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Author Topic: SHAH RUKH KHAN & RANI MUKHERJEE "sweeT joDi IN BOLLyWoOd"  (Read 84162 times)


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« Reply #10 on: June 12, 2008, 08:11:50 pm »

Oh episode Rani-Karan itu eps. 19 ya? baru tayang 7 Juni kmrn. pdhal syutingnya dah lama jg. Pantes wkt itu blm ada yg nonton orang sananya.

Asrieq ... Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain itu versi Indianya dr acara kuis who is smarter than 5th grader yg populer di luar negeri. Acara ini di pandu oleh SRK. Nah... eps. Rani-Karan ini eps. bintang tamu pertama.

Lya05....kl g slh eps.17 dn show ini ad y tertop skrg ini mengalahkan show y dipandu salman dn hrithik.
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« Reply #11 on: June 12, 2008, 08:19:38 pm »

Recap Ep: 17

Karan Johar, the special guest of the show, opens the episode in his ‘directing’ style and promises that he is going to direct a live song for the first time ever. As soon as he says action the doors of the classroom open and SRK starts dancing with the other special guest Rani Mukherjee. The actors perform on the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai title track.

Anubhav sings pahli nazar main aisa jadoo kar diya for Rani. As the game starts, Rani and Karan find the first question very difficult and use a cheat for it. In between the episode Rani requests SRK to be soft with them. Both Rani and Karan recollect their childhood experience - Karan was too fat and he used to play tug-of -war with his friends while Rani used to avoid his brother as he was very naughty.

Rani kisses SRK when he complains that she is biased because she only kissed Anubhav  [lol]. All three of them then dance with Mailanjeet.

Karan, Rani and SRK have a blast on the sets. SRK also punishes them for cheating with the studio audience. Rani reveals how she has learnt to focus on work from SRK.

Rani and Karan won 50 lakhs rupees for their respective charities.


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« Reply #12 on: June 12, 2008, 08:35:19 pm »

Krn g ad y translate Aq mpe ny k sono :P minta ut di translate n yes...aq sharng y

Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain

karan,rani,shahru kocak abizzzz [rock]

EP17 – A

Namaskar, I'm Karan Johar and if you don’t know that, maybe you don’t drink much coffee. Today we’re going to do something big on the small screen. We’re going to shoot a song such that you’ve never ever seen or heard. Let me tell you this is the most original situation in the history of Indian cinema. Lights, camera, action!

Vah! Not Rekha, Madhuri or Neeta Ambani, please welcome our favorite – Rani. And for you – this style of yours (vah vah!) has stolen our hearts, please welcome Shahrukh Khan.

SRK: Thank you. Let me continue these horrible poems. Karan this is for you. Whomever he directs gets the stamp of success. Because this is the super duper director, Karan Johar. But on a more serious note, ladies and gentlemen, this is Shahrukh Khan and I'm really happy because two of my closest friends are here. Before we start let me introduce my class to them. 1st is Sreeparna. You want to ask Karan or Rani anything?

Sree: You both look very beautiful, play really well.

SRK: Next is Anubhav bhai, he's a great dancer and very naughty. Sing some nice song for Rani. Here’s Shriya and she's already worked with you I hear. What’s the nicest thing about Rani?

Shriya: Rani didi is very sweet. She was my favorite actress and is. I really enjoyed working with her.

SRK: Over there is my Punjabi kid, Milanjeet. He's the sweetest kid. Last and of course not the least is my Harry Puttar, Dheirya. Who do you like better, Karan or Rani?

D: Both, Karan uncle is a great director and she's a great actress.

SRK: Karan and Rani are here – thank you very much for coming – to win money for their respective charities. It's for a very good cause so I want them to tell us which charity they are donating to.

Rani: I had previously donated to Arogya Nadi Hospital and it made a big difference to them so this time also I’ll donate to a hospital but I haven't yet decided which one.

Karan: I'm going to give it to the cause you support – the wing you want to build and have built for Nanavati Hospital.

