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Author Topic: [SBS - 2015] Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤 (Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung)  (Read 22614 times)


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just wanted to say that this girl is so BADASS!

Monthly Gallup poll
Koreans' most favorite TV programs (January, 2016)

1. Infinite Challenge 무한도전 (MBC) - Saturday variety show
2. Reply 1988 응답하라 1988 (tvN) - Fri~Sat drama
3. Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤 (SBS) - Mon-Tues drama
4. All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마 (KBS) - Weekend drama
5. My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol 내 딸 금사월 (MBC)  - Weekend drama
6. Running Man 런닝맨 (SBS) - Sunday variety show
7. King of Mask Singer 복면가왕 (MBC) - Sunday variety show
8. The Return of Superman 수퍼맨이 돌아왔다 (KBS) - Sunday variety show
9. Ssulzun 썰전 (JTBC) - Thursday talk show
10. One night Two days 일박이일 (KBS)  - Sunday variety show

OTHERS (drama)
12. Remember : War of the Son 리멤버 : 아들의 전쟁 (SBS) - Wed~Thur drama
13. Mom 엄마 (MBC) - Weekend drama
14. Cheese in the Trap 치즈 인더 트랩 (tvN) - Mon~Tues drama
15. The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 장사의 신 : 객주 (KBS) - Wed~Thur drama
15. Tomorrow is another victory 내일도 승리 (MBC) - Mon~Fri morning drama

cr. http://www.wikitree.co.kr/main/news_view.php?id=247971

@anthea, morality of this week's episodes : sometimes your closest friend is your worst enemy. Seorang Po Eun yg awalnya buat gw tuh baek bgt bisa jd beringas juga juz bcoz of politics, the worst is he even used his friend's family secret buat bkin JDJ jatoh, gw ga sangka bgt. That's so cruel. Gw sih ngerti knapa Bang Won geregetan karna gurunya ini masih aja percaya sm orang.

anyway, Bang Won's tiger action in the last scene is so hot! Dear Yoo Ah In [lovestruck] I'm officially a fan rite now wkwkwkwkwk
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  • ,,,Brideshead Revisited,,,travelling everywhere,,,

Envio,,sedih sih aku lihat pengkhianatan Po Eun,,,
terjawab sekarang kenapa Bang Won bunuh Po Eun,,,
aku sempat baca ada blog orang korea katanya Bang Won nanti memang kontroversial,,,
tapi ini semua dilakukan karena nggak ada yang mau bertindak cepat dan di luar batas,,,
kalau Po Eun nggak dibunuh, sasarannya nanti keluarganya Bang Won,,,
yang aku penasaran Lee Bang Woo, kok namanya nggak ada di sejarah raja joseon???
apa aku kelewat, dia kan anak pertama?? episode 34 dia bilang mau jadi raja dan kembalikan goryeo,,,
aku terus terang bingung juga sama Moo Myung ini maunya apa sich,,,
kalo stabilisasi kenapa nggak dukung Sambong cs aja??
lihat mamanya Boon Yi aku juga kesal sama kayak anaknya itu,,,
ngapain sich mamanya ini mbok ya mendingan jagain anaknya itu loh biar nggak ganggu suami orang,,hahaha,,,

off topic nih,,aku mau rekomen ke kamu serial mandarin judulnya Nirvana in Fire,,,
sambil nungguin SFD on going,,,
udah nonton blum? baguus banget,,,
aku nonton karna direkomen teman,,,,
setipe sama Six Flying Dragons!  [thumbsup]
The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bs story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it - Jordan Belfort


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The historical background to help understand Ep. 33~34

The Expulsion of Buddhism 척불론 斥佛論

Every religion has its own dark ages. Like Christianity in Medieval Europe, Korean Buddhism had its dark ages in the 14th century. Martin Luther started the Reformation of Roman Catholic Church with his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. Likewise, Jung Do-Jeon did the same thing against Goryeo’s Buddhism, and he was 130 years ahead of his European counterpart as a religious reformer.

Why did Jung Do-Jeon criticize Buddhism? As you can see in Sambong’s arguments in SFD ep. 33, in any society in any period of human history, if a religion doesn’t have any will to solve the serious social problem, or if a religion is too much deconsecrated that it exists only for “vested interests” and disregards the majority of common people, it can’t avoid criticism.

For instance, according to the Buddhist belief in reincarnation, you were born as a slave in this extremely casted Goryeo society, because you had done something bad in your previous life. You should think that your current social class was all part of your karma, so you should obediently accept the status quo as the retribution for the deeds of your former life. Buddhist fatalism was used to justify social absurdity, which break people’s will for social reforms in this world.

