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Author Topic: [Movie-2007] OUR TOWN [Oh Man Seok, Lee Seon Gyun)  (Read 5657 times)


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[Movie-2007] OUR TOWN [Oh Man Seok, Lee Seon Gyun)
« on: November 10, 2007, 05:37:32 pm »

Horror Movie nya Sun Gyun and Man Seok !

Two Monsters In My Neighborhood, Oh Man-seok, Lee Seon-gyoon, Ryu Deok-hwan

Oh Man-seok
Lee Seon-gyoon
Ryu Deok-hwan
Park Ki-woong

Release Date: November 29, 2007

The chaing of murder is getting wider from our neighborhood. Five dead bodies, of which the murderous method is identical. The criminal is cruel, there is not a place where it will reach! In five dead bodies the knot of different method, the criminal is not one person!




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superrr gIrLLL

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hahahha salahhh kira...baca judulnya kirain film lucu...ternyata horror toh....

Love Autumn's Concerto
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Ooo, dtunggu nih...
Kyknya baguz 8)

Blm pnah liat akting OMS,,, makanya mo nnton ;D

Btw, tred nya koq ga di sticky kyk dulu ya?

Biar lbh gampang dicari


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(source: The Korea Herald 2007.11.21)
[MOVIE REVIEW] `Our Town` maps out a new track in thriller

When a serial killer is on the loose in a small town, a tempting option for another potential killer is committing a copycat murder. "Our Town (Uri dongnae)," the debut feature by director Jeong Gil-young, is a thriller that spins a grim and brooding tale out of a confrontation between a serial killer and a copycat killer.

The movie starts with a scene where a twentysomething girl is found dead at an elementary school playground. With her neck tied to a horizontal bar, she seems to have suffered severe stab wounds before or after a brutal murder.

It turns out that the murder is the latest in a string of similar cases involving the same town in Seoul. All the victims are women, ranging from a child to a housewife in her 30s, and all the townspeople become afraid to go out, while the police are faced with embarrassing bad publicity.

Jae-shin (Lee Seon-gyun), a detective who leads an investigation into the serial killer case, struggles hard to find clues, with his boss getting anxious about the manhunt getting nowhere.

But Jae-shin has a personal channel to vent his frustration: his childhood buddy Gyeong-ju (Oh Man-seok), a self-styled writer who wants to hit it big with a realistic detective novel. But publishers do not want his novel, so Gyeong-ju cannot make any money to pay the rent.

The plot accelerates when Gyeong-ju gets engaged in a bitter fight with his landlord and ends up killing her in his own room. At first, he does not see anything and does not have any idea about what he has to do. Soon he realizes that his town has a serial killer, murdering only women, and he believes he might get away with his accidental murder.

Following the details of previous murder cases, Gyeong-ju puts the dead body in a small town park, in the middle of the night. The police and the media believe the case also belongs to the notorious serial killer, but Hyo-e (Ryu Deok-hwan), who runs a small stationery shop, knows something really interesting has happened. Hyo-e knows it is a copycat crime because he is the real killer.

The virtue of the film is that director Jeong starts off with all the key plot elements exposed and fully explained. The two killers are well aware of the existence of their counterparts, and the film`s camera tracks down what they are up to at every key moment. This is an innovative approach. Unlike other thrillers that tend to hide key information until the last moment, "Our Town" offers what is at stake up front, and challenges the audiences to follow the plot and what is really going on for themselves.

Also notable are the fine performances of Oh Man-seok, who has built fame as a leading television actor following his success on the musical stage, and Ryu Deok-hwan, a teenage celebrity actor who showed off his talent in "Like a Virgin." In this film, Oh plays a dark character who has long been sidelined by society. He used to be lonely; even now, his life is filled with disappointing turns and poverty. Oh`s realistic portrayal of the character also comes from what is called "animalistic instinct." When the character is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, sparked by sheer anger, Oh seems to understand how to control his emotions in order to amplify the effect.

Meanwhile, Ryu lends authenticity to the serial killer`s psychopathic state by keeping a calm and cool posture throughout the film. The serial killer has a complex web of emotions inside, including tactfulness, and a merciless killing instinct, and Ryu`s innocent appearance adds to the perplexing sentiment when the character`s hidden violence is exposed toward the end of the film. In particular, Hyo-e`s emotion-packed murder of his old acquaintance is realistic enough to pump up the adrenaline of the audience, thanks to Ryu`s amazing ability to infuse the character with vitality.

