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Author Topic: [MFF] All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic | indeks @ first page | UPDATE LINK  (Read 59875 times)


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Selama ini kita bahas Fan Fic di tret AAE khan selalu di banned sama mods yang caem. Nah biar nggak Out Of Topic..gw mulai ya tret Fan Ficnya AAE, di kolam yang benar. OK AAE lovers..kita mulai topik fanficnya...

Indeks All About Eve Fan Fic

Married Life - Special Edition
Married Life: Chapter 1 - 3
Married Life: Chapter 4 - 7
Married Life: Chapter 8 -9
Married Life: Chapter 10 - 14
Married Life: Chapter 15 - 19
Married Life: Chapter 20 - 28
Married Life: Chapter 29 - Final Chapter
My Beloved Coach, Night Romance, Airborne Romance, Ghost - A Cry For Justice, The Week Before Christmas, Beyond The Rainbow, DJ & The Prince, Hawaiian Pursuit, Two Adams & Eve, Wishing for Love
SHOPPING FOR LOVE!; The Reunion; Behind Closed Doors; BOXFUL OF MEMORIES; Love Is All Around; A Tragedy At MBS' 25th Anniversary

Satu malam di tengah badai, author daydee
Satu malam di tengah badai: part 1 - 3
Satu malam di tengah badai: Final

Love & Pain, author Snow Flake
Chapter 1: The ring for her birthday
Chapter 2: I wished that I could say it out loud
Chapter 3: Early days
Chapter 4: Acquaintance with Hyung Chul
Chapter 5: Chae Young and Jae Hee; Acquaintance

Loving You - Chapter 1
Loving You - Chapter 2
Loving You - Chapter 3, 4, 5
Loving You - Chapter 6, 7, 8, 9
Loving You - Chapter 10, 11, 12
Loving You - Chapter 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2008, 03:17:09 pm »

SM Notebook: Married Life (Special Edition)

As usual,Shan Mei said good bye to Xiang Zhe in
front of the elevator. Displaying a lovely smile on
her face, she walked towards her office. She always
beamed with happiness whenever she goes to work with
"Senior" every morning.

"Shan Mei,did you checked out the daily Newspaper
today?" Lee Qin-see asked the moment she saw Shan Mei
stepped into the office. Shanmei was flabbergasted by
her Senior's question. As all eyes are on her waiting
for her reaction, she settled down at her desk unaware
of what is going on and was wondering why is everybody
giving her a funny and strange expression.

"You don't know yet? You and Director Yin has won
the title for the best lovers via the internet
voting." Shen Qi-dong announced as he walked towards
Shan-mei with the Newspaper in his hand and landed it
on Shan mei's table.

Shan Mei cannot bear her curiosity any longer, she
swiftly scanned the newspaper for the news report.
The rumours seems to be true. So weird! She shouldn't
be so famous outside the company She thought to
herself.Besides Xiang Zhe popularity is not too
overwhelming to the public. Why was he in the list of
the Newspaper? Suddenly she remembered their grand
wedding ceremony which was given a special and extensive
coverage by the media.This has made the public sees their
love story and marriage as a fairytale legend with a
beautiful dream.Shan Mei smiled to herself with the
feeling of shyness.

"Wow! Two of you completely knocked down the ideal
TV superstars Song Cheng-hsien and Song Huey Chiao,
the best lovers for the TV series such as Bae Yun Jun
and Song yun-a. You guys are really 'hot' huh!"
Shen Qi Dong commented nodding his head in a jest.

"What's the matter? You and Director Yin are not
stars. What's going on? In my opinion, the two of you
has the potential to shoot a film."
Xian Da jokingly suggested to Shan Mei.

"Yes!, It is a good idea. If Shan Mei embark in movie
making, then I would have the chance to host the TV
program "The Cultural Artist Stage"
Chen Shui immediately mustered his energy joining in
the conversation with a lively expression as usual.