* Bulssi Japbyeon (불씨잡변 佛氏雜辨 roughly translated as ‘Buddha’s Nonsense’ ) was written by Jung Do-Jeon in 1398, a few months before he was killed by Yi Bang-Won. →  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulssi_Japbyeon

Confucian scholars rejected afterlife, and valued human conduct in this world over belief in God for the next life. They believe they should act first before they pray for God. Therefore, Buddhism reform had long been every Confucian scholars’ desire, and Jung Do-Jeon’s thoughts had a profound effects on Joseon’s policy to oppress Buddhism.

The foundation of Joseon is called “a revolution” not just because of the dynastic change but because of the paradigm shift from Buddhism to Confucianism, from religion to rationalism.

Check out my previous post about “Yi Bang-Won (King Taejong) and Buddhism”. It was Jung Do-Jeon who created the basic rationale for Buddhism reforms, but it was Yi Bang-Won (King Taejong) who carried out the reforms. 

Jung Do-Jeon’s Family Tree

According to the Annals of Joseon Dynasty (조선왕조실록 朝鮮王朝實錄), Jung Do-Jeon’s maternal grandmother was a slave’s daughter.

Buddhist monk Kim Jeon (김전 金戩) committed adultery with his slave’s wife and got a daughter from her. After giving up becoming a Buddhist monk, he had shacked up with her. In the turbulent Goryeo society, it was common for a Buddhist monk to violate the Buddhist commandments and return to secular society. It was also common for a noble man to commit adultery with his female slave. However, it was extremely uncommon for a nobleman to treat a slave woman like his wife and to make over all his property to her daughter. He loved the daughter so much that he arranged her marriage with a noble man by the name of Woo Yeon (우연, 禹延). That’s why their story was written in the book of Danyang Woo clan. Woo Yeon’s daughter, Lady Woo, was Jung Do-Jeon’s mother.

It can’t be judged rashly whether this story is true or not, because it was based on the testimony of those who had a deep grudge against Jung Do-Jeon. Its credibility is questionable, but one thing is for sure. It is historically true that Poeun Jung Mong-Joo used this rumor in order to impeach Sambong Jung Do-Jeon.

Goryeo‘s Slave System

Marriage between people from different social classes was a taboo. However, there existed many children born to slaves with other classes.
If one of the parents is a slave, the child became a slave too, regardless of the other parent’s social class. (일천즉천 一賤則賤)
The ownership of a child slave belonged to the mother’s owner. (천자수모법 賤子隨母法)
Therefore, according to the existing law, Jung Do-Jeon should be a slave on principle (if the rumor is true).
After becoming a king, Yi Bang-Won (King Taejong) changed the law with a strong will. In case a child has commoner/noble father and slave mother, the child’s social class should follow the father’s. Therefore, many people were liberated from slavery. If Jung Do-Jeon had stayed alive, he wouldn’t have suffered from his lineage issue thanks to King Taejong’s slave law (종부법, 從父法).
It was originally intended to increase tax revenues by increasing the number of commoners, but it drew strong opposition from slave owners. Unfortunately, this law was reversed by other kings decades later.

read more : http://bodashiri.tumblr.com/post/138140749016/six-flying-dragons-ep-33-34

Six Flying Dragons Episode 35 text preview

육룡이 나르샤 35회
방송일 : 2016.02.01 22:00

정몽주는 조준과 남은을 비롯한 이성계의 당여 모두를 유배 보내고, 공양왕은 척사광이 무사히 일을 마치고 돌아오면 교지대로 처형을 집행할 것을 명한다. 이성계를 안고 도망 다니던 방원은 산속에서 민가를 발견하고 그곳으로 들어가 몸을 숨긴다. 한편 우학주에게 이성계의 용태를 알아보라 지시한 정몽주는 이성계의 개경 집으로 직접 찾아가는데...
Six Flying Dragons Episode 35 text preview
Air Date : February 1, 2016 PM 22:00

Jung Mong-Joo condemns all of Yi Seong-Gye's faction including Jo Joon and Nam Eun to exile. King Gongyang orders to execute them as soon as Cheok Sa-Gwang returns after finishing her work. While being on the run with his father, Bang-Won finds a house in the mountain and hides in there. Meanwhile, Jung Mong-Joo orders Woo Hak-Ju to check on Yi Seong-Gye's condition and personally visits Yi Seong-Gye's house in Gaegyung. 

