Eun-Gab (Cho Jin-Woong) as the CEO.

- Father I'll Take Care Of You Ep.01-20

Synopsis :
After their 4 children become independent, an old couple decide to live for themselves. One day, their 4 children come back to them.

- Goblin Ep.01-16 END

Synopsis :
Dokkaebi (Gong Yoo) needs a human bride to end his immortal life. Meanwhile, the Angel of Death has amnesia. Somehow these two meet and live together. They see off those who have passed away and are now leaving this world.

- Hwarang The Beginning Ep.01-10

Synopsis :
The period drama about youth depicts the passion, love and brilliant coming-of-age story of Hwarang, the Flower Knights, who were strutting around in Seorabeol, the capital city of Silla Dynasty 1,500 years ago.

- Introverted Boss Ep.01-02

Synopsis :
Eun Hwan-Ki (Yeon Woo-Jin) is the CEO of a public relations company, but he is extremely shy. Due to his personality, even his employees do not know him well.

Chae Ro-Woon (Park Hye-Soo) begins work at Eun Hwan-Ki’s company. She is very energetic and receives recognition for her work, but her only interest is in CEO Eun Hwan-Ki. She plans to reveal who Eun Hwan-Ki really is.

- The Legend Of Blue Sea Ep.01-20

Synopsis :
The last mermaid on Earth meets a genius swindler. The mermaid tries to adjust life on land.

- Misssing Nine Ep.01-02

Synopsis :
Seo Joon-O used to be a popular singer, but he isn't popular anymore. Now, he works as a reporter for a TV entertainment show. He and his stylist Ra Bong-Hee land on a deserted island.

- Naked Fireman Ep.01-04 END

Synopsis :
Kang Chul-Soo (Lee Joon-Hyuk) is an enthusiastic fireman. He poses as a nude model to make money for his sick friend. He is then targeted as the criminal of an arson-murder case that took place 10 years. Kang Chul-Soo and mysterious heiress Han Jin-A (Jung In-Sun) try to find the real culprit.

- Night Light Ep.01-18

Synopsis :
Seo Yi-Kyung (Lee Yo-Won) ambitiously wants to build her own empire. She is calm and also passionate. She doesn't believe greed is a sin. Park Gun-Woo (Jin Goo) possesses good looks and comes from a wealthy family that runs a large company. Seo Yi-Kyung is his first love and he is still in love with her. Lee Se-Jin (Uee) comes from a poor background. She desperately wants to escape from her situation.

- Oh My Geum Bi Ep.01-16 END

Synopsis :
A drama about a father who takes care of an eight year old girl who has child Alzheimer’s.

- Romantic Doctor Ep.01-20 END

Synopsis :
Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu) was once a famous surgeon at the peak of his career at a major hospital. But he suddenly gives it all up one day to live in seclusion and work as a neighborhood doctor in a small town. He now goes by “Teacher Kim” and refers to himself as the “Romantic Doctor”.

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yun Suk) became a doctor to make something of himself after growing up poor, and he seeks out VIP patients to achieve the success that he desperately wants. Yoon Seo Jung (Seo Hyun Jin) is a passionate young surgeon who is haunted by a mistake from her past and tries to get over it. When Dong Joo and Seo Jung meet the quirky Teacher Kim, their lives and careers will never be the same again.

- Seven First Kisses Ep.01-08 END

Synopsis :
In 'First Kiss for the Sixth Time', goddess Choi Ji Woo lets Lee Cho Hee meet 6 handsome men. Lee Cho Hee attempts to pick the perfect partner for her first kiss among them. Her options are Lee Jong Suk, playing a top star, Ji Chang Wook, a sexy secret agent, Lee Jun Ki, a chaebol and church oppa, Park Hae Jin, a romantic coworker, Kai the adorable younger male friend, and Taecyeon, a naive rich kid.