"You are going to host the TV program! You must be
kidding!. You thought that the TV program is a silly
comedy, don't you? Ha..ha..It will never happened as
long as I am still around. No matter what I should be
the first priority to host the TV program."
Bragging his seniority in rank Shen Qi Dong seriously
pointed out to Chen Shui.

"Both of you can forget about it. There is no
difference between making fun of yourself and poking
fun at yourself."
Lee Qin-see seems to disagree with the condescending
behaviour of her two colleague.

With a cheeky grin on his face, Xian Da said "All
right! Don't make this kind of joke anymore. If the
Manager-Mr.Kim heard this shocking News, his heart is
going to be paralysed."

The day in the office was filled with people taking
about this 'hot' topic. Shan Mei was defenceless all
she could do was to smile and blushed with
embarrassment. Unknown to others, she secretly hide
and enjoyed the sweet sensation of happiness in her

Xiang Zhe who was working in the office also read the
news report. Although it was beyond his expectation,
his heart was filled with joy.
He could imagined how Shan Mei's face blushed being teased
by her colleagues.He wanted so much to go to her rescue,
nevertheless he was totally aware his appearance in
Shan Mei's office could messed things up and worsened
the whole situation. Trying to pacify himself,
Xiang Zhe guessed that with lots of concerned from
her colleagues,Shan Mei should be alright by now.
He can't wait for her to call him and decided to check
if she is really fine. He picked up the telephone handset
and dialed out her extension number.

"Hello!" as his voice transmitted through the phone,
he anxiously waited for her response. As soon as he
heard the sweet voice of his angel, his heart felt so
lighted and comforted like a breeze gently blowing
over his face.

"It's me! Are you OK!" Xiang Zhe can't help worrying
as he recalled of how Shan Mei used to cry a lot
whenever she encountered some problems.

"Not too bad! Everybody took turns trying to be my
agent in order to take care of my film business.I am
carefully selecting the script right now." She made
fun of herself.

"Really! Then, I have to congratulate
you." Xiang Zhe laughed loudly amused by Shan Mei's
reaction to the incidence.

"You don't need to sent me a congratulation.
We are in the same shoe. The audiences wouldn't like
to see the movie with only one actress. We too have a
part to play in the movie."

On hearing Shan Mei's tone of voice, he felt so tickled
and heartening knowing that Shan Mei valued his
presence no matter where she is. Needless to say,
Xiang Zhe didn't want to be apart from her anytime and
anywhere no matter what happened to them.

"Don't you have any thing to say?" Shan Mei asked as
she realised his temporary silence.

"Yes, I got one thing to say." Xiang Zhe spoke in a
tender tone.

"I missed you so much." expressing his feeling of not
getting the chance to see her personally. He simply
can't figured out why he started to miss her
immediately after saying good-bye to her. Xiang Zhe
cannot explained his addiction to her love.
If only he could minimised Shan-mei into the smallest
size and plant her tightly in his heart, then he
wouldn't have to endure the feeling of missing her.

"That's it? You don't have anything to tell me?" Xiang
zhe asked when there was no response from Shan Mei. Of
course he knew of her shyness to openly react to his
confession. Its just that he often likes to tease her.

"I am in the middle of my work. An employee who thinks
only of her love will get the boot from the company."
Shan Mei said jokingly in a lowered voice.

"Who told you that?" You can tell me who said it and I
am going to fire that person immediately because he or
she is passing the wrong message."
With a big smile on his face Xiang Zhe played along
with her joke.

After hanging up the phone, Xiang Zhe peeped a glance
on the Newspaper with an overwhelming smile. The title
of the 'Best Lover' sounds nice. It has been a life of
conjugal bliss for him and Shan Mei and hope it will
last forever. In addition, it was also very exciting
to receive plenty of compliments from more and more
people whom they don't even meet before.