cr. homura @ soompi

Yi Bang-Gan (Yi Seong-Gye's 4th son, Bang-Won's elder brother) was added to the cast. Actor Gang Shin-Hyo (강신효) is going to play the role. Yi Bang-Gan is the prince who rose up in the 2nd strife of the Princes (1400) against Bang-Won

cr. homura @ soompi

wah wah udah nongol si calon saingan Bang Won nih. seruuuuuuuuuuuuu......................


hooh kt orang korea sono, raja taejong alias bang won walo brutal tyt membawa kesejahteraan bagi rakyat, ada stabilitas, coz dia mau "dirtying his own hands" habisin si penghalang2 yg bisa bikin chaos, dia mau kekuasaan absolut gt, beda sm si JDJ yg maunya monarki dipimpin perdana mentri, nah si bang won kan ga mau kalo raja cuma jd boneka hiasan, dia ogah, makanya cara cepet ya maen bunuh, kalo dia ga bunuh duluan, bisa2 dia dibunuh org. Makanya ada aja tuh fansnya raja taejong wkwkwkwkwkkwk gw ngerti maunya PoEun cuma ya namanya jg beda pandangan politik, sahabat deket pun bs jd musuh.

In December 13, Yi Bang-Woo (Yi Seong-Gye’s eldest son) died of illness in Hamju. He had been so disappointed in his father for betraying Goryeo that he had drunken away through his life and got sick.
Bang Woo sakit makanya ga jadi raja, baca deh timelinenya bodashiri http://bodashiri.tumblr.com/post/133176645446/six-flying-dragons-timeline ini blog orang korea dia khusus nulis ttg SFD dlm bhs inggris, keren & niat bgt ya, WAJIB di-bookmark soalnya dia update terus sesuai episode, biar kita paham. wkwkwkwk

soal nameless aka moomyung, mungkin dulu kurang info, ga ada koran or internet kek skrg, cuma tau kabar gosip rakyat or kabar burung, mrk taunya JDJ berniat menggulingkan pemerintah skarang. sama kek Po Eun yg ga mau pemerintah skrg korup tp ga mau mengganti pemerintah jg. Istilahnya PoEun sm moomyung maunya dr orde lama ke orde baru tapi JDJ cs maunya reformasi total.

OOT - gw smpet denger sih itu Nirvana tp gw kira apaan, tyt drama mandarin toh, oke deh tar gw cari, thx ya..
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Nirvana must kudu wajib nonton.. :D


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  • ,,,Brideshead Revisited,,,travelling everywhere,,,

ampun dah ep.35-36 super daebak!!!
pokoknya aku nonton campur aduk antara serem dan sediih,,,
adegan paling EPIC waktu Bang Won balas2an puisi ama Po Eun,,,
ama waktu Young Gyu seret
kagum juga aku lihat idealisme & pengabdian Po Eun pada Goryeo sampai akhir hayat,,,
tapi betul juga kata Bang Won, apa yang masih bisa diharapkan dari Goryeo?,,,
waktu Papanya kecewa kenapa Bang Won berbuat kayak gitu,,,
rasanya kesal banget, kok bapaknya nggak mikir klw Bang Won nggak ngelakuin itu,,,
bisa2 Sambong, Jo Joon, cs mati semua, termasuk keluarga Lee,,,
dikira Bang Won ngga nelongso ngebunuh sadaebu yg paling dihormati goryeo,,,
Yoo Ah In sama Bapak2 yg jd Po Eun bagus banget aktingnya,,,
belum lagi adegan berantem BangJi-MooHyul vs Chuk Sa Gwang yang keren,,,
dah takut aja aku kasihan lihat BangJi kesabet2,,,Moohyul jatoh ke jurang,,,
pokoknya daebak lah,,,

mau update rating :

Rating kdrama Senin 01.02.2016
1.Six Flying Dragons 16.3%
2.Glamorous Temptation 12.4%
3.Moorim School 3.5 %

Rating kdrama Selasa 02.02.2016
1.SBS Six Flying Dragons 16.8%
2.MBC Glamorous Temptations 12.4%
3.KBS Moorim School 3.3%

sumber : Berita Korea

setuju Irawan, Nirvana wajib!!!,,,
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The historical background to help understand Ep. 35~36

Jo Mal-Saeng 조말생 趙末生 (1370~1447)