- Solomon's Perjury Ep.01-10

Synopsis :
A male student's body is found at school. Authorities assume that the student killed himself in a fall. Other students at the school hold a trial to uncover the truth behind his death.

- The Sound Of Your Heart Ep.01-05 END / 01-20 END

Synopsis :
'The Sound of Your Heart' is based on the popular web-toon with the same title, which has been being published serially for the last ten years online. The web-toon has been loved much for the delightful stories about writer Jo Seok himself, his brother Jo Joon, and Ae-bong, who is Jo Seok’s girlfriend and becomes his wife later in the story.

- Voice Ep.01-03

Synopsis :
Moo Jin-Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) was a popular detective who solved major cases, but after his wife was murdered by a serial killer his life spiraled down. He is filled with guilt that he was not able to protect his wife and he secretly looks for her killer.

Meanwhile, Kang Kwon-Joo (Lee Ha-Na) graduated at police academy with top marks. She began to work at an emergency 112 call center. Working there, a brutal murder case takes place and her father/police sergeant went to the crime scene. Her father is killed there and Kwon-Joo hears what happened over the phone. Afterwards, she goes to the U.S. to study and comes back to Korea as a professional voice profiler.

Detective Jin-Hyuk and Kang Kwon-Joo solve cases together. Chasing a serial killer responsible for the deaths of their family member.

- Weightlifting Fairy Ep.01-16 END

Synopsis :
A story of love and dreams between three young potential athletes: weightlifter Kim Book Joo, swimmer Jung Joon Hyung, rhythmic-gymnast Song Shi Ho, and the nutritionist Jung Jae Yi, Joon Hyung's older brother.

- My Wife's Having An Affair This Week Ep.01-12 END

Synopsis :
Do Hyun-Woo (Lee Sun-Kyun) has worked as a PD for the past 10 years. He learns that his wife is having an affair and doesn't know what to do. Do Hyun-Woo, who tries to protect his marriage, talks with anonymous people through online social networks.


- Ice Fantasy Ep.01-62 END

Synopsis :
The story is set a hundred years after a war between the Empire of Snow (Ice Tribe) and the Fire Tribe, where the Fire Tribe was defeated. However, the war was fatal, leaving Prince Ka Suo and his younger half-brother Ying Kong Shi the only royal heirs and pure-blood ice illusionists left in the Ice Tribe. Conflict ensues after Ka Suo reluctantly ascends to the throne as his lover, Li Luo, and his brother go missing.
Ka Suo also accidentally discovers an evil presence lurking in the Ice Tribe's holy shrine. He and his companions enter the mysterious shrine, and defeat head of the shrine, Lady Yuan Ji, only to find out that she has been plotting a conspiracy against him. Ka Suo also experiences hardships in trying to find his lover and brother, not knowing that his brother has lost all of his memories and has become the Fire Prince under his mother's command. A war between the two tribes commences once again, with the two brothers pitted against each other.

- Novoland The Castle In The Sky Ep.01-28 END

Synopsis :
A Castle in Sky – how would one get there? Fly! In ancient times, because of their ability to fly (or make flying objects), the Yu Clan is regarded as gods by all. They live away from the people, high up in the mountains, busy constructing a castle in the sky, to the envy of others. One day, the castle explodes, causing an uproar in the Yu Clan. When the human race carefully observes the movement of the stars and mistakenly points to Yi Fu Ling (Traey Miley) as the suspect, heir/king of Yu Clan, Feng Tian Yi (Zhang Ruo Yun) tries his best to save and protect her, truly believing that she’s innocent of the accusation. In the end, all the manipulations stem from within the Yu Clan. Some don’t want to be considered as gods; they want to acquire and enjoy the wealth and benefits for being the “superior” clan. And starting a war seems to be a good idea. When Tian Yi understands the source of resentment, he and Fu Ling set out to defuse the growing hostility and impending war.