Although Shan Mei tried to hide her emotion, seeing a
pretty smile on her expression everyone in her office
could guessed it was Director Yin calling to show his
concerned for his wife. Like a gentle breeze blowing
on her face, Shan Mei glows with lots of happiness.
Their deep love and happiness made other married
couple feeling envious and like to catch up, and those
who are still single beating up their chest and
strongly tread on the floor to show their

Looking at each other, Young-Si and Xian Da shake
their head with a smile. "What a guy ..Xiang Zhe is!"
They can't help exchanging their thoughts.It was
completely untrue that he didn't know what love is.
He is definitely an expert in falling in love.


SM Notebook - Married Life (Part 1)
Writer: Lin Cai (Taiwan)

This morning, Xiang-zhe drove his car into the company car park. At his side sat his beloved newly-wedded wife.
l go off first and we’ll meet at our usual meeting place after work? Sun-mei said as she released the seat belt and open the car door.
we go in together Xiang-zhe said to Sun-mei just as she is getting out of the car.
This is their first day to work after their wedding and yet Sun-mei is still reticent about letting their colleagues see them together.
Better not! Anyway, I already late, see you tonight? she smile, waving her hand at Xiang-zhe as she quickly ran towards the lift.
Xiang-zhe glance at his watch. There is still time to go in together but Sun-mei had already disappeared from his view. Xiang-zhe could only shake his head and smile.

When Sun-mei walk into the office, the first person she saw is Chen-shui who quickly stood up and addressed her good morning, Madam?
Sun-mei blush and could only nod her head in reply.
Shen Qi-dong walk towards Chen-shui and knock at the back of his head. ou and your flatteries? he then turn towards Sun-mei with a grin, lease put in some good words for me in front of the director? He then added slyly actually, you don have to work so hard. If I were you, I would rather stay at home and enjoy life?
this is impossible? objected Lee Qin-see Sun-mei is the star of MBS now?.
oh yeah! our director still need her to help him to make more money? Chen-shui added.
all of you, please don tease me anymore? Sun-mei begged, wishing there is a hole so that she could buried herself inside.
ow, everyone, get to work and don be lazy. Don forget that we have a spy in our department now even Xian-da join in to tease Sun-mei. Everyone started laughing.

The day passed smoothly and soon it is time to go home. Sun-mei switch off her computer and was just getting ready to go and meet Xiang-zhe when she heard a familiar voice coming from behind her.
Hello, everybody? BR> Isn that Xiang-zhe voice? Sun-mei could not believe her ears. She turn her head and there he was, standing at the doorway. Everyone stood up and respond to Xiang-zhe greeting.
Director Yin is such a good husband to come personally to fetch his wife home? Xian-da could not resist making fun of Xiang-zhe.
Well, this is part of the price you have to pay once you get married? Xiang-zhe replied. He then winked at Sun-mei and added sn it??
A flustered Sun-mei could only keep quiet.
we are going off now, see all of you tomorrow? Xiang-zhe then took Sun-mei elbow and steer her
towards the door and out of the office.

Once they were outside the office, Sun-mei glared at Xiang-zhe didn’t we agreed that we will meet at our usual meeting place. Why did you come to our office? Tomorrow, everyone will start to tease me again?
Chen Sun-mei, when have I agree with you on this? We are already married. Whoever heard of husband and wife meeting secretly outside the office. Don you think that this is going to invite even more gossip? Xiang-zhe replied.
but?? Sun-mei couldn find a single retort, after all Xiang-zhe does has a point.
moreover, the company does not have a rule that says that colleagues cannot go to work together? Xiang-zhe reasoned.
but? Sun-mei repeated.

no more buts? why don you worry about what to prepare for dinner tonight, my dear wife. I am famished? Xiang-zhe said, draping an arm over her shoulders as he led the way to the car park..

who told you that I must cook dinner nor did I ever agreed to? Sun-mei retort, cleverly avoided Xiang-zhe hand and sidestepped him neatly before calling out to him ace you to the car. The loser will have to cook dinner tonight? she challenged.
Watching Sun-mei fast disappearing back, Xiang-zhe laugh happily. As long as she is by his side,
happiness seem to surround him which often make him wonder how he had survived the 30 years of emptiness of his life. Now, he felt as if he might burst from happiness. It seem impossible for one heart to hold so much joy.