SRK: Very good. Let me explain the rules of the game….you can leave at any time if you feel the question is too tough. But what do we call those who leave the class? Bhagoda (coward). That means you are running away like cowards. I don’t want the kids, through you, to get the message that they can quit studies. So keep moving and don’t say no till you reach 5 crores. Is the tension building?

Karan : Yes. Bhagoda.

Rani : Shah you keep smiling and everything will be fine.

SRK: Ok and I’ll smilingly tell you that in case you don’t win 5 crores, which looking at your two faces I doubt you’ll win….

Karan : We shall overcome. We do believe, we have the confidence.

SRK: We’ll get Karan ready for elections too. So if you don’t win 5 crores you have to look in that camera you see the light on, and with a smile say I Karan Johar and I, Rani Mukherjee, are very intelligent, very famous people, great director, great actress, won many awards, done a lot of things, but we’re not smarter than a 5th grader, we are idiots and stupid.

Rani : Can I say this in starting?

SRK: Sure. Let me tell you, you have the distinction of being the 1st guest on the show to want to say this before you start.

Rani : I Rani Mukherjee am not smarter than a 5th grader, I’m a stupid owl.

SRK: Very good. Karan?

Karan : Is it necessary to prove nationwide what big owls we are? that we aren’t smarter than 5th graders?

SRK: No, no, I don’t want you insulted in front of the nation, this show goes outside the country too. So foreigners will also come to know.

Karan : I have a very loyal NRI audience. What are you trying to do?

SRK: I think after this show there might be a little change in that. but don’t worry about it, choose a classmate to help you.

Karan : Shriya, you come darling.

SRK: Let's see if Rani and Karan are smarter than 5th graders. Choose your subject for 10,000.

Karan – Rani : Class 5 geography.

SRK: Karan and Rani are jumping straight to the top. Please show them the question.

Karan : Geography is a favorite subject of mine.

Rani : See the question.

Karan : Ok bye, than you very much. You did this on purpose, you brought us to this show to humiliate and insult us.

SRK: I promise you I’ll not try to do that, I’ll make sure I do that.

Karan : I’ll ask Rani this question.

SRK: It's easier if I read it in Hindi.

Karan : Rani, one minute. Sagarmatha, let's break it up. Sagar is sea and matha means head. Head of sea.

Rani : Just tell us what are the cheats.

SRK: Rani is down to business.

Rani : It's going above us.

Karan : Above my matha.

SRK: Let me tell you the cheats. You have Peek, Copy and Save.

Rani : Can we just copy.

Karan : No, do Peek.
Should we copy?

SRK: You’ll be the 1st people whose charities will phone you and tell you not to play for them the next year.

Karan : OK so do we Peek? Say something.

SRK: You don’t want to think, you want to Peek straighaway.

Karan : But sagarmatha. We know Bharat mata (mother India) we don’t know sagarmatha.

SRK: Then you have to press this and say we two grownups who thought we were so smart before the show….

Rani : But we didn’t think we were smart.

Karan : I thought I would definitely know the 1st question but my plan misfired so I’ll hold this cup and say I'm sorry I thought I could answer this question but that’s not possible so Sreeparna my love, I’ll Peek from you.

SRK: So fix it and say you want to Peek. Let's see what Shriya wrote. She said ‘Mt. Everest’.

Karan – Rani : Let's go with Shriya.

SRK: If the answer is wrong, the game ends here.

Karan : No, go with her. We have no idea, she must be knowing this.

SRK: Come back.

Rani : We thought we’ll leave now.

SRK: I won't let you go with such dignity if you're wrong. I’ll show you what the other kids wrote. They all wrote Mt Everest and that’s the right answer.

Karan : Very clever, can I stand here with her?

SRK: Ok ladies and gentlemen, normally our break happens after 4-5 questions are done. This is the 1st time it's happening after the very 1st question.

EP17 – B

SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS. I'm very happy to say that two of my closest friends are here in my class. How do you feel?

Rani : We always feel good when you're there.

SRK: I have a childhood picture of yours, Rani.