- Princess Weiyoung Ep.01-54 END

Synopsis :
The princess of Northern Liang takes on the identity of her saviour Li Weiyang to seek revenge against the people who annihilated her kingdom.

- When A Snail Falls In Love Ep.01-21 END

Synopsis :
Detective Ji Bai and new criminal profiler Xu Xu may seem like an awkward teacher-student pair at first glance, yet they are actually the best partners in the police force, solving one crime after another. Ji Bai slowly falls in love with Xu Xu, yet she is a girl who is as slow as a snail when it comes to love. Just as Xu Xu starts to reciprocate Ji Bai's feelings, the dormant "Angel's Killer" reappears.

- To Be A Better Man Ep.01-42 End

Synopsis :
Lu Yuan worked hard in America to become a Michelin 3-starred chef. To many, he is the Devil incarnate, reckless and wanton. But when it comes to the person he loves, he is an entirely different "good man," loyal, kind, and honest. After a nightmarish car accident takes away his friend, he returns home with his remains. There, he runs into the person he most doesn't want to see, and becomes entangled with his ex, Gan Jing, their old classmate, Jiang Hao Kun, and Hao Kun's younger sister, Jiang Lai.


- Boku No Yabai Tsuma Ep.01-09 END

Synopsis :
Kohei Mochizuki (Hideaki Ito) is married to Maria (Yoshino Kimura), but he has an affair with Anna Kitazato (Saki Aibu). The lovers plan to kill Maria. When Kohei Mochizuki comes home, he finds that his wife has disappeared and their are bloodstains. Kohei Mochizuki has mixed emotions. He realizes that he loves his wife Maria and hopes she returns safely. He soon learns the truth of the kidnapping and who Maria really is.

Thank You :)
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- Blow Breeze Ep.43-53 END
- Father I'll Take Care Of You Ep.21-37
- Hwarang The Beginning Ep.11-20 END
- Introverted Boss Ep.03-16 END
- Laurel Tree Tailors Ep.44-54 END
- Misssing Nine Ep.03-16 END
- Night Light Ep.19-20 END
- Our Gab Soon Ep.42-55
- Solomon's Perjury Ep.11-12 END
- Voice Ep.04-16 END


- Chief Kim Ep.01-14

Synopsis :

Kim Sung-Ryong (Namgung Min) used to manage money for gangs, but by an accidental opportunity, he begins to works as the chief of an accounting department for TQ Company. He struggles to save the decaying TC Company, fighting against corruption and irrationality in the company.

- Defendant Ep.01-17

Synopsis :

Park Jung-Woo is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. One day, he wakes up and finds himself in locked up at the police station. He has temporary amnesia. Park Jung-Woo is falsely accused and is sentenced to death. He must struggle to prove his innocence.

- Father Is Strange Ep.01-06

Synopsis :

Ahn Joong-Hee (Lee Joon) is an actor who used to be a member of an idol group. One day, he appears in front of a family who consists Byun Han-Soo and Na Young-Sil and their 4 children including Hye-Young and Mi-Young (Jung So-Min). Joong-Hee begins to live wth them.

- Perfect Wife Ep.01-07

Synopsis :

Sim Jae-Bok is married with two children. Due to hardships she went through, she has a wild temper. She gets involved in an unexpected case and begins to regain her true self.

- Radiant Office Ep.01-02

Synopsis :

A woman struggles to find a job, but she keeps failing. She decides to jump into the Han River to die. The woman is rescued and is sent to the hospital emergency room. There, she hears that she might have a fatal disease and she might not have much time left to live. She barely manages to land a job as a contract worker.

- Rebel Thief Who Stole The People Ep.01-15

Synopsis :

Drama series depicts the life of Hong Gil-Dong who is the the first revolutionist and dissident activist in Joseon.

- Romance Full Of Life Ep.01-06 END

Synopsis :

In-Sung (Yoon Si-Yoon) has prepared for the examination to become a police officer for 4 years. He has failed the exam 8 times, but he still has a positive personality. He then applies for the high pay part-time job which is titled "Experiment Full of Life."