SM Notebook - Married Life (Part 2)

Xiang-zhe and Sun-mei finished their dinner and were in the kitchen washing up.
our dad is right? Xiang-zhe said as he washed the plates.
uh??Sun-mei glance at Xiang-zhe in bewilderment as she took the plates from him. What does he mean?
Xiang-zhe pretend to frown and grumbled hat have I let myself in for by marrying you, not only do I have to cook, I also have to do the washing up?
Her hands on her hips, Sun-mei protested loudly he reason you lose the race today is due to your slow reaction. Sore loser!?
She suddenly smile sweetly at him and added Xue Zhang, the BBQ pork rice you cook today is really delicious. I can never get tired of eating it daily?

Meanwhile Xiang-zhe dried his hands and took off the apron. He then lean towards Sun-mei and cup her face in his hands you have a sweet tongue but you won be able to trick me so easily the next time. I will not cook for you everyday he said firmly.
this is not what I mean Sun-mei smiled her brilliant smile.
An idea suddenly came to her mind, have a good plan. Why don you do the cooking on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I will take over on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday is our rest day and we can eat out?
Xiang-zhe look at the delighted expression on her face and his lips curved into a smile. She did not know that as long as she is by his side, he is willing to do anything for her.

Few days later, Sun-mei was just getting ready to go home when her mobile phone rang.
Sun-mei, I can’t go home together with you tonight. I have an urgent meeting to attend Xiang-zhe voice came from the phone.
Today is Friday. Did you deliberately arrange this meeting to avoid cooking tonight? Sun-mei joked.
Xiang-zhe laugh aloud o such thing! Moreover, you speak so loudly in the office, everyone can hear you. My reputation would be in tatters? BR> don’t worry, everyone had already left the office. Your reputation is still intact? Sun-mei assured him, failing to notice that Shen Qi-dong and Chen-shui had just stepped into the office. Both of them glanced at each other and quickly left the office and walk briskly towards the other end of the corridor.
do you want me to wait for you? Sun-mei asked softly.
o, don’t wait for me. I do not know when the meeting will end. Why don you take a cab home and have an early rest. Don't miss taking your dinner? Xiang-zhe ordered.
He is so reluctant to let her go home alone.
okay? Sun-mei replied smilingly.

oh yes! Remember to put on your most sexy nightie  and wait for me tonight. I miss you... Xiang-zhe murmured softly.
He could imagine Sun-mei expression when he said that. Although he like to tease her often, nevertheless, he is speaking the truth.
Sun-mei face immediately flush a rosy pink and she quickly ended the conversation.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the corridor, Shen Qi-dong and Chen-shui were talking in hushed voices.

Did you hear that! Our director has to cook dinner everyday? Chen-shui said in shocking voice.
lower your voice?Shen Qi-dong hiss at Chen-shui. He quickly covered Chen-shui mouth with his hand and added o you want news of it to spread around the office.?BR> Chen-shui nodded his head rapidly and continued didn realize that married life is so scary, I think I will have to reconsider?
oh, yes! If such a dynamic man like our Director has to cook dinner at home, chances are?? Shen Qi-dong gave him a lookover and continued ou will definitely end up as a slave?
Upon hearing his words, Chen-shui gave a shudder.