You look very serious. You haven't changed at all. You always look beautiful; you looked pretty as a child, you look pretty now and when you're 2 ½ years old you’ll look pretty and you’ll look prettiest when you're an old lady. But you’ll never grow old, both of us will remain young, we’ll go on singing ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ song.

Agree shahru  [clap]

Karan will keep putting us in college and we’ll keep acting in college. This is my reaction when Karan directs me. “We’ll do this in this scene, Shahrukh”, and I go to sleep. Why am I sleeping?

Rani: Shahrukh you look so good while sleeping.
SRk : I know Rani...One time just try to sleep with me and u'll know how sweet I look

Aww shahru sk goda rani  [kiss]

Karan : This is a family show, please do not talk like that.

SRK: Please forgive me. All the’ ba, bahu and saazish’ of Star Plus will get scared by this. But I hope you both will perform better in the questions which come up. Choose a subject for 20,000.

Rani: Let's go for Class 1 English.

SRK: Now they’ve come down to their level, from Class 5 to Class 1.

What word will complete the rhyme ‘pussycat, pussycat, where have you been? I have been to London to see the…..?

K; Queen, queen. Let's fix it.

SRK: One second, let me read the question first. Everyone stop for a second. Do you know this for sure?

Karan : C’mon now, fix it.

SRK: Let me tell you the goof you made in haste. But you have the Save left. I had sung this poem in OSO and I had sung it the way you did, Karan. But actually the poem is with ‘the scene’ and not ‘the queen’.

Rani : It's ‘queen’.

SRK: Ok, ‘queen’ is the right answer.

Karan : That’s not allowed.

SRK: This is my class and I can do whatever I want.

Rani : But that gives us a heart attack.

Karan : I was thinking to myself, I know this rhyme. Why did my mom teach me wrong? I was doubting my mummy.

SRK: Really good, 20,000 is yours. And Shriya who helped you with sagarmatha has to go back. Choose a new classmate.

Rani : Anubhav.

SRK: What did he say?

Rani : That I'm looking very pretty and I'm playing very well.

SRK: Understand this; no one other than me can praise Rani.

Rani : You're very sweet.

Karan : You're also very sweet.

SRK: I'm going to try what Anubhav tried because he said that and you kissed him. You look very pretty and you play very well. Ok tell me what sort of student were you in school, Rani?

Rani : Average. I'm going to only say ‘average’ at this point.

SRK: Otherwise I might ask you some difficult questions. But seriously, did you do any mischief and get caught? You were a very good girl? You never did anything worng, didn’t run away from school? Teased any boys?

Rani : I didn’t tease any girls.

SRK: Did you even go to school? If you didn’t do anything maybe you didn’t go to school? And Karan, I heard that in school….well I know so much about you it’ll look strange if I ask you about it. Karan was a very bright student but also the fattest student. what was the reason for you being fat?

Karan : I was an only child so my parents spoiled me a lot. I became so fat that no one took me in any of their teams in sports so I just continued to eat in depression. So I became even fatter.

SRK: But you were very good in studies.

Karan : Yes. Normally moms run after kids saying please study. But my mom used to say, for God’s sake stop studying. Go down and play, make friends. But I continued to study nonstop which is not very obvious today. I was a mug pot in school. I just studied by rote. But I didn’t remember anything afterward. It's never good to mug, you have to absorb.

SRK: Karan has given us a good lesson and also given a good excuse for not remembering 5th grade stuff. Now for 50,000 choose a subject and please try to win.

Karan : Class 3 Stories.

SRK: Please show the question for 50,000 to Karan and Rani.

In the Mahabharata, who tested the Kauravas and Pandavas by asking them to aim at the eye of an artificial bird?

SRK: Anubhav thinks he knows it. Let me read the question once in English.

K: We know this one, we both know it, we are in the know-how. In fact I'm shocked that I know it. But I don’t know if it's right.

SRK: Think carefully, this is for 50,000, you also have 2 cheats left. So first say aloud what you think and then decide.

Karan : Now you're scaring us.

Rani : It's Dronacharya.

Karan : It's Drona.

SRK: Dronacharya or Drona?

Rani : They are the same.

SRK: You didn’t learn this in school?