He was an important character in Tree with Deep Roots (2011, SBS), and will play a pivotal role in the latter part of Six Flying Dragons (2015~2016, SBS) as well, because he will be involved with Bang-Ji and Yeon-Hee in the future.
In the history, he was a civil officer during King Taejong and King Sejong’s reign. In 1401, he passed the civil service exam and became a government officer. Even though he was involved in bribery scandal in 1428, he must be quite competent because King Sejong never allowed him to resign even if he appealed to the king about his health problems several times. In the end, he couldn’t retire before his death as is often the case with King Sejong’s subjects. (* Yi Bang-Won directly killed his subjects and in-laws, but his son King Sejong the Great forced his subjects to work to death. Like father, like son. LOL )

■ Jung Mong-Joo 정몽주 鄭夢周 (1338~1392)

According to Goryeosa (고려사 高麗史 “History of Goryeo”), General Yi Seong-Gye first met Poeun Jung Mong-Joo in 1364. The young general was fighting against Jurchen invaders, and Jung Mong-Joo was a newbie civil officer following General Yi’s army in the front line.
Poeun was far from being an incapable scholar or a corrupt official. He voluntarily went to the war front, and saved a lot of civilians from foreign invaders by using his exceptional diplomatic finesse. He even devoted his private fortune to redeem civilians from captivity by Japanese pirates. Moreover, he narrowly escaped drowning at sea while going to Ming China as an envoy.
Yi Seong-Gye highly appreciated his ability and took him along to the battlefields. From then on, for about 28 years, Yi Seong-Gye and Jung Mong-Joo had been most trusted colleagues to each other. (* Maybe, that’s why Poeun tried to bring General Yi to Dodang in order to check Yi In-Gyeom ’s power in SFD ep. 1)

Ironically, it was also Yi Bang-won (King Taejong) that instigated the deification of Jung Mong-Joo as the greatest symbol of Confucian loyalty with the intention of pulling down Jung Do-Jeon. As you know, Yi Bang-Won killed Jung Do-Jeon in 1398 and sat on the throne in 1400. Sambong’s revolutionary thoughts were not needed any more and Poeun’s Confucian loyalty became the most important virtue to stabilize the country. All of a sudden, Jung Mong-Joo became a divine martyr to sacrifice himself to protect the declining fatherland, while Jung Do-Jeon became a cunning traitor. For about 600 years, Jung Do-Jeon’s name had been a taboo while Jung Mong-Joo’s status in Korean Confucianism has been in almost demigod level.

Therefore, in Korean viewers’ eyes, the descriptions of Jung Mong-Joo in SFD was really a shocking and unprecedented interpretation (blasphemy) although it is historically true that he impeached his best friend for his doubtful lineage.

■ The Murder on Seonjuk Bridge (April, 1392)

The following is the real story recorded in the Annals of Joseon dynasty (조선왕조실록 朝鮮王朝實錄).
In March 15 of 1392, Yi Seong-Gye was injured from falling off a horse. A week later, King Gongyang heard the news and sent him a doctor and medicine. However, about 10 days later (April 1), Yi Seong-Gye’s followers like Jo Joon and Nam Eun were ousted and exiled by Jung Mong-Joo’s faction while Yi Seong-Gye was taking sick leave in Byeokrando trade port.
Jung Mong-Joo petitioned the king to execute Jung Do-Jeon and Jo Joon by beheading. As you know, Jung Do-Jeon had been exiled since September 1391, and Jo Joon was lately impeached under the accusation of favoring other candidates over King Gongyang when they enthroned the king. It could be regarded as a treason.
In April 3, the day after Yi Seong-Gye returned to the capital by the help of Yi Bang-Won in the middle of the night, Yi Seong-Gye hurriedly sent his second son Bang-Gwa and other relatives to the king, claiming “Who said that? That is a trap! Let’s call the accusers and Jo Joon for cross-examination!” But King Gongyang didn’t listen to him. Of courese the accusers were Jung Mong-Joo’s followers. The two parties were in extreme confrontation with each other.
Yi Bang-Won told his father “Jung Mong-Joo is now torturing Jung Do-Jeon to extract a confession for inculpating our family. This is an emergency. Definitely unfavorable situation for us. We should kill Jung Mong-Ju right now.” But Yi Seong-Gye didn’t permit it, saying “Leave our life and death up to our fate. We have no choice but to accept our fate. You should go back to your mothers tomb to complete your mourning period.” Even if Bang-Won wanted to look after his father, Yi Seong-Gye didn’t permit it.
Bang-Won discussed with his relatives about how to handle this emergency. General Yi Ji-Ran refused to join his plan. “Don’t tell me to do the thing your father doesn’t want.” but Bang-Won said “Even though my father won’t listen to me, I have to kill Jung Mong-Joo. I’ll take full responsibility for the fault I will commit.”

read more : http://bodashiri.tumblr.com/post/138685077511/six-flying-dragons-ep-35-36

Jung Mong-Joo’s Last Poem

Yi Bang-Won’s poem
- Hayeoga 하여가 何如歌 (What if song)

이런들 어떠하리 저런들 어떠하리
만수산 드렁칡이 얽어진들 어떠하리
우리도 이같이 얽어져 백년까지 누리리라

Hanja (Chinese)

So, what if we do this, what if we do that
What if the vines of Mansu Mountain are bound together
Let us be bound together and be prosperous for hundred years.