It was late in the night when Xiang-zhe returned home. When he stepped into the house, he saw Sun-mei at once, curled up on the sofa and sleeping soundly. He smiled at the picture she made lying there. Whenever he look at her, he could feel his tiredness slipping away and a feeling of deep contentment spread over him. She has been like a ray of sunlight in his life.
Xiang-zhe knelt beside the sofa and gently stroke her hair. He noticed that she is wearing a white nightie covered from neck to toe and not what he had suggested earlier. He gave a slight smile. He should know that his wife will never be so obedient. She did not realize that whatever she wear, she will always look sexy to him and he love her very much.
He sweep her into his arms and Sun-mei, half awake, put her arms around his neck.
Xue-Chang? she murmured softly in her sleepy state.
Who else are you expecting? Xiang-zhe asked softly into her ear.
Sun-mei face flushed and she snuggled her face against his shoulders as he carry her into the bedroom.
Tonight is another wonderful night.
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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2008, 03:20:22 pm »

perjuangan lo buat ngepost FF married Life masih jaoh bu...
semangat ya... ;D ;D

FF ML favorit g juga... [thumbsup] [thumbsup]


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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2008, 03:24:08 pm »

jgn gw semua dong nin...siapa aja bisa lanjutin kok..lo lanjutin kek..biar keliatan kerjanya  ;D ;D ;D
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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2008, 03:28:56 pm »

oke..filenya g cari dulu ya bu...abisnya waktu sanm3i ngirim, langsung g print....


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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2008, 03:38:18 pm »

halo.. halo..

akhirnya ada thread fanficnya AAE neh...

tulisannya daydee mesti diposting ke sini jg dong hehehe...


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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2008, 03:41:17 pm »

perjuangan lo buat ngepost FF married Life masih jaoh bu...
semangat ya... ;D ;D

FF ML favorit g juga... [thumbsup] [thumbsup]

re, semangat ya! ;D

FF SMNBMLife suka bgt! bagus! [thumbsup] [thumbsup]


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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
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bener blu3, FFnya daydee harus dipindahin nih...
hasil karya anak bangasa sendiri..hehehe


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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
« Reply #8 on: July 14, 2008, 03:51:35 pm »

bener blu3, FFnya daydee harus dipindahin nih...
hasil karya anak bangsa sendiri..hehehe


day, FF karya u post ke sini ya... ;)


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Re: All About Eve (Korean Drama) Fan Fic
« Reply #9 on: July 14, 2008, 06:47:35 pm »

oke..filenya g cari dulu ya bu...abisnya waktu sanm3i ngirim, langsung g print....

ya..klo gk ketemu, alamat gw dech yg ngerjain hehehe

daydee mesti di PM ni..klo gk searching di page AAE aja..*males bgt sdh 300 page... :D :D*

SM Notebook - Married Life (Part 3).

Just before day break, Xiang-zhe brought Sun-mei out for a stroll along the pond in the garden. mm? the early morning air is so fresh and refreshing,? said Sun-mei as she took a deep breath and circled Xiang-zhe arm with hers possessively, right now, I feel really happy. The simple things in life and gratis happiness? that is so like Sun-mei? thought Xiang-zhe as his heart is filled with boundless happiness! Smiling, Xiang-zhe looked at Sun-mei tenderly o happy? So easily contented? Looks like I am not of any value to you.? Who says your not valuable?? Sun-mei looked at Xiang-zhe earnestly, if my happiness is ninety percent, you would be the ten percent to complete that hundred.? To have known senior and have him, thought Sun-mei makes her the happiest woman in the world. Even Cinderella could not be more fortunate and blissful than her, thought Sun-mei.
Hearing this, Xiang-zhe felt his heart warmed o, it appears that I am only worth ten percent,? he said playfully. On this, both Sun-mei and Xiang-zhe burst into laughter. Zhen Sun-mei! Miss Zhen Sun-mei! hearing her name called, Sun-mei looked around to see who was calling her. Is it really you, Zhen Sun-mei? It really you!? An elated mother and daughter walked towards Xiang-zhe and Sun-mei. excuse me? Is anything the matter?? Sun-mei asked unknowingly. it so good to see you. Our whole family simply adores you!? Pushing the little girl towards Sun-mei, this is my daughter, she loves watching your shows and would speak of you day in day out. The little girl took out a booklet and looked at Sun-mei with adoration, big sister, can I have your autograph please?? Taking a glimpse at Xiang-zhe, Sun-mei crouched next to the little girl and sign on her booklet. thank you, said Sun-mei merrily to her little fan. Just then, the mother took out her camera and asked Xiang-zhe mister, can you please take a picture for us? sure!? said Xiang-zhe who readily played the role of a photographer. Upon completing her mission, the woman thanked Xiang-zhe and Sun-mei ceaselessly, thank you so much, seeing you in person today allows me to brag to my friends for a while. You look really pretty in person! Bye bye big sister, bye uncle!? the little girl waved to them. Big sister and Uncle? Do I really look that old? Xiang-zhe thought smilingly.bye! Sun-mei waved cheerfully. by the way, you have a really fine looking husband,? commented the woman as she turned back to look at the couple
again before leaving with her daughter.