Karan : No, but this story is very popular.

SRK: What story was it?

Karan : The one where he asks them to aim at the eye of an artificial bird. But this is related to Dronacharya, I think.

Rani : Are you sure? Even I'm sure so shall we go for it?

Karan : He's laughing, I think he's very happy.

Rani : Shah, we’re going for it. Why are you looking like that, you're scaring me.

SRK: How else should I look at you? Fortunately your answer is right. Actually Dronacharya was a guru and he was the common bond between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. He was both their gurus. He asked them what they saw and till they saw only the eye he said that they weren’t focused. You should only see the eye and nothing else. So in any work you do or any goal you want to achieve you have to focus. That’s the most important thing. Now you're playing for 1 lakh. Quickly choose a subject.

Karan-Rani: Animal Kingdom.

SRK: Before we show the question we’ll take a short tiffin break because I'm so happy they are here and so sad they are climbing up the ladder so slowly. Jokes apart you both are playing beautifully. So say this with me. We three – Shahrukh, Karan, Rani, will be waiting here for you. So take a tiifin break and come back.

EP17 – C

SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS and I'm playing the game and putting up with Karan and Rani. Please show the question on Animal Kingdom for I lakh to Rani and Karan.

True or false: the flying fox belongs to the dog family like all other foxes.

SRK: Anubhav thinks he knows it.

Karan-Rani: False.

SRK: Why do you think that?

Rani : Because flying fox hardly means that a fox is flying or a dog is flying.

SRK: You mean it can't be a flying dog.

Rani : No it can't so it's false. Hello, it's false only.

Karan : But let's see why it's false, you're just saying flying fox for you is not sounding like a dog.

Rani : It can't be a dog because dogs can't fly.

SRK: Just to do some cheap humor in the middle, this question has really foxed you.

Rani : False ok? Fix?

Karan : One minute.

Rani : I'm telling you dogs don’t fly.

SRK: Let me give you the options guys. Don’t get worried. Flying fox – I’ll fly and tell you.

Karan : I want to say that….

Rani : Go with me Karan. Will you go with me?

SRK: Let me tell you the options…

Karan : We’ll be going with you.

Rani : We’ll not be going. Trust me on this.

Karan : I'm also saying it's false…

SRK: Both of you say it's false but let me give you the options, listen please, I'm the teacher, listen to me!

Rani : Teacher, teacher, sir, sir.

SRK: If you're right you get 1 lakh. You have 2 cheats, Copy and Save. You can either take Anubhav’s answer or if his answer is right he can save you. That’s it.

Rani : I'm telling you it's false.

SRK: Rani thinks it's false. What do you think Karan?

Karan : I also think it's false but…

Rani : Then let's fix it no?

Karan : I'm looking for the logic here.

Rani : We don’t need the logic.

Karan : I know, but I don’t know which family they belong to.

Rani : But we don’t need to know that as long as they’re not the dog family.

SRK: As long as they don’t belong to the Mukherjee and Johar family.

Karan : I know it's not the dog family so yes it's false.

SRK: Let me tell you what a flying fox is. Do you know?

Rani : No.

SRK: Do you? Tell us what it is.

Anubhav: It belongs to the bat family.

SRK: The answer is ‘false’ so you get 1 lakh. Anubhav has to go back. Choose a new classmate.

Rani : Milanjeet.

SRK: Milanjeet and I do world class bhangda.

Rani : I’ll dance bhangda too.

SRK: All 4 of us will. C’mon everyone. Milanjeet will lead. Very good, thank you very much. I started the bhangda just in case your answer is wrong, you can at least go doing the bhangda.

Rani : Please don’t say that, say good things.

SRK: You’ve reached the 2 lakh place and that means you’ll take a minimum of 2 lakhs with you if you answer right. Milanjeet is ready to help you. Choose your subject.

Rani : Monuments and Places.

SRK: For 2 lakhs please show the question.

Which of these memorials bears the inscription ‘Hey Ram’ – Raj Ghat, Veer Bhumi, or Vijay Ghat?