My Interpretation
Why are you getting so picky? Goryeo only, no way Joseon? What the hell.
Look at the tangled vines, they look complicated but live without any problem.
Please, join us and let’s get together like the vines. We may be prosperous forever.

Jung Mong-Joo’s reply poem
- Dansimga 단심가 丹心歌 (single-hearted devotion song)

이 몸이 죽고 죽어 일백 번 고쳐 죽어
백골이 진토되어 넋이라도 있고 없고
임 향한 일편단심이야 가실 줄이 있으랴

Hanja (Chinese)

Though my body dies again and again, one hundred times again
Though my bleached bones turn to dust and my soul perishes or not
How can my single-hearted devotion to thee ever fade away?

My interpretation
Even if I die again and again, one hundred times again
Even at the moment my dead body turns to dust and my soul ceases to exit
I’ll never, ever, change my loyalty to Goryeo. Give me up! I won’t defect to you!

Both of them are the most famous poems in the Korean history. It is known as Jung Mong-Joo’s reply poem to Yi Bang-Won’s poem a few hours before Jung Mong-Joo was killed by Yi Bang-Won’s men on Seonjuk bridge. Every Korean students learn them in their Korean literature classes. SFD ep. 36 preview has slightly changed those old-fashioned poems into a modern colloquial language. It was really refreshing to us Koreans.

cr. Bodashiri http://bodashiri.tumblr.com/post/138514350706/jung-mong-joos-last-poem

“Starting with Bidam?”
Nameless in SFD Universe

[Dispatch News] February 02, 2016
cr. http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=433&aid=0000014978&gid=999339&cid=1012571

Do you remember Bidam, the tragic hero of Queen Seondeok (2009, MBC)?

How about traitor Yeomjong who separated Bidam and Deokman?

In 2009 MBC drama Queen Seondeok, Bidam’s sole purpose in life was Deokman. However, Yeomjong came between them, and mutual misunderstanding led to Bidam’s tragic death.
Yeomjong was a wealthy Silla merchant. But he didn’t remain as a mere merchant. He was a powerful international trader with Japan and Sui & Tang China as well as Goguryeo and Baekje.

You may wonder why Queen Seondeok is mentioned here all of a sudden. Because the story of Bidam and Yeomjong was mentioned in episode 32 of Six Flying Dragons (2015~2016, SBS)

Yi Bang-Won : When did your organization start?
Granny Jeong-Ya : Silla. We began with a man by the name of Yeomjong who lived under Queen Seondeok’s reign. 
Yi Bang-Won : Yeomjong? The traitor who revolted with Bidam?

The story of Six Flying Dragons (2015~2016 SBS) is happening about 700 years after Queen Seondeok (2009, MBC). It is also the prequel to Tree with Deep Roots (2011, SBS).

The writing team (Kim Young-Hyeon & Park Sang-Yeon) has created a huge  interconnected universe of the 3 Sageuk dramas. It’s like Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All 3 dramas have their own secret organization. Queen Seondok has “Moomyung Jido” (Nameless warriors), Six Flying Dragons has “Moomyung” (Nameless), and Tree with Deep Roots has “Milbon” (Hidden Root). They are the invisible hand penetrating those 3 dramas.

read more : http://bodashiri.tumblr.com/post/138748486706/nameless-in-sfd-universe

2 epsiode trakir bner2 SPEECHLESS...got goosebump during watching whole episode! betul bgt @anthea pas YG nyeret iron mace itu bunyinya bikin ngilu, sereem. Gw liat mukanya JMJ msh bs senyum, keknya dia uda tau ya bkal dibunuh sm BW. Sedih gw sbnrnya ya, tp klo misalnya BW ga bunuh JMJ, JDJ yg bakal dieksekusi, endingnya ga bakal ada Joseon dlm sejarah, boro2 ada The Great King Sejong. Dalam pikiran BW situasi kek gini tuh pilihan cuma 2 : to kill or being killed, ngebunuh ato dibunuh. Gw kagum sih BW brani ambil tindakan cepat en beresiko krn slain dia, siapa yg mau bertindak sadis kek gini? ember bgt itu bokapnya gw jg geregetan, dlm situasi kek gt msh aja "lemah" ngemis2 ke JMJ, pdhl udah jelas2 JMJ tuh kaga mao ada Joseon, pengennya ttp Goryeo. [kungfu]