This time, Xiang-zhe who has been holding his amusement for quite a while, burst out laughing. Glancing towards Xiang-zhe direction, Sun-mei naively asked, why should you be so jubilant? This isn the first time you hear someone praise you of your good looks?? Am amused with my status. In the past I was so and so bosses? Son, now ie learned that I am so and so newscaster husband. I theorize I must forever be living under someone shadow.? BR> how you can understand what I have to go though in the office,? said Sun-mei pouting. o the people in the office, I am so and so director wife. Especially the ladies they would look at me so strangely, as if saying this vixen is not worthy of the director,? mimic Sun-mei. what nonsense are you saying? I wonder what have you contain in that little head of yours? Xiang-zhe pat Sun-mei forehead lovingly, then put his arm around her shoulders and steered her forward. Trust Sun-mei to describe herself a vixen. Is there such an adorable vixen? Xiang-zhe couldn help smiling from within his heart.
Xiang-zhe brought Sun-mei home for lunch with Gui Cheng and Zhen Su. After lunch, Gui Cheng and Xiang-zhe were chatting outside the front terrace. Xiang-zhe related the morning incident to Gui Cheng. really! I would never have thought Sun-mei have so many followers,? Gui Cheng said excitedly. your right!? Xiang-zhe could understand proud his father-in-law was as he too was proud of Sun-mei.
knew right from the start that Sun-mei would make it. Of course! she is my daughter after all,? Gui Cheng smiled unrestrainedly. Meanwhile, Sun-mei and Zhen Su brought out a tray of fruits.
what are the you two talking unreservedly about? Zhen Su said as she laid the tray on the table. mm? this is really good? Sun-mei said as she took a bite at a slice of the apple. Come, Dad? try this? Sun-mei said as she put her half eaten slice apple into Gui Cheng mouth. Xiang-zhe looked at the wonderful picture of the father and daughter and thought how lovely Sun-mei looked. How can she be so exquisite?

Patting Sun-mei hand, Zhen Su couldn help but said disapprovingly really? Sun-mei, you shouldn be behaving like a kid, now that you are married!? Sun-mei pouted and glanced shyly at Xiang-zhe. it really doesn matter? Xiang-zhe said looking back at Sun-mei.
of course it doesn matter,? said Gui Cheng still munching his apple. Before Sun-mei was married, you indulge her and now that she married, you pamper her, Zhen Su pointed at Gui Cheng then at Xiang-zhe. cant put up with the two of you! I can see that Sun-mei will never grow up at the rate you two are going.? Untie!? protested Sun-mei? I am not a child anymore. he pot calling the kettle black? you too have a share in pampering Sun-mei? looking at Xiang-zhe, Gui Cheng added besides, Xiang-zhe isn complaining, you should not be such a nag.? Oh Dad!? looking at Sun-mei expression, Xiang-zhe, Gui Cheng and Zhen Su burst out laughing.The gentle afternoon breeze mingled with the intermittent laughter from Gui Cheng terrace drifted across the front yard
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