SRK: Milanjeet thinks he knows it. Who said hey Ram?

Rani : It should be on Mahatma Gandhi’s. It’s in Delhi, right? And Veer Bhumi will be definitely for the Jawans I think. It won't be Vijay Ghat, I think it’ll be Raj Ghat.

SRK: Who said Hey Ram?

Rani : Mahatma Gandhi.

SRK: Which do you think is related to him out of these? You said Veer Bhumi is related to the army.

Rani : Yes and Raj Ghat is in Delhi, that memorial to Gandhiji.

Karan : I know it's definitely not Veer Bhumi, I'm confused between Raj Ghat and Vijay Ghat.

Rani : It has to be Raj Ghat. Shall I fix it?

SRK: Actually all 3 are in Delhi. Why have y’all gone so far away?

Karan : We don’t want eye contact with you because you're trying to scare us so just tell us what the right answer is. Either we call the car around or we stand up. Please tell us the answer.

Rani : Tell us.

Karan : Please help us kids.

SRK: Ok Raj Ghat is the right answer.

Karan : I have to tell you, Rani, our answers are right but the logics are all wrong. I'm saying I'm sure Raj Ghat is in Delhi and he's saying all 3 are in Delhi.

SRK: And all 3 are memorials. Ver Bhumi is shri Rajiv Gandhi’s, and Vijay Ghat is for Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. Raj Ghat is Gandhiji’s memorial and it has Hey Ram wrotten on it, you must have seen it on TV too.

Karan : You were right. And I saw it in the film Chandni. There’s a song ‘mehbooba’ and the shot is in that of Raj Ghat. Rishi ji and Sridevi are on a ride.

SRK: Obviously Karan went to a school where they taught such things like films etc. There's another thing that impressed me during DDLJ shooting in Switzerland. I found out that Karan speaks very fluent French. And I want to request him for our next break link, to look in that camera…

Karan : I just want to say are you smarter than a 5th grader in French.

SRK: Ok, I’ll come behind you and the 2nd part Karan will say is, come back soon, you're watching KAPPS.

EP17 – D

SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS and we’re with Karan and Rani. We’re moving towards the big money now, the 2nd phase, for 5 lakhs. Choose a subject so you can win 5 lakhs.

Rani : Plant Kingdom.

SRK: Class 4 plant kingdom for 5 lakhs, please show the question. Kids let's say once for Karan and Rani…

Which if these species is actually a dried bud? – clove, cardamom or cinnamon?

Karan : It's a clove.

SRK: Think carefully and answer. Milanjeet thinks he knows it.

Karan : In olden days when your teeth hurt and you went to a dentist, he put a dried bud in your teeth which is a clove.

SRK: This is for 5 lakhs. You are in the safe zone and that means you’ll take minimum 2 lakhs. Why not cardamom?

Rani : It's not a dried bud and it can't be a bud. It has to be a clove.

Karan : It's called a Laung.

SRK: And you know the song too don’t you? Laungavacha?

Rani : I'm tensed right now, don’t sing now.

SRK: Sing once, Milanjeet knows it too.

Milanjet: I don’t see too many movies. I concentrate on my studies.

Karan : Which was your last film?

Milanjeet: I saw Chak De, it's my favorite.

SRK: You probably thought it was a Punjabi film and saw it didn’t you? Sing the song.

Rani : I don’t know it. I think let's go with clove.

Karan : Shahrukh is smiling, I think it's the right answer. he's very happy for us.

SRK: I'm smiling so you think….

Karan : Ok, get footage. We’ll also see.

SRK: How bad will you feel if I told you that clove is the wrong answer?

Rani : It's the right answer.

Karan : Look you can't argue with a woman because she knows her spices because she's hot.

SRK: Just to clarify, you gave the answer. What do you have in common with a kitchen?

Rani : I gave the answer.

Karan : When did I say I'm not hot?

SRK: Oh so you're hot and she's spice?

Rani : I gave the answer.

SRK: Ok then I won't discuss if a spicy and hot lady is answering. Clove is the right answer. Rani what did you want to be when you grew up?

Rani : I never thought about it.

