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Author Topic: RULES! (Updated as at April 3, 2011)  (Read 3425 times)


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RULES! (Updated as at April 3, 2011)
« on: April 15, 2008, 12:32:30 pm »

Since English Cafe was created to accomodate or to learn english language, it will be highly appreciated if *for now* you :

1. post more than two complete sentences so that you can improve your english, that means NO MORE POSTINGS BY ONLY ONE WORD OR SENTENCE ya  :)

Please note that complete sentences are different from phrases. What is meant by complete sentence here is that the sentence should at least consist of Subject and Verb.
For example: "a guilty pleasure" is counted as a phrase, while " I just try as best as i can not to make her angry." is a complete sentence.

2. Threads about games will be reviewed from time to time *in order not to turn EC into games forum*

3. If you happen to have a lot of sentences at the same time, please collect it in 1 post so it will be more economical.

4. No double/multiple posts please. Use "remove" or "edit" button.

5. Junk and OOT posts are not allowed.

6. Please read page 1 for each thread before posting, so you know how the thread works and you won't get lost.

7. If you don't follow the rules, admin/moderators have the right to delete/edit your posts, give warnings, or lock your threads.

8. For topic starters only: If you want to start a topic/thread, be sure that it's not just a one-off topic. Try to elaborate your topic so that people could keep on replying and discussing many things in your thread. Try to explain in brief what you want to discuss in your first post and feel free to make instructions and explanations as clear as possible so that people would reply to your thread.

9. Remember that we have the thread "General Lounge" sticked in English Cafe, where you can discuss any general issue in learning English. So, if you have a one-off question, it's better for you to use the General Lounge instead of creating a new thread.

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