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Author Topic: [KBS-2003] Bodyguard (Cha Seung-Won, Lim Eun-Kyeong, Han Go Eun)  (Read 1364 times)


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    Drama: Bodyguard
    Revised romanization: Bodigadeu
    Hangul: 보디가드
    Director: Jeon Ki-Sang, Lee Han, Yeom Il-Ho, Kwon Min-Soo
    Assistant Director: No Sang-Hoon
    Network: KBS2
    Episodes: 22
    Release Date: July 5 - September 14, 2003
    Language: Korean
    Country: South Korea


Because of his valiant nature, Gyeong-tak’s troubles are never far away. While in search of work, our hero saves Yu-jin from danger and winds up as a bodyguard employed by Seong-su. Soon enough he finds out Seong-su’s dirty secrets and heads off to form a protection company of his own. As well as tending an ill grandmother, Na-Young starts working at Gyeong-tak’s family restaurant to make a living, and soon falls in love with Gyeong-tak, learning his true heart and undeniable charms. Meanwhile, Seoung-su causes Gyeong-tak trouble at every corner while trying to find a hidden daughter of the President of Korea. Soon he finds out she works at Gyeong-tak’s restaurant and goes in to face with Gyeong-tak.


    Cha Seung-Won - Kyeong-tak Hong
    Lim Eun-Kyeong - Na-yeong
    Han Go Eun - Yu-jin Park

Supporting Cast

    Song Il-Kook - Seong-su Han
    Lee Se-Eun - Han Shin-Ae
    Lee Won-Jong - Man-bok Bang
    Baek Il-Seob
    Park Jung-Soo - Kyeong-tak's mother
    Jang Se-Jin
    Kim Yeong-Ok
    Yun Yong-Hyeon
    Kwi-sik Shin (신귀식)
    Shin Chung-Sik
    Hyeon Bin
    Kim Young-Joon - Se-jin
    Lee Ju-Seok

cr: asianwiki.com

Gw nonton drama bodyguard di KBS, ternyata dah mulai episode 15 n sekarang dah tamat. Argh sial! Ada yg tahu di mana nyari film ini?
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