SRK: But you must have had something in mind – astronaut, pilot, kids have dreams.

Rani : Nothing like that, I only thought that when I grew up I wanted to do a lot for my parents. I wanted to give them all the happiness in the world.

SRK: I've known Rani for many years now and the amount of happiness Rani has given her parents by working night and day, I don’t think too many daughters have done that. Seeing her love for her parents I sometimes wish I was her mother. Karan what did you want to become?

Karan : I wanted to cut hair. I didn’t have any big dreams.

SRK: You wanted to make your parents happy by cutting hair. When I went for my first school interview the principal asked me, son what do you want to be when you grew up and I said I want to cut hair. I didn’t get admission in that school. They didn’t want a hairstylist associated with their school. Then my mother said, say pilot because that’s a safe answer.

SRK: So you said that?

Karan : Yes but when they asked me what I wanted to fly I said, nothing. I know what to say till pilot. After that, as you know, my answers get weak.

SRK: Genuinely, beyond that, did you think of becoming anything? Did you know you’ll be a director? I know all this but people don’t.

Karan : Fashion designing, that’s why I design your clothes.

SRK: Even today he designs my clothes. That’s his main profession.

Karan : I'm more a fashion designer then a director.

SRK: Anything else you want to tell us?

Karan : Absolutely not, too many secrets have been revealed. Please continue.

Rani : Sreeparna.

Karan : Ladies first, son. We’ll call you next.

SRK: Karan and Rani have called Sreeparna. They are saving Dheirya for the as a secret weapon for the main questions. Choose your subject for 10 lakhs.

Rani : Class 2 math.

SRK: For 10 lakhs please show them the question.

What is the smallest of the following numbers? – unattees, saintees and saintalees?

Rani : Unattees is 39, saintees I think is 70 and saintalees….no, unattees is 29.

SRK: Start counting from 1, Karan…. This is class 2 question. saintaees? That must be French, darling. Karan, start counting after 30. Hindi film’s biggest director, class 2 question.

Karan : We've been humiliated a lot.

Rani : I think it's unattees.

SRK: Rani thinks it's unattees, Karan doesn’t think anything.

Karan : I'm thinking it's kuch kuch (something).

SRK: How much is uanttees?

Rani : 29.

SRK: How much is saintees?

Rani : Probably 37.

SRK: What's saintalees?

Rani : I think it's 70.

Karan : I think just copy, she will know 100%.

Rani : I think it's unattees. Trust me.

Karan : But why take a chance.

Rani : It's definitely unattees because see saintees and saintalees are not below unattees.

SRK: You think because they weren’t there when you counted. So they have to come later.

Rani : Yes. And who cares whether they are 30 or 70….

SRK: Who cares. Let it go, yaar. Your time is running out. No, you haven't said the answer.

Rani : Unattees. It's right isn’t it?

SRK: How do you know?

Rani : I know.

Karan : I've not seen and anyway we’re done already, we've fixed the answer. So I can see now?

SRK: If you two have cheated I’ll make you stand on the bench.

Rani : I didn’t cheat.

Karan : I've read it here.

SRK: Ok let's see Anubhav’s answer. He says saintees.

Karan : Are you knowledgeable in this? (Anubhav means awareness, knowledge).

SRK: Let's see what Sreeparna says. She says unattees. You have Save left. If your answer is wrong Sreeparna cannot save you since she has the same answer. you two have cheated also.

Rani : I didn’t cheat. Promise, God promise.

Karan : That’s not fair. We don’t accept your accusation. We stand by 29 because we’re both 29 years old.

SRK: Pk if you're so pure at heart I accept your answer. 29 is the right answer.

Karan : Anubhav, shall I pinch you? First you pinch me, I didn’t know unattees was the right answer.

SRK: Saintees is 37 and saintalees is 47. You two come here with me. Camera, please follow us and Anubhav you come here. Karan stand on this.

Rani : I didn’t cheat.

Karan : What if it breaks?

SRK: Rani, go and stand on the chair, quickly. I'm the class teacher. Hold your ears. These two will stand here, holding their ears and you take a short break – actually take a long break and take your time coming back. Till you come back they’ll stand here holding their ears like monkeys.