DRAGON KILLER SQUAD wkwkwkwkk cool abis adegan ini skaligus bikin goosebumps!

cr. bodashiri
[+744. -23] If Six Flying Dragons ended last year, Yoo Ah In would've won the Daesang instead of Joo Won
more : http://kkuljaem.blogspot.ca/2016/02/spoilers-cheese-in-trap-glamorous_2.html
Indeed, I like JW but YAI in SFD deserves DAESANG sih mnrt gw, plus smua aktor di SFD bagus2 smua. kecuali SSK wwkwkwkwkwkk
"if you consider it to be no big deal, then it's no big deal" - My Ahjussi (2018)


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  • ,,,Brideshead Revisited,,,travelling everywhere,,,

wuaduh Envio lengkap skali infonya sankyuu,,,
ngomong2 bodashiri itu tumblrnya homura di soompi kah?,,,
hebat dia bisa kumpulin fakta2 sejarah gitu,,,
aku malas baca soompi, banyak yang ngomong Boon Yi melulu,,,
setuju aku,,,semua bagus kecuali pemeran Boon Yi,,,
emosinya datar,,,waktu ketemu ibunya aja mukanya nggak berubah,,,haha,,,
aku nonton episode 35-36 sampai 3x saking sukanya,,,
tinggal 14 episode lagi,,,banyak episode pemberontakan kayaknya,,,
moohyul kapan dapat gelar dragonnya nih,,,dah nggak sabaaar,,,
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  • ,,,Brideshead Revisited,,,travelling everywhere,,,

Aku dah nonton episode 37-38,,,
makin setuju ma BW kalo males dah nunggu kompromi sama orang lain kaga kelar-kelar,,,
mendingan langsung pake pemaksaan aja,,,
dan tampaknya sesama tidak sabaran kayak Jo Joon ma om Lee Ji Ran setuju banget lah ya ma tindakan BW,,,
BW paling bisa lah diandalkan buat memerintah,,,
Yang paling keren eps 38 ini ya cara memperlakukan si scholar2 yang dikurungan api,,,
daebak lah based on life experience nya si BW banget,,,
sampai si HR takjub dan amazed ma cara pikirnya si BW,,,
dan terbukti memang bener kayak gitu hahaha,,, manteb banget dah,,,
Salut ma yonggyu tuh hebat deh loyalitasnya dia setia bgt ama BW bahkan disaat MH galau,,,
Tambah deg-degan aku sebentar lagi pembantaian pangeran tahap 1,,,
Ngomong-ngomong moomyung mau menggunakan si bungsu nan malang, lee bang seok,,,kasihan betul nasibmu nak,,,
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uda kelar juga ampe seri 38

mulai dah 'Setan' nya LBW muncul.....   bingung mau komen apa... hahah

tpi sepanjang sejarah joseon.. apakah rakyat d bawah pimpinan LBW paling OK ?

gw basicly agak kurang setuju dngn cara LBW.. hahaha... nyawa manusia kok kaya nyawa kucing.. 13 dead y dead .. ahhaha

MooHyul aja uda mulai galau.. tp walau pada akhir nya dia memilih 'percaya' pada LBW

ambisi LBW besar.. dan bener dia cerminan Hong Bang In (lp nama nya ).. walau ga 100% hahaha....

sebener  nya LBW ga usa ikut ambil politik juga selama masyarakat nya makmur knapa ga... dasar dia nya yg ga bisa diem n ambisius aja...

dari 1 -38 paling suka fight nya LBJ dan Chuk Sa Gwang .. hahahah si nameless suruh gin sul mi nyari CSG. apakah bakal nongol lagi ya....

CSG cuma kurang 1 .. experience.. kl ga si LBJ uda dead kali ....


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The historical background to help understand Ep. 37~38

The establishment of Joseon (July 17, 1392)
 In July 1392, about 3 months after Poeun Jung Mong-Joo was killed, King Gongyang made his last-ditch effort to save Goryeo dynasty. He visited Yi Seong-Gye’s house and urged the general to conclude a pledge of alliance between sovereign and subject.
“If it had not been for you, how could I sit on this throne? How can I forget about your exploits? In the name of heaven and earth, we should promise to prevent us from harming each other for generations. Let’s conclude this alliance.”  It means he will not hand over the royal seal to Yi Seong-Gye so obediently.
Instead of answering to the King’s request, Yi Seong-Gye’s followers flocked together to petition Queen Dowager (Lady Ahn) for the deposition of King Gongyang. She was forced to write her third command to depose a king after King U and King Chang, and handed it to them.
In July 12, 1392, King Gongyang was finally deposed, which made the 474-year-old Goryeo dynasty come to an end. (AD 918~1392) Five days later, General Yi Seong-Gye ascended the throne, and Joseon dynasty had begun.

Dumoon-dong village 두문동 杜門洞
The following is “unofficial” historical records or folk tales. So, we don’t know whether it is true or not.
After Joseon was founded, many Sadaebu bureaucrats refused to work for the new regime and retired to their hometown. Some of them secluded themselves in Gwangdeok mountain near the capital and lived together in a village. Their village was called Dumoon-dong (두문동 杜門洞) which means “a village with a locked gate.” King Taejo (Yi Seong-Gye) took carrot-and-stick approaches to them, but neither threats nor placation had any effect on them. After all, King Taejo ordered to set the village on fire, sincerely hoping that they would run out of it. However, they refused to go outside and almost everyone were burnt to death. From then on, the martyred scholars have been called Dumoon-dong 72 sages (두문동 72현, 杜門洞七十二賢).
The problem is, there exists no contemporary historical record about it. The first official mention of the village appeared in 1740, about 350 years after Joseon was founded, when King Youngjo (reign 1724~1776) asked the origin of the name of the place during his royal tour. The local people answered the king like this.
“When King Taejong (Yi Bang-Won) conducted the state examination, about 50 Sadaebu families boycotted it. They locked their gate and didn’t go outside. That’s why their village was called Dumoon-dong.”
King Youngjo ordered his subject to write a poem of praise to honor their loyalty, and put up a memorial stone there. The king also announced that he would appoint a government post to any descendent of the Dumoon-dong martyrs, but only 2 or 3 people were found. As time goes by, the number of would-be Dumoon-dong martyrs increased to 72. Moreover, the lists of them are all different from place to place. That’s why some historians doubt that Dumoon-dong folk tale is either an invented story or an exaggerated truth. 
In addition, there is no historical record that Yi Bang-Won set the village on fire. It was unlikely for him to commit such a crime (even if it is true) under the political situation where Prime minister Jung Do-Jeon was holding full power over the government.
However, maybe for a dramatic effect, Sageuk drama writers really loved to describe it as Yi Bang-Won’s atrocity. I think SFD’s refreshing interpretation of Dumoon-dong incident did Yi Bang-Won justice. Good job, writers!

The Crown prince issue (August, 1392)
The following is recorded in the Annals of Joseon dynasty (조선왕조실록 朝鮮王朝實錄).
In August 20, 1392, about one month after Joseon was founded, King Taejo (Yi Seong-Gye) discussed with his 3 core ministers (Jung Do-Jeon, Jo Joon, Bae Geuk-Ryeom) over who should be the Crown prince of Joseon.
Bae Geuk-Ryeom advised the king to choose the eldest son. Jo Joon told him “During the reign of peace, the eldest son should be chosen. During the turbulent times, however, the son with the most contribution should be made the crown prince.”
King Taejo’s eldest son, Yi Bang-Woo (Prince Jinan) had the legitimacy. However, he refused to become the Crown Prince and secluded himself in a mountain hermitage. His anger at his father made him drink too much that he got sick and died in December of 1393, one and a half year after Joseon was established.
The king’s sons with the most contribution refer to Bang-Gwa and Bang-Won. King Taejo’s 2nd son, Yi Bang-Gwa (Prince Youngan), was a military officer who fought with his father in countless battles. Meanwhile, the king’s 5th son Yi Bang-Won (Prince Jeongan) made the biggest contribution to establish the new country by helping his father make connections with Sadaebu scholars in the political world. Most of all, Bang-Won rescued his father’s followers from danger by killing Poeun Jung Mong-Joo on Seonjuk bridge. 
However, King Taejo (Yi Seong-Gye) wanted to establish Yi Bang-Beon (Prince Muan), his 7th son born from Queen Shindeok / Lady Gang (his second wife) because he loved and respected the Queen so much.
King Taejo’s first wife, Lady Han (Queen Shinui), died of an illness one year before Joseon was established. At the time, Lady Gang (Queen Shindeok) was the only legitimate Queen of Joseon. Her family was one of the most powerful noble clans in Goryeo, and she had made every efforts to support her husband. Most of all, Yi Seong-Gye loved her so much. The actual power was in her hands. How could the ministers oppose to her?
One thing the ministers were afraid of was that Yi Bang-Beon (Prince Muan) was too thoughtless and rash. They advised the king “If your majesty really want to choose from the Queen’s two sons, the youngest one is better.” Therefore, the king’s 8th son, Yi Bang-Seok (Prince Uian), was established as the Crown prince.
In this political situation, Sambong Jung Do-Jeon couldn’t refuse the king’s earnest request. Moreover, in his ideal Joseon, the monarch is but a decoration flower supported by Sadaebu roots. The grown-up princes didn’t fit for the role. Maybe, he wanted to raise the 10-year-old prince as his ideal Confucian ruler? Yi Seong-Gye was still strong and healthy, so Jung Do-Jeon might think that he had enough time to educate the little prince.
Their misfortune was that Queen Shindeok died of an illness in 1396. If she had stayed alive much longer, Yi Bang-Won (Prince Jeongan) couldn’t have dreamed of rebelling against Jung Do-Jeon in 1398.

read more here : http://bodashiri.tumblr.com/post/139099628411/six-flying-dragons-ep-37-38

SFD BTS Photos

Lee Bang Seok & Lee Bang Won

cr. SFD Facebook

@anthea, iya homura bkin tumblr namanya bodashiri, she's native korean jd dia bs jelasin bgt sejarah dr kumpulan tulisan2 korea scara kita2 kn awam bgt ya, untung ada dia jd tambah ngerti lg wkwkwkwk iyaaa gw uda yakin jg sih LJR sm JJ pasti dkung BW secara mrk tu tipe2 ga sabaran & geregetan sm kek BW, beda sm LSG & JDJ yg pendekatannya kompromi slowmotion. MH mulai2 galau ya wkwkw tp kalo ngikutin TWDR sih sampe ending dia bakal sm BW terus nanti si MH dia suruh jagain anaknya King Sejong. si Moomyung ini kt gw abu2 bgt, gw mayan stuju wkt mrk protes ke JDJ soal tanah, krn idenya JDJ itu menjurus ke komunisme ya, smua org ga boleh pny lahan lebih, duit mesti sama rata, klo moomyung pgnnya klo ada org yg duitnya lebih knapa msti ditahan pny lahan lebih luas? itu hak asasi org wkwkwkwk emang ya ntn SFD trgantung idealisme masing2, ada yg tipe geregetan, berpikir & bertindak cepat kek BW, ada yg tipe sabar en menjunjung moral kek LSG-JDJ, cuman masing2 ada kelebihan keburukannya.

@irawan, menarik nih, klo yg gw baca2 dr sejarah korea, tmsk bbrp blog, sepanjang sejarah joseon jelas anaknya BW, King Sejong, yg paling berhasil, tp King Sejong bs naik tahta dgn tenang tanpa byk musuh ya smua krn bokapnya King Taejong alias LBW. Jalannya Sejong udah dibersihin sm Taejong krn musuh2 udah dilibas wkwkwkwk King Taejong emang kontroversial krn bloody horror & absolute power, smua pejabat2 yg bertentangan ato ada potensi berontak dilibas sm dia, zaman itu ktnya sih hrs ada sosok King Taejong, krn masa peralihan dr zaman korup goryeo. Taejong dibilang kejam krn yg nulis sejarah wktu itu para scholars, pejabat pemerintahan yg notabene kelompok yg ga suka ma Taejong.  tp pemerintahannya diakui ada stabilitas ekonomi dan rakyat kecil terlindungi, aman, tentram. Soal bunuh2an emang gw jg ga demen tp klo BW keknya dia liat konteks. Klo BW ga cepet2 ambil tindakan ke JMJ pas malem2, subuhnya JDJ, Nam Eun, JJ yg bakal dipenggal. BW ga bs diem kek bokapnya yg cm berserah gt aja. Klo cuma berserah begitu aja, Joseon keknya ga bakal ada, Sejong jg ga bkal jd raja wkwkwkw yg ada Goryeo versi baru-nya JMJ, yg rajanya cm jd boneka – decorative flower yg dikendalikan perdana mentri. Ya ini smua sih trgantung idealism kita, pilih mana, pemimpin yg bertindak cepat tp bertanggung jawab tp doyan bunuh2an kek BW ato yg bijak, slowmotion yg dikendalikan perdana mentri kek LSG bokapnya. Blom ada yg bagus bgt ato buruk, cm cocok2an aja wkwkwkw.
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