The film`s heavy reliance on violent murder scenes may not appeal to mainstream audiences who want a happy ending in every drama, but those who want a serious thriller with a decent script are likely to find some fine moments in "Our Town," which will be released nationwide on Nov. 29.
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(source: The Korea Times 11-22-2007 17:24
'Our Town' Deconstructs Murder

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

In "Our Town," bona fide actors Rue Duk-hwan, left, and Oh Man-seok, center, star as two dueling killers, while Lee Sun-kyun plays the role of a police officer. Rather than being a cat-and-mouse chase between the criminals and the police, the crime thriller delves deep into the workings of troubled minds and crisscrossed human relationships. / Courtesy of IM Pictures

Unlike what its title might suggest, director Jung Gil-young's "Our Town'' is not some fuzzy family drama. It's a crime thriller where five women are brutally killed. Not another serial killer story, you may say. But, again, the film kills your expectations as it takes you on a novel cinematic experience ― a flight into the mind of not one, but two, killers on the loose in what could be "our'' neighborhood.

First off, the title needs some explanation. It is a literal translation of the original title "Uri dongnae.'' A Los Angeles Times column (July 24, 2006) once highlighted how the Korean language thoroughly reflects the collective nature of Koreans, who prefer the unassuming "we'' over the individual "I,'' and thus leads to the stapling of group pronouns "our'' (uri) rather than "my'' in front of objects. So saying "our house'' or "our town'' creates a communal sense of ownership and establishes a sense of mutual connection.

That's the irony. This is a violent and disturbing murder story that is definitely not for children ― so the "our'' part doesn't work there. And yet, the movie suggests such horrors can happen next door.

In a quiet, ordinary neighborhood, three women and a young girl are "crucified,'' with their dead bodies tied up in the form of a cross in public areas. Kyeong-su (Oh Man-seok), a struggling novelist, impulsively kills his landlady during a nasty quarrel over rent. With the recent happenings around town, he conveniently covers up his crime as the doings of the serial killer.

Kyeong-su's childhood buddy and police officer Jae-sin (Lee Sun-kyun) begins to suspect the fifth victim was a copycat case. Meanwhile the actual chain killer, Hyo-i (Rue Duk-hwan), begins to track down his mimic.

This isn't a conventional cat-and-mouse game between the police and murderer. The movie immediately reveals the Who, What, When, Where and How, and the action feeds upon the disquieting Why part as the systematic murderer and impulsive killer trail each other's paths.

Even the most hardened of crime thriller fans will be able to taste something new, as the suspense is rooted in the mind game between two murderers. And it's more daunting yet as the story takes place within the context of a neighborhood.

Hyo-i is the great guy next door. He's the helpful owner of a small stationary store and has the face of an angel. Kyeong-su is also an ordinary guy, but can apparently commit murder when cornered. It shows how, in a spur of the moment, one can give into one's darkest desires and bestial urgencies.

What the movie does is play with the human thought process, the stark difference ― or lack thereof ― between imagination and reality, wanting to kill and the actual act of killing.

In one scene, the murderer makes a girl sing a song, but still takes her life with a smirk: "It's just technique, nothing genuine'' (obviously he's not happy with the singing). Lee Moon-sae's good old love song is juxtaposed with the inhuman act, making it even more harrowing. It suggests the psyche of the psychopath, someone who kills for the sake of killing without a vengeful motive.

But unlike psychopath films like "Black House,'' the movie deals with more "humane'' murderers and does a decent job of portraying the aftermath of a trauma and the copycat effect on individuals. "Our Town'' is an unsettling psychological drama that shows how the act of killing becomes a source of emotional release and rapture for the shattered soul. It deserves some comparison to Jean Giono's novel/film "Un Roi sans divertissement'' (1963).

Although some of the highly dramatized, crisscrossed relationships in the film are slightly cliched, the bona fide actors ― theater stars Oh Man-seok and Lee Sun-kyun who have recently been giving stellar appearances on TV and rising star Rue Duk-hwan ("Like a Virgin'') ― give gripping, and disturbing, performances. These are neighbors you definitely don't wish for.


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