EP17 – E.

SRK: Once again welcome back to KAPPS. I'm having a great time with my friends. You're at the last 3 questions, only 3 away from 1 crore. Go for it.

Karan: General Knowledge.

SRK: Please show the question for 20 lakhs, Class 2 general knowledge.

Which bird from New Zealand shares its name with a fruit native to China?

SRK: You read well, now answer it.

Karan : You know about fruits in China? There are melons, right? And passion fruit.

SRK: Try the other way too. You know of any New Zealand bird? Or a fruit form China?

Karan-Rani : Kiwi?

Karan: Is Kiwi a bird? The people from New Zealand are called the Kiwis. I don’t think there's a bird.

SRK: You have 2 cheats left too. You think it's a Kiwi?

Karan : No, where did we think that? We were only talking out loud, throwing seeds.

SRK: If you can decide, it's for 20 lakhs. I'm looking at our site where a lot of things are written. Talk out loud, or are you talking lovey-dovey personal stuff?

Karan : No, we were talking good about you. We were praising you.

SRK: So I can tell you the answer? You’re playing for 20 lakhs. If you're wrong you’ll fall down to 2 lakhs. Let me remind you that these two are playing for charity. Right now they have got 10 lakhs, 5 lakhs for each charity.

Rani : You know we’re playing for charity so I think the answer is correct. Because God is with us.

SRK: This is a new logic of Rani’s this time.

Rani : I'm saying Om Sairam. Shall I?

SRK: Shall I show you what Sreeparna wrote? You're playing for charity and if Kiwi is wrong Sreeparna cannot save you. But that moment won't come because Kiwi is the right answer. Chinese gooseberry is also called Kiwi. And there's a flightless bird in New Zealand called Kiwi and the people there are affectionately known as Kiwis. Not because the people there lay eggs.

Karan : Or fly.

SRK: Now Sreeparna has to go back. Now you have to call the last child, Dheirya. Dheirya they are trying to get in your good books so please don’t get ‘carried away’ by them. This is a bribe. Now it's time for me to pray to God to give them some more intelligence so they can play even better and win some more money for charity. So I’ll pray and you take a short break.

EP17 – F

SRK: Welcome back to KAPPS. With me are my very close friends Rani and Karan. Now Karan and Rani are playing for 50 lakhs for their charities. They are 2 questions away from 1 crore. Class 1 Hindi for 50 lakhs. Please show the question.

What svar (vowel) can be added to ‘sar’, ‘mar’ and ‘lag’ to make 3 new words?

SRK: You know what svar means? Dheirya has fixed his answer. this is for 50 lakhs for charity so think carefully.

Karan: It's ‘a’. Asar, amar, alag. It can't be kasar, kamar, kalag or pasar, pamar, palag.

SRK: You know what svar is right?

Rani : Svar means tune? No?

SRK: You tell me. I'm asking you.

Karan : It's ‘a’. I can't be wrong about this, babe.

SRK: Because Karan is really good in Hindi.

Rani : You're scaring me, both of you. Should I fix it?

SRK: Untees, untalees….

Karan : Come this side.

SRK: Don’t scare me Karan, I'm very scared.

Rani : Karan, are you sure?

Karan : You see.

Rani : You're saying correct but I dint know what that svar is.

Karan : Svar is confusing us, he's throwing us off by saying svar. Svar must be this only – ‘a’. Ramar, rasar, ralag, zasar

Rani : Ok come, let's fix it.

SRK: You’ve fixed it, now there's no going back. You know the difference between a vyanjan and a svar? A svar is a vowel. Do you know the Hindi vowels?

Karan : A aa e ee u oo e ei udibaba udibaba udibaba. All my references are from Hindi films. There’s a song that goes like that…

SRK: You too are very cheap. 50 lakh rupees. Very good. Fantastic. Quickly let's move to the…no! Rani and Karan have won 50 lakhs for their charities – Karan for Nanavati Hospital and Rani for various charities together. Not only have both of them played a fantastic game, they have played for a very good cause too. So I really thank you guys for being so fantastic, so beautiful and so nice but most of all being so funny and so silly and so sweet. I owe you one for coming on this show and being so nice to me. Thank you very much Karan and Rani, I love you guys. You’ll get am LCD TV also from us. That’s not for charity.

All the kids watching this program and adults too, please remember that Rani’s very beautiful film is releasing. Shriya is in it too and it's called – Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic. So please go, I’ll definitely see it, Karan and I will see it 1st day 1st show, at the trial itself and we know it's going to be a wonderful and a beautiful film so please make it a big hit.

shahru tmn sejati rani,dia promosiin film rani [thumbsup]

Ok let me ask you the 1 crore question just so that you know how intelligent you are. They were showing off to me so let's find out. Class 5 Personalities for 1 crore. Please show the question.

Who was the founder of the Ramakrishna Mission?

Karan : Swami Vivekanand.

SRK: Rani?

Rani : I think it's Swami Vivekanand.

Karan : Both Ram and Krishna are Rani’s parents. Ram is Rani’s dad’s name and Krishna is her mother’s name. and she's on a mission.

SRK: She has won 50 lakhs as part of her mission. You don’t think shri Ramakrishna? Unfortunately you're not playing for real money because this is the only answer in this whole program that you have answered with full confidence. And this is the right answer.

You know what's happened? Through this show you have genuinely started thinking you're intelligent. No really, I get that feeling now that you have also answered the Ramakrishna Mission.

Karan : It came out like that.

SRK: Now you two have to look in that camera and say – I Karan Johar, India’s biggest film director, and I Rani Mukherjee, India’s biggest actress, this is Shahrukh Khan saying it so you can say it, you're not sounding pompous.

Karan : I'm very down to earth.

SRK: In that down to earth manner tell them how down to earth you are to not be smarter than a 5th grader.

Karan : I Karan Johar, India’s producer/director…

SRK: How can you be produce and direct India?

Karan : Indian film fraternity’s producer/director, want to say that I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.

Rani : I rani Mukherjee, India’s film actress, am not smarter than a 5th grader.

SRK: I'm stupid, a dunce, brainless.

Karan : I'm Shahrukh Khan’s friend.

Rani : And I'm Shahrukh Khan’s best heroine.

SRK: And we three are not smarter than 5th graders. Thank you very much Rani and Karan.

[flower](Rani Mukerji & Shahrukhkhan)[flower]


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« Reply #13 on: June 21, 2008, 07:33:46 pm »


deleted scane KANK..
lucu bangetttt.. ;D ;D

[lovestruck]~*THE QUEEN OF HEARTS*~ [lovestruck]


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« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2008, 12:30:02 pm »

Pengen banget nich punya Deleted scenenya KANK
Gmana ya caranya ngedapetinnya????
Chabella tau nga cranya ngedapetinnya???Download gtu dimana alamatnya???
Please.........kasih tau dong caranya???


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« Reply #16 on: July 04, 2008, 03:28:56 pm »

Pada kemana semua nich????.................
Kok sepi banget nich forumnya..........
Kemana nich Chabell@?????


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« Reply #17 on: July 04, 2008, 07:53:01 pm »

Pada kemana semua nich????.................
Kok sepi banget nich forumnya..........
Kemana nich Chabell@?????

sepi soalnya mang g dah brita terbaru,
tentang pasangan yang atu ini,,,  [cheers] [cheers]
tp ntar kan rani mah srk bakal ktemu lg di
film terbaru srk produksi yash raj film..
rani jadi item numberdi situ [kiss] [kiss]

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« Reply #18 on: July 04, 2008, 08:15:36 pm »

berhubung belum ada film terbaru mereka..
w post pic2 film2 mereka yg dulu2 aja yah..
sekalian bernostalgia [gossip]

kank ...

w paling suka liat yang srk-rani tidur :D :D :D

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« Reply #19 on: July 04, 2008, 08:21:49 pm »

td kank skarang paheli...

ultah rani d lokasi syuting paheli..

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