- Saimdang Light's Diary Ep.01-16

Synopsis :

A Korean art history lecturer (Lee Young-Ae) discovers the diary of historical figure Shin Saimdang. The art history lecturer unravels the secret of a mysterious portrait.

- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep.01-08

Synopsis :

Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Young) was born with superhuman like strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. One day, Bong-Soon helps out a bus driver who is being attacked by a thug. Soon, a small mob of thugs attack Bong-Soon, but she is easily able to wipe the floor with them. During this time, Min-Hyuk (Park Hyung-Sik) drives up to the scene of Bong-Soon beating up the group of thugs. Min-Hyuk is the CEO of video gaming company Ainsoft. He has recently received anonymous threats and even followed by an unknown person. Min-Hyuk believes Bong-Soon would make a great bodyguard with her amazing strength. Besides offering Bong-Soon high pay, he even offers her the chance of working in the planning department of his gaming company if she does well.

- The Universe's Star Ep.01-06 END

Synopsis :

Story revolves around the romance between Woo-Joo (Suho) and Byul (Ji-Woo). Woo-Joo is a gifted singer-songwriter and Byul is an angel of death.

- Tomorrow With You Ep.01-14

Synopsis :

Drama series depicts the romance of a time traveler and his wife.

- You Are Too Much Ep.01-06

Synopsis :

Yoo Ji-Na (Uhm Jung-Hwa) has been a popular singer for the past 20 years, but she holds pain inside because of something she abandoned when she was younger. Meanwhile, Jung Hae-Dang (Ku Hye-Sun) began working as a Yoo Ji-Na impersonator to support her family after her father lost his job. She sings on stage at a club and tries hard to mimic Yoo Ji-Na's songs.

Thank You :)

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Re: [JUAL]DIVX KDrama @8000:Defendant,Perfect Wife,Tomorrow With You,dll
« Reply #154 on: July 17, 2017, 12:00:57 pm »

Msh jualan dvd nya?

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Re: [JUAL]DIVX KDrama @8000:Defendant,Perfect Wife,Tomorrow With You,dll
« Reply #155 on: September 02, 2017, 08:36:08 am »

sori sis baru liat message sis
aku jarang online di sini
kalau mau bisa disms/whatsapp no +6285693056282
Thank you

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Re: [JUAL]DIVX KDrama @8000:Defendant,Perfect Wife,Tomorrow With You,dll
« Reply #156 on: September 02, 2017, 09:06:13 am »


- Father I'll Take Care Of You Ep.38-50 END
- Chief Kim Ep.15-20 END
- Defendant Ep.18 END
- Father Is Strange Ep.07-52 END
- Perfect Wife Ep.08-20 END
- Radiant Office Ep.03-16 END
- Rebel Thief Who Stole The People Ep.16-30 END
- Saimdang Light's Diary Ep.17-28 END
- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep.09-16 END
- Tomorrow With You Ep.15-16 END
- You Are Too Much Ep.07-47


- Age Of Youth Season 2 Ep.01-03
- Bad Thief Good Thief Ep.01-30
- Bride of The Water God Ep.01-16 END
- Chicago Typewriter Ep.01-16 END
- Circle Ep.01-12 END
- Criminal Minds Ep.01-12
- Deserving The Name Ep.01-05
- Duel Ep.01-16 END
- Falsify Ep.01-20
- Fight For My Way Ep.01-16 END
- Lookout Ep.01-32 END
- Manhole Ep.01-08
- Man To Man Ep.01-16 END
- My Sassy Girl Ep.01-32 END
- My Secret Romance Ep.01-13 END
- Mystery Queen Ep.01-16 END
- Queen For Seven Days Ep.01-20 END
- Reunited World Ep.01-28
- Ruler Master Of The Mask Ep.01-40 END
- Save Me Ep.01-08
- School 2017 Ep.01-14
- Secret Forest Ep.01-16 END
- Sister Is Alive Ep.01-39
- Strongest Deliveryman Ep.01-09
- Suspicious Partner Ep.01-40 END
- The Best Hit Ep.01-32 END
- The King Loves Ep.01-28
- The Liar And His Lover Ep.01-16 END
- Tunnel Ep.01-16 END
- Whisper Ep.01-17 END
- Woman of Dignity Ep.01-20 END


- City Hall Ep.01-20 END
- Daemul Ep.01-24 END
- Dong Yi Ep.01-60 END
- Hong Gil Dong Ep.01-24 END
- Jumong Ep.01-81 END
- Princess Ja Myung Go Ep.01-39 END
- Queen Seon Deok Ep.01-62 END
- The Merchant Gaekju Ep.01-41 END


- A Servant of Two Masters Ep.01-43 END
- Battle Of Changsa Ep.01-32 END
- Blade Heart Ep.01-37 END
- Chinese Paladin 5 Ep.01-45 END
- Empress Of China Ep.01-74 END
- Empress In The Palace Ep.01-76 END
- Great Protector Ep.01-38 END
- Holy Pearl Ep.01-36 END
- I Am Still La La Ep.01-40 END
- Legend Of Chusen Ep.01-55 END
- Legend Of Chusen 2 Ep.01-18 END
- Legend Of Hua Mu Lan Ep.01-48 END
- Legend of Nine Tails Fox Ep.01-32 END
- Legend Of Qin Ep.01-54 END
- Love Yun Ge from the Desert Ep.01-44 END
- Magic Star Ep.01-51 END
- Spirit Of The Sword 2007 Ep.01-40 END
- Stay With Me Ep.01-38 END
- Sword Stained With Royal Blood Ep.01-30 END
- The Classic of Mountains and Seas Ep.01-42 END
- The First Half Of My Life Ep.01-42 END
- The Legend Of Condor Heroes Ep.01-52 END
- The Myth Ep.01-50 END
- The Next Station Is Marriage Ep.01-35 END
- The Three Heroes And Five Gallants Ep.01-44 END
- Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang Treasure Raiders Ep.01-42 END


- Omukae Death EP.01-09 END
- Hapimari (Happy Marriage) Ep.01-12 END
- Career Ep.01-10 END
- Chef Three School Lunch Ep.01-10 END
- My Loser Husband Ep.01-06

Thank You  :)

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- Age Of Youth Season 2 Ep.04-14 END
- Bad Thief Good Thief Ep.31-50 END
- Criminal Minds Ep.13-20 END
- Deserving The Name Ep.06-16 END
- Falsify Ep.21-32 END
- Manhole Ep.09-16 END
- Reunited World Ep.29-40 END
- Save Me Ep.09-16 END
- School 2017 Ep.15-16 END
- Sister Is Alive Ep.40-54 END
- Strongest Deliveryman Ep.10-16 END
- The King Loves Ep.29-40 END


- Devil Inspector Ep.01-09 END
- 20th Century Boy And Girl Ep.01-24
- Andante Ep.01-08
- Argon Ep.01-08 END
- Avengers Social Club Ep.01-12 END
- Because This Is My First Life Ep.01-12
- Black Ep.01-10
- Borg Mom Ep.01-10
- Bravo My Life Ep.01-02
- Girls Generation 1979 Ep.01-08 END
- Go Back Couple Ep.01-11
- Hospital Ship Ep.01-40 END
- Mad Dog Ep.01-12
- Man Who Sets The Table Ep.01-20
- Meloholic Ep.01-04
- Money Flower Ep.01-02
- My Golden Life Ep.01-22
- Revolutionary Of Love Ep.01-10
- Temperature Of Love Ep.01-34
- The Package Ep.01-10
- While You Were Sleeping Ep.01-32 END
- Witch's Courtroom Ep.01-12


- Eternal Love Ep.01-24 END
- My Ruby My Blood Ep.01-38 END
- King's Woman Ep.01-48 END

Thank you :)

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UPDATE 10 MEI 2018

- 20th Century Boy & Girl Ep.25-32 END
- Andante Ep.09-16 END
- Because This Is My First Life Ep.13-16 END
- Black Ep.11-18 END
- Borg Mom Ep.11-12 END
- Bravo My Life Ep.03-56 END
- Go Back Couple Ep.12 END
- Mad Dog Ep.13-16 END
- Man Who Sets The Table Ep.21-50 END
- Meloholic Ep.05-10 END
- Money Flower Ep.03-24 END
- My Golden Life Ep.23-52 END
- Revolutionary Of Love Ep.11-16 END
- Temperature Of Love Ep.35-40 END
- The Package Ep.11-12 END
- Witch's Courtroom Ep.13-16 END


- A Poem A Day Ep.01-14
- Argon Ep.01-08 END
- A Korean Odyssey Ep.01-20 END
- Bad Guys 2 : City Of Evil Ep.01-16 END
- Black Knight The Man Who Guards Me Ep.01-20 END
- Children Of Lesser God Ep.01-16 END
- Cross Ep.01-16 END
- Doubtful Victory Ep.01-40 END
- Eulachacha Waikiki Ep.01-20 END
- Evergreen/That Man Oh Man Soo Ep.01-16 END
- Good Witch Ep.01-18
- Grand Prince Ep.01-20 END
- Great Seducer Ep.01-32 END
- I'm Not A Robot Ep.01-32 END
- Jugglers Ep.01-16 END
- Just Between Lovers Ep.01-16 END
- Let's Watch The Sunset Ep.01-30
- Live Ep.01-18 END
- Longing Heart/My First Love Ep.01-10 END
- Magic School Ep.01-04 END
- Marry Me Now Ep.01-16
- Miracle That We Met Ep.01-12
- Mistress Ep.01-04
- Misty Ep.01-16 END
- Mother Ep.01-16 END
- My Husband Oh Jak Doo Ep.01-20
- My Mister Ep.01-13
- Mystery Queen 2 Ep.01-16 END
- Nothing To Lose Ep.01-32 END
- Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Ep.01-12
- Prison Playbook Ep.01-16 END
- Radio Romance Ep.01-16 END
- Return Ep.01-34 END
- Rich Man Ep.01
- Short Ep.01-04 END
- Should We Kiss First Ep.01-40 END
- Suits Ep.01-04
- Switch Ep.01-26
- Two Cops Ep.01-32 END
- Untouchable Ep.01-16 END
- Wok Of Love Ep.01-04
- Yeonnam Dong 539 Ep.01-12 END
- You Drive My Crazy Ep.01-04 END


- Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito Ep.01-09 END
- May I Blackmail You Ep.01-09 END


- Old Boy Ep.01-45 END
- Secrets Of Three Kingdoms Ep.01-30


- All The Buttlers Ep.01-17
- Busted Ep.01-02
- Little House In The Forest Ep.01-04

Thank you :)

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UPDATE 19 MEI 2018

- A Poem A Day Ep.15-16 END
- Good Witch Ep.19-20
- Let's Watch The Sunset Ep.31-32 END
- Marry Me Now Ep.17-18
- Miracle That We Met Ep.13-14
- Mistress Ep.05-06
- My Husband Oh Jak Doo Ep.21-22
- My Mister Ep.14-16 END
- Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Ep.13-15
- Rich Man Ep.02-04
- Suits Ep.05-08
- Switch Ep.17-32 END
- Wok Of Love Ep.05-08


- Come And Hug Me Ep.01-04
- Investigation Couple Ep.01-04
- Lawless Lawyer Ep.01-04
- Secret Mother Ep.01-02

Thank